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Innovation in Community based Practice

Transcript of Margaret Curren and Dorcas Collier, Caredoc

  • 1.Caredoc Community Intervention Team Margaret Curran & Dorcas Collier13th November 2013

2. A collaboration between Caredoc GPs, HSE, St Luke's Hospital Kilkenny and Public Health Nursing.The service is built around the patient requirements and responds rapidly on a 24/7 basis, 365 days of the year.HospitalCITDelivering the highest standards of safe and appropriate care to patients in the appropriate setting.GP 3. High quality health services in Carlow/Kilkenny delivering care independently Need for an appropriate alternative for GP referrals to hospital Need to unburden acute hospitals of clinically stable patients Need for patient education, coaching & empowerment Need for integrated & interoperable systems for improved communication between servicesBreak away from the traditional approach & think differently 4. Build on existing infrastructure & expertise to deliver patient care in a new way GPsPublic H ealth NursingCAREDO CACUTE L HOSPITAHSECARE of the ELDERLYAMB ULAN CEIT PLATFOR MS 5. CAREDOCGP'sACUTE HOSPITALPublic Health HSE NursingCare of the ElderlyIT PlatformsAMBULANCE 6. The clinical records of the CIT patients are managed via an electronic record system linked to the Caredoc IT platform. Patient consultation notes are captured, while with the patient, on an electronic device that is securely connected to the main Caredoc patient database, to ensure that patient information is with the appropriate clinician in a timely manner.St. LUKES HOSPITALGP SURGERY CAREDOCINTEGRATED COMMUNICATION FLOWHSE PUBLIC HEALTH / COMMUNITY CARE 7. Supports General Practice 8. 3,883Interventions2,304Bed Days Saved215Ambulance avoidance50%savings 9. rely "I since d the reciate app hey t care t n excelle . A big ovided pr all the you to thank team.""Very pleased with the care and flexibility of service provided by the Nurses""I found the whole week of I.V. treatment perfect in every way. So glad I did not have to be admitted to Hospital, well doneGreat id ea been in S , I would have t Lukes Hospital for four d ays for m y treatmen t