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Marketing Intelligence, 5 novembre 2014 - Verona Intervento di Roberto Mariotti (Information Builders)

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  • 1. MARKETING ROI:come aumentare i ritorni sugli investimenti

2. Valori e sfideDATI > INFORMAZIONI> CONOSCENZA > AZIONI VALORECore businessOttimizzazioneAzioni per misurare efficienza ed impattiIncremento del businessSviluppoVisione del business incentrata sulle 5PDigital AdvantageOpportunitSviluppare il sistema di TRM(CRM + VRM + SRM)Nuovo paradigmaRicreareTrasformare las is in nuovi contesti e nuovi use cases per generare nuove opportunitDatiDigital 3. 1&2 Le sfide nel Core BusinessIncrementare il valore del cliente(e la customer retention)Incrementare le conversion ratesCreare e lanciare nuovi serviziAcquisire nuovi clienti(con un targeting pi specifico)Incrementare la brand awarnessIncrementare lefficacia delle campagneIncrementare la profittabilit delle carte fedelt 4. 3. Strategic business transformation: Digital AdvantageTRM = (CRM + VRM +SRM)Riconciliare le informazioni provenienti datutti i touch point digitaliIdentificare in anticipo i segnali che possono avereeffetti positivi o negativi sul brandCondividere con le comunit,creare iniziative di crowd sourcing, identificare gli influencers 5. 4. Intelligence for everyone: un nuovo paradigmaIntelligence for everyoneTRMPrice OptimizationForecastingRestockCard loyaltyMarketing MixLe necessit : incrementare revenue & marginiCreare nuovi prodottiUtilizzare le campagne marketing come asset strategico 6. IL NOTO... 7. Response Modeling Dont Contact Those Who Wont RespondBusiness InitiativeAvoid contacting those who will not respond to an offerApproachUsing responses (and non-responses) to past campaigns, we can predict who will (and wont) respond tomorrowIn addition, we can assign a score to each customer to enable rankingThen make the offer only to those at a sufficiently high scoreExampleSuppose you have marketing budget to solicit 40% of your customer base with an offerWithout a method to rank customers response, the target list is randomOn average, the result would be 40% of all possible respondersBy using a predictive model to rank customers, we can contact just 10% of the most likely responders and find the same 40%BenefitsThis results in higher response rates and more profitable campaignsOne fourth as many to contact, a cost savings of 75% and much greater campaign efficiency 8. Uplift Modeling: Dont Contact Those Whod Respond AnywayBusiness InitiativeDont contact those who will respond without the offerApproachWe expand response modeling to analyze the additional revenue due to the campaignSo here, we predict whether someone will buy without contactWe categorize customers into 4 segmentsDo-not-disturbs buy only when left aloneLost Causes dont buy whether they get offers or notPersuadables buy when they receive an offerThis group is worthy of the cost of the offer (traditional response modeling)Sure Things - buy whether they get offers or notThis group should be held out as they buy anyway (uplift modeling)The cost of contacting is savedBenefitsOffers are focused on the Persuadables as they buy when contactedSure Things buy without the offer, so campaign costs are reduced, with no impact to revenue 9. Churn Modeling: Dont Send Retention Offers to Those Who Arent LeavingBusiness InitiativeStop sending unnecessary retention offersApproachImagine your customer base is a bucket of water, water flows into the top, representing newly acquired customersWater also leaks out the bottom, representing customer churnThe goal of churn modeling is to slow the leak, and grow the customer base fasterBut we also need to avoid making retention offers to customers that are not likely to leaveA customer who gets this offer (a discount) but wouldnt have left, results in unnecessary costsBenefitsThe predictive model will rank each customer on their likelihood to churnThis enables targeted, effective retention campaigns that are cost effective and reduces or eliminates retention offers to loyal customers 10. Uplift Churn Modeling Dont Trigger Those Who Arent LeavingBusiness InitiativeDont disturb customers and trigger them to leaveApproachWe expand churn modeling to address customers we want to avoid disturbingSo here, we predict whether someone will churn if they receive a retention offerWe categorize customers into 4 segmentsSure things wont churn whether they get offers or notLost causes will churn whether they get offers or notPersuadables wont churn when they receive an offerThis group is worthy of the cost of the offer (traditional churn modeling)Sleeping dogs will churn if they get an offerThis group should be treated passivelyThe cost of contacting is saved, plus they are retainedBenefitsOffers are focused on the Persuadables as they wont churn when contactedEliminate Sleeping Dogs from the contact list, so campaign costs are reduced, and retention is increased 11. LIGNOTO... 12. Multivariate Data Discovery for the Business User/Analyst 13. Multivariate Data Discovery for the Business User/Analyst 14. Multivariate Data Discovery for the Business User/Analyst 15. Multivariate Data Discovery for the Business User/Analyst 16. E IL CONTROLLO... 17. Il controllo.... 18. CONCLUDENDO 19. Information Builders Value ThesisValue to ITEconomies of ScaleStrategic Business TransformationInformation Relevance & TrustIntelligence for Everyone Increase leads to sales conversion rates with more accurate data on lead routing resulting in increased sales productivity Reduce wasted marketing spend by improving the impact of bad data due to margin of error in customer information by 12% - resulting in recovery of lost revenue and improvement in damaged brand reputation Maximize ROI on integrating accurate customer information to drive customer insight generally $1 to verify a record as it is entered, about $10 dollars to fix it later, and $100 if nothing is done Increase revenue up to 10% by monetizing customer segmentation information to partners Maximize customer lifetime value with data driven marketing to understand and predict customer behavior Increase customer service rates and impact customer sentiment in realtime with social insight and other digital and traditional insightsIncrease Productivity20% over x yearsIncrease revenue and Higher MarginsX over three yearsLower Total Cost of OwnershipBusiness Process OptimizationFully Integrated Data ExperienceBusiness Agility & Adaptability Consolidate information from all channels (online, traditional, digital, external etc) to increase return on advertising channels by x% Decrease time to market and lower brand management cost by x% with consistent brand integration and management Integrate all multi-channel marketing information with systems of record for customer data to increase personalized on-site experiences by x% Increase customer acquisition and customer profitability by 15% through better targeted marketing campaigns and customer profiling Increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by predicting customer behavior to minimize risk of loosing marketshare Improve Campaign effectiveness against sales results to increase response rates and better return on investment on campaignsReduce CostX over three yearsIncrease ROI and Reduce RiskX over three yearsValue to the Business 20. Il modello applicato...Economies of scaleStrategic business transformationsInformation relevance & trustIntelligence for everyoneDefined growth strategy on a single unified platform:Stream 1: Market Basket AnalysisStream 2: Stock optimizationStream 3: Price optimizationStream 4: Advanced analytics for customer/products segmentationIncrease marketing campaign returns by 2% to 5% (Fidelity Card & Customer Loyalty)Stock optimizations: reduce reorder over fulfilment of stock and use marketing campaigns as optimization toolPrice optimization: estimated 5% to 10% increase of margins due Net-Net price modelTBDfrom 3M to 5M/yearLower TCOBusiness Process OptimizationFully integrated data experienceBusiness Agility & adaptabilityHandle on-time marketing information based on minimum 25 months ticketsData coming from different sources (like Nielsen) could be integrated in one single analytic platformUnique capability to integrate different technologiesSingle view of customer acquisition across channels (Market Baskets Analysis)Real time information coming from loyalty card could be used for JIT CampaignsReduce overstock of perishable goodsWell defined Data Scientist to Category manager workflow gives flexibility to buy/sell processTBDfrom 300k to 500k/year 21. Reference StoriesValue to ITEconomies of ScaleStrategic Business TransformationInformation Relevance & TrustIntelligence for Everyone Informa Significantly reduced opt-out rates due to improvement in address accuracy from 30% to close to 100% accuracy which had a direct impact in revenue and profit. Diodes - Increase market share by improving competitive intelligence across products against competitors by leveraging external research data FullCircle provide customers the ability to track marketing campaigns across multiple channels and allocation of marketing budgets based on contact center and fulfillment activity to control cost Coviden increase revenue by up 8%, and lower cost through improved integrated campaign and sales tracking SFG insight into campaign effectiveness and customer lifetime value to grow customer loyaltyIncrease ProductivityIncrease revenue and Higher MarginsLower Total Cost of OwnershipBusiness Process OptimizationFully Integrated Data ExperienceBusiness Agility & Adaptability Time Inc reduction in time in analyzing and understanding advertising target audience and their interaction across brands. Schawk optimize brand management consistency across different products and promotion campaigns with single point of integrated brand insight Netbiscuits real-time marketing analytics of managed mobile websites with reduced cost around data integration Ceca analyze customer