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Conference Call 2013 Results. March /2014. Economic-Financial Office and Investor Relations Office. Notice. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • March/2014Conference Call2013 ResultsEconomic-Financial Office and Investor Relations Office

  • 2This presentation may contain forward-looking statements referring to SABESPs business outlook. operating and financial results estimates. and growth prospects. These are only projections. and as such. they are exclusively based on SABESPs management expectation in relation to the future of business and its continuous access to capital to finance the Companys business plan. These forward-looking statements largely depend on changes in market conditions. governmental rules. industry performance and the Brazilian economy. amongst other factors. in addition to risks exhibited in disclosure documents filed by SABESP. Therefore. they are subject to changes without prior notice.Notice

  • Billed Volume3Total water and sewage billed volume, including wholesale (million m)3.5%3.7%3.3%928.9961.22.8%2.9%2.6%3,628.33,728.2

  • Financial Highligts (R$ million)4

  • 5Costs and Expenses (R$ million)

    6.2%Costs and expenses in 2012*: R$ 5,450.2

    Costs and expenses in 2013*: R$ 5,788.0*Not including construction costs18.0%10.8%6.4%35.6%3.4%(6.3%)3.4%10.7%(45.9%)

    % Net Revenue in 201216.2%1.7%1.7%10.0%5.5%6.4%6.9%1.8%0.6%% Net Revenue in 201317.0%1.7%2.1%9.8%4.9%6.3%7.7%0.9%0.7%

  • Net Income Main variations6

  • 7Interconnected Metropolitan Water System

    Water SystemCapacityVolume producedProduction m/s2013 m/sCantareira33.032.6Guarapiranga14.013.6Alto Tiet15.012.1Rio Claro4.04.8Rio Grande5.03.9Alto Cotia1.21.2Baixo Cotia(a)0.90.8Ribeiro da Estiva (a)0.10.1Total 69.1(a) has no reservoir

  • Volumes SP Metro Region Systems - 2003 to 20148

  • Monthly volume Cantareira System 2003 to 20149

  • Evolution of storage conditions in Cantareira System10

  • Bonus Program20% water bill savings = 30% discount on the water and sewage bill Scope:Since February consumers served by the Cantareira SystemAs from April all consumers served in the SPMRDuration: February to December37% of the population served by the Cantareira System already reached the water savings goal

    Utilization of the Technical Reserve of the Cantareira SystemAvailable volume equivalent to 20% of total storage capacityR$ 80 million investmentImplementation up to June 201411 Measures and Actions

  • 12Investment in water

    1995-2013 - R$ 9.3 Billion invested in waterIncrease of the availability of water/source 14.9 m/sIncrease in water production capacity from 57.6 to 73.2 m/sIncrease in water reservoir volume 130,000 mBuilding of 175 Km of mains and 11,000 Km distribution networkImplemented approximately 1.8 million water connectionsBilled water loss reduction by more than 9%

    Planned Water CapexCorporate Program for Reduction of Water Loss Goal 18% in 2020, R$ 5.9 billion investment between 2009-2020 So Loureno Production System + 4.7m/s water production in 2018, R$ 2.2 billion capex

  • Integration Jaguari Atibainha


  • Capex (R$ million)

    14Capex Plan 2014-20182013 Capex


    Investment by segmentWaterSewageTotalMetropolitan Region652.4977.31,629.7Regional Systems451.3635.01,086.3Total1,103.71,612.32,716.0

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    Mario Azevedo de Arruda SampaioHead of Capital Markets and Investor (11) 3388-8664Angela Beatriz AiroldiInvestor Relations (11) 3388-8793