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The technical options for this project are many and varied they could include;Web based media such as website, app or a blog.Printed media such as posters, books, magazine adverts/ articles.A T.V. advertising campaign, this could also use printed media as part of the package.Product re-packaging which would clearly illustrate additives in the product ( such as sucrose, maltose, lactose, fructose etc. all labeled under sugars)2

Ideas for product design include;Clear labeling, perhaps pictorial such as is used for chiliAn app which scans a barcode or QR code which lets the user access nutritional information about that product or one which monitors their daily sugar/carbohydrate intake.A book/ booklet in which the user could access sugar free recipes.A science demonstration where food stuffs would be tested for their sugar levels, this could become a blog feature. 3

A health campaign could include elements from the previous slides along with things such as sugar free cookery demonstration, an art exhibition in which viewers can interact with different exhibits which would trigger either positive or negative responses to different types of food or video installation highlighting the facts about sugar.4

The costs of a campaign;Exhibition cost is based on the price of the average stand at a health fare, this could include stand, equipment hire, printed media e.g. leaflets and possibly expert speakers / demonstrators time e.g. chef, scientist or doctor.T.V. Advert costs are based on figures taken from both local (UTV) and national (BBC Good Food) rate cards and would also depend on seasonal rates, i.e. The pre - Christmas period (December) is more popular and therefore more expensive.Printed media will vary greatly depending on the scale and amount, 8,000 is an average cost.Web based media will depend on the hosting site and other advertising spaces, this price is based on a banner advert placed on BBC Good Food website and is 50 per 1,000 hits.5

If the product labeling were to be changed the onus would be on the food producers to adopt the idea, this would probably entail convincing graphic designers who work in the field to use the ideas and convince their customers, the responsibility for the costs would be mostly up to the food companies and perhaps minimum cost to the designer for advertising of the designs.If a book or web based media were being sold the costs would vary depending on how it would be advertised to the target audience.


Which design has the potential to make the most money?A product design such as an app or labeling may not yield a lot of money, but expenses for producing it would be minimal although advertising of the product may be expensive.An advertising campaign would be expensive to execute, but with the right backing could yield a good wage. 7

Food Dudes a web based campaign aimed at children, although they also go to schools and give talk, which Im sure they get commission.8

Change for life is a multi faceted media campaign including web site, T.V. adverts and poster campaign.This was funded by the British government who initially agreed to 75 million but cut the running time short and paid in excess of 35 million for the project.9