March 2014

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GHTC Newsletter, March, 2014

Transcript of March 2014

  • GHTC NewsletterVol 42, #1, March, 2014

    The GHTC Newsletter, published in March, July and October,is sent to all of the club members, other trail organizations, landowners who provide access for our trails, advertisers andclub supporters. Opinions and views expressed in thisnewsletter are those of the individual writers or advertisers anddo not necessarily reflect those of the Guelph Hiking Trail Clubexecutive, members, or affiliated bodies such as Hike Ontario.

    Check the club web site or blog for details on advertisingrates, merchandise for sale and club contacts.

    Mail: PO Box 1, Guelph, N1H 6J6

    Club members and others are encouraged to submit articles,notices and photographs to the newsletter editor for possiblepublication in your clubs newsletter. Deadlines for receiving material for publication frommembers, hike leaders and other contributors are: February15 for the March issue, June 15 for the July issue andSeptember 15 for October issue.

    GHTC Contacts for 2014President David Culham 519 836 5567

    dculham@gmail.comPast President Bill Mungall 519 836 5567 Vice President Michelle Wan 519 837 2730

    ymaewan@gmail.comSecretary Christine Bando 519 822 8332

    christinebando@gmail.comTreasurer Anne Waller 519 822 6007

    annewaller@rogers.comMembership Christine Bando 519 822 8332

    christinebando@gmail.comHike Ontario Mike Curtis 905 877 4134

    mikecurtiserin@yahoo.caPublicity Suzanne Gates 519 265 3962

    sgates14@hotmail.comHike Schedule Gayle Jeffery 519 856 1012

    Gaylej@sentex.caSocial Jane Shifflett 519 822 3229

    janeshifflett@hotmail.comWebsite Pat Scott, 519 763 4275

    patzscott@gmail.comNewsletter Gordon King 519 824 0787

    gking@uoguelph.caAdvertising Ben Polley 519 265 6546

    ben@evolvebuilders.caTrail CoordinatorsRadial Line John Fisher 519 853 1719

    jhnfshr62@gmail.comSpeed River Bill Mungall 519 836 5567

    wmungall0809@rogers.comKissing Bridge Mike Curtis 905 877 4134

    Friends Helping FriendsThe Sydenham Bruce Trail Club has the longest stretchof Main Trail of any club, and one of the smallestmemberships. On the weekend of May 31-June 1,2014, the "Friends of the Sydenham Trails" plan tohelp out. Volunteers from other Ontario hiking clubswill join together to bring all the Sydenham trails to ahigh-quality standard.

    You are invited to join us, hopefully for both days, butif that is not possible, for either the Saturday orSunday. You will join a small team under anexperienced trail maintenance leader, and the groupwill be assigned a specific section. The task will bebasically to trim vegetation which may be crowdingthe footpath, to remove dead-fall, and to touch upblazes. We ask everyone, if possible, to bring loppers(long-handled pruners) and/or a bow saw.

    Accommodation will be your own responsibility (askfor suggestions if you wish), but free camping isavailable at a member's farm just south of OwenSound. A special part of the weekend will be anoptional group dinner Saturday evening at a uniquelocal restaurant. After these two days, we hope to havethe entire section brought up to a high quality.

    To help us organize, people are asked to volunteer inadvance. Simply email or telephone Ross McLean, theevent's volunteer coordinator,; or 519-821-0243. Contact Ross if you need more information or have anyquestions about the weekend.

    Some members of the GHTC executive committee.Mike Curtis seated in front, Jane Shifflett, AnneWalker and Michelle Wan seated on the sofa, plusGord King. Dave Culham, Christine Bando, GayleJeffrey and John Fisher standing in the rear.

    GHTC Newsletter - March, 2014 - Page 2

  • Presidents MessageI am sure we allrecognize this as one ofthe toughest winterst h a t w e h a v eexperienced in ourregion in many years. Trail damage from theheavy ice storms willlikely mean that therewill be more cleanuprequired this Springthan ever before, andthe Trail Coordinatorsand Section Captainsare going to need our

    help to repair and clean off Club trails. The GHTCsrisk management policies require that anyone usinga chainsaw while working on Club trails will havereceived their Ontario Chainsaw SafetyCertification, so if you happen to be certified, or areinterested in getting certified, please contact me orone of the Trail Coordinators and let them know. Ifnot, most of the cleanup efforts will not require theuse of a chainsaw anyway, so if you havent already,please consider adding your email address to the listof volunteers willing to help out with TrailMaintenance. You will receive email notices whenvolunteers are needed, and can sign up for one ofthe work parties that I am sure will be advertised asthings start to thaw out.

    Even with ice storm damage causing multiple trailclosures and prolonged periods of record lowtemperatures, the Club still managed to put on a fullschedule of hikes and activities, and we got outthere to hike, snowshoe, and cross-country skiregardless of the conditions. This is a testament tothe indomitable spirit of hikers in general, but alsoto the quality and commitment level of the GHTChike leaders. Make sure to take a second to let themknow how much they are appreciated when you getout there for your next hike. As you will see overthe pages ahead, the GHTC hike leaders havecombined with our Trail Activities Coordinator,Gayle Jeffery, to provide another great schedule tolook forward to over upcoming months. Just tomention a few, they include a Photography hike;Walk for Wildlife hikes; our 5 annual Trails Openthhikes; a special Bus Hike to the Niagara region; andTwo River Festival hikes.

    This Winter was also packed with great socialactivities. Club members got together for skatingevents, and the 2 annual Christmas Potluck was andgreat success. A big Thank You to Jane Shifflettand the GHTC Social Committee, who have done afantastic job organizing events for us to enjoy, andwho continue to add creative new activities like thenew Maple Syrup hike and the Summer SolsticeParty.

    There have been several recent changes within theGHTC Executive Committee to report as well.

    Special thanks to our Past President, Bill Mungall,for his contributions as President over the past year. Bill remains our current Speed River TrailCoordinator, and between that and the PastPresident role, will still be an active member of theExecutive Committee. I would also like to take asecond to thank outgoing Past President, KathySomers, for all of her efforts. While Kathy is nolonger a formal member of the ExecutiveCommittee, she still contributes to the Club in somany ways. We look forward to continuing to workwith her, and I feel fortunate to be able to regularlyrely on her advice. Finally, on behalf of all of theGHTC, we offer our deep gratitude to SusanAtkinson, who has given up her responsibilities asPublicity Coordinator, and to Henry Graupner, whohas given up his responsibilities as Treasurer. Bothhave made huge contributions to the Club and willbe sorely missed by us all. Congratulations toHenry, who was honoured with a GHTC LifeMembership at the AGM, becoming the newest ofour five Life Members. When one door closes,another opens, and we would like to welcome thenewest members of the GHTC Exec - Suzanne Gates,Publicity Coordinator; Anne Waller, Treasurer; andMichelle Wan, Vice President. Best of luck withyour new positions, and thank you for agreeing toinvest time in the Club. We still have key volunteerroles that need filling. The Guelph Hiking TrailClub relies exclusively on the generosity and effortsof volunteerswhether you are a veteran member,or you just joined this monthwhether you have afew hours a week, or an hour a monththe GHTCneeds you to pitch in if at all possible! If you haveany interest in investing some time and energy inAdmin activities, please do not hesitate to contactme.

    Finally, I would like to formally announce to you allthat we have agreed to host this years 40 AnnualthHike Ontario Summit over the weekend of October31 through November 2 , and have already begunst ndour preparations. Guelph seems like the mostfitting place to celebrate the anniversary, as it allbegan here 40 years ago as the Federation ofOntario Hiking Trail Associations, with the firstmeeting being held at Henry Graupners house. Wewill need a large number of volunteers to help makeit a success, and will provide more details as theevent approaches.

    There is so much going on in 2014, and this isshaping up to be a great year for the Club. Keep aneye out for new events and activities, for upcomingwebsite improvements, for the new End-to-Endbadgesthink about volunteering some more timethis yearand please feel free to contact me directlyif you have any questions or comments about theClub, or would like to share any of your ideas on howwe can improve.

    I look forward to when our trails cross again,


    GHTC Newsletter - March, 2014 - Page 3

  • Everton Valhalla - Sunday, October 27, 2013An annual favourite hike visits the most unusual rock formations on the GRCA property along the Eramosa river

    near Everton. Bill Mungall was the hike leader and photos are courtesy of John Ciosk

    GHTC Newsletter - March, 2014 - Page 5

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