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  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    The Power to Know

    Yourneed to know whatshappening with your facil-itys on-site power and

    distribution system. Thatincludes automatic transferswitches, generator paral-leling control switchgear,gensets, circuit breakers,paralleling bus, protectiverelays and other gear.

    Its not only to know, butto understand. To act. Tosolve issues when seconds


    Your need to know aboutequipment condition,operation and status ismore critical than ever.Essentially, to make surethat all equipment and

    Its all about the need to know...

    components are healthyand playing nice. Thatsespecially important as

    system complexity andsophistication increase.

    Knowing can help ensurepower reliability for criti-cal operations, and thuscontinuity of those opera-

    tions. To make sure whenquestions are asked, youhave answers.

    Now theres a way to getexactly the amount ofcommunication, monitor-ing and control capabilitiesyou want for your utilitysource and on-site powersystem.


  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring



    Drill down for a closer look - Each transfer switch,generator, breaker and any other power equip-ment has its own dedicated screens.

    Its the new ASCO Power-QuestPower Monitoringand Control family.

    The PowerQuest family isthe most comprehensivecommunication, monitor-ing and control solutionever offered by EmersonNetwork Power.It empowers you. It fulllsyour need to test, man-age loads, optimize thebus bar, remotely monitorand otherwise be aware ofthe status of your facility'sutility source and on-sitepower. You have both thePower to Know and thePower to Do.

    Whether you requirestandard monitoring andcontrol, or a comprehen-sive Critical Power Manage-ment System, PowerQuestcan satisfy your needs.

    Hardware. Software. Instal-lation and testing. Service.

    And upgrades and technol-ogy refreshes. A truly com-plete solution for all yourcommunication, monitor-ing and control needs.

    This brochure can helpyou determineeasilythe type of PowerQuestsystem you need for yourASCO power switching andcontrols, and third-partyequipment.

    ASCO PowerQuestPower Monitoring and Control Systems

    PowerQuest provides monitoring, alarming and control of Critical Power ManagementSystems, which comprise transfer switches, paralleling control switchgear, gensets, circuitbreakers, distribution and other gear. It also integrates with building management systems.

    Critical Power Management System (CPMS)



    Paralleling ControlSwitchgear







    ManagementSystem (BMS)


    PowerQuest can enable you to: Monitor and control power transfer switches, paralleling control switch-

    gear, gensets, breakers, bus bars and other equipment Monitor normal and emergency voltages and frequency and their settings Know transfer switch position and source availability Transfer and re-transfer loads for system testing View and adjust transfer switch time-delay settings Know each transfer switchs rating and identification Receive automatic alerts on system operation via e-mail, pager, or selected

    system alarms View current, power and power factor View transfer switch event log and know the transfer switch test schedule


  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    Monitoring and Control Continuum

    A Critical Power Manage-

    ment System providingsystem-wide monitoring,alarming and control oftransfer switches, paral-leling control switchgear,gensets and distribution,both on and off site; alsointegrates PLCs, buildingmanagement systems andon-site, simulator training.Power quality and a rangeof other information isprovided.

    A specify-your-ownCritical Power Manage-ment System (CPMS) thatincludes gensets, circuitbreakers, and reports onenergy, trending, powerdemand, bypass status,diagnostics, alarming, andcomponent-level monitor-ing and control.

    Basic monitoring, remotealarming and control, or, ifyou simply want to knowtransfer switch status orperform monthly transfertesting

    You Need... Your Application Is... Desired Capabilities

    Local or remote, oor-levelmonitoring and control, oras part of a larger, facility-wide monitoring andcontrol system

    Local, oor-level, orfacility-level monitoringand control; 5700 systemscan be congured in threecapability levels: Essential (single building) Professional (multiplebuildings, single campus)

    Enterprise (multiplecampuses)

    Local oor-level monitoring

    and control, and remotesystem-wide monitoringand control seamlesslyintegrated with buildingmanagement systems;communication paths canbe Ethernet, Web-basedPCs and monitors; simula-tor training that mimics thelive system allows conduct-ing what if scenarios,without risking systemoperation.

    Residential, lightcommercial and retailestablishments

    Commercial, retail,telecom, agriculture,municipal, such as wastewater treatment, light in-dustrial plants, educationalcampuses and healthcarefacilities requiring dis-tributed power and loadmanagement

    Regional and global

    networks of data centers,nancial institutions, Webhosting companies andhealthcare campuses thatoperate expansive and so-phisticated on-site powersystems that are essentialfor providing 24/7 powerreliability

    Selecting the system that provides your level of need-to-know information and control...

    PowerQuestStandard Capabilities

    PowerQuestCongurable Flexibility

    PowerQuestUltimate Customization





  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    Required Components FunctionalityProducts

    ASCO Series 185 and Series300 Automatic TransferSwitches

    ASCO 4000 Series and7000 Series AutomaticTransfer Switches,including 7000 SeriesBypass-Isolation.

    ASCO 7000 Series Auto-

    matic Transfer Switches,including Bypass-Isolationand 7000 Series GeneratorParalleling ControlSwitchgear.

    Connectivity Modules and Annunciators

    Standard components, plus Power Control SystemManagement and Operator Interface Terminals

    Standard and Congurable components, plus higher per-

    formance Power Control System and Data ManagementScreens, and an on-site Simulator Training System

    Locally monitor switchposition, source availabilityand the status of on-site powersystem devices via customizedWeb page. Initiate tests andpush-button remote transfer.Aural, visual alarms.

    Monitor voltage and phasecurrents. Capture/store moredata points. Display data on 19screen. Interface with powercontrol system, BMS. Integratewith Group 5 Controller. Getemail alerts. For single build-ings, single campuses andglobal facilities.

    Interact fully with incoming

    utility service boards, mis-sion critical paralleling gear,transfer switches, UPSs, STSsand PDUs...and interface withBuilding Management Systems.Capture, store and analyzequantities of data to optimizeon-site power operation. Useyour display devices and/orASCO 42 LCD screen. Highlycustomize your GUI with sophisticated HMI/SCADA software.

    Identies the ASCO products and components required to provide the functionality you need.

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    Power Monitoring and Control Compatibility Matrix


    Power Quest

    PowerQuest Specifed Components

    ASCO TransferSwitches

    ASCO PowerControl Systems

    Other Power Equipment

    ProductNumber 300 4000 7000 300 4000 7000

    Generators, Breakers, UninterruptedPower Supplies, Load Banks and more

    PowerQuest Specifed Packaged Approach












    5221 PMU Required

    5221 PMU Required

    5221 PMU Required






  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    PowerQuest5300 Standard CapabilitiesPowerQuest5300 moni-tors and controls ASCOPower Transfer Switches in

    all amperages and thesecongurations: Manual or Automatic Closed Transition Open Transition Delayed Transition Bypass-Isolation Indoor or Outdoor Service Entrance Rated

    PowerQuest5300 providesstandard monitoring andcontrol capabilitiesstatus,

    auditory and visual alarm-ing, and local and remotecontrol.

    One connectivity moduleis required to connect eachtransfer switch to monitor-

    ing servers.

    Annunciators monitorone, or up to eight transferswitches. Multiple annun-

    ciators can accommodatelarger numbers of transferswitches.

    And TheseMonitoring Servers.

    And You Want ThesePower to KnowCapabilities...

    If You Want toMonitor and ControlASCO Power TransferSwitches

    Specify ThisConnectivityComponent...

    ASCO 5150ConnectivityModule

    Series 185




    ASCO 5310Annunciator

    ASCO 5350ATS Annunciator


    The Power Monitoringand Control Compat-ibility Matrix (left) showscomponents that can becongured for a range ofASCO Automatic TransferSwitches and GeneratorParalleling Control Switch-gear. Some componentsalso can monitor third-par-

    ty devices, such as gensets,paralleling bus, circuitbreakers and other gear.

    Consider including remotemonitoring capability.Remote capabilities canminimize the need forpersonnel to be nearequipment and perhapsavoid suiting up in arc ash

    protective gear.The following pagesillustrate the componentsand monitoring servers forPowerQuest5300, 5700or 5900 systems, basedon the equipment at yourfacility and the monitoringand control capabilities youwant.

    For example, if you wantbrowser independence (IE,Safari, Firefox, Chrome,Opera), multilingual sup-port, Modbus and BacNetBMS support, NTP devicetime synchronization andtest reports for complyingwith JCAHO requirements,consider PowerQuest 5700or 5900 systems.

    Power Monitoring Made Easy

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    PowerQuest5700 is afeature-rich system.

    It offers unsurpassed

    flexibilityfor conguringa range of functionalitiestailored specically to your








    Display 15" 19" 42"HD


    Database StorageNone

    Number of Devices 32 64 128

    Number of Clients 3 10 100

    Real time Monitoringand Control

    Historical Events

    Historical Trending


    BMS Modbus Server

    Facility Messaging

    Redundant Power Supply

    Hot Swappable Hard Drives

    PowerQuest 5700 CPMS: Congurable Flexibility

    Once congured, it is ex-ceptionally easy to set upand operateday to day.

    Functionalities include: Alarms/Events Notication

    Statistics Settings/Set Points Test Scheduling Diagnostics

    Time Synchronization Reporting Trending

    ResolutionIndependence(800 x 600 to 1920 x 108


    Support AppleMac OS


    Superior performanceisa hallmark of PowerQuest5700, as it is with the 530and 5900 families of powemonitoring and controlsystems.

    System performance char

    acteristics encompass: Distributed Processing Dynamic Data Update 1000 Mbps Ethernet Prioritized Data Update Dynamic Throttling Diagnostic Logging

    Ease of accessand strongdata securityoften canseem a contradiction

    in terms, but the 5700enhances access, whilemaintaining data security

    Login and data securityfeatures include: Login Security 3-Level Security Acces AES 128-bit Encryption Firewall Network

    Security Auto Log Out

    3 Critical Power Management Systems (CPMS) Optimize Flexibility,Set Up/Operation, Performance, Access and Data Security

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    PowerQuest5710 CPMS Essential

    AValue of Standard Features

    And TheseMonitoring Servers.

    And You Want These'Power to Know'Capabilities...


    If You Want toMonitor and ControlUp to 32of TheseTypes of On-SitePower Equipment...

    Specify TheseConnectivity andPower MonitoringComponents...

    ASCO 5350

    ATS AnnunciatorASCO 5150ConnectivityModule

    ASCO 5210Power Meter




    ASCO 5221 Power

    Manager Unit

    ASCO 5710CPMS Server


    Which 5700 package is right for you?

    The 5700 line offers versa-tile options with a range ofcapabilities starting withthe Essentialpackage andbuilding up through theProfessionaland Enterprisepackages.

    TheEssentialpackageoffers a value solutionfor your monitoring needs.Control up to 32 devices,with basic Power to Know

    capabilities such as energysummary, notication andsite statistic, along withstandard power moni-toring devices, remoteannunciators and 15 inchmonitoring servers.

    The5700Professionalpackage offers richerfeatures to your monitor-ing needs. Control up to 64devices, with even morePower to Know capa-bilities such as reports,trending and diagnos-

    tics, along with standardpower monitoring devices,remote annunciators andadditional 19 inch monitor-ing servers.

    The Enterprisepackageoffers full redundancyfeatures with control of upto 128 devices, all Powerto Know capabilities,standard power monitor-ing devices, remote an-nunciators and additional42 inch monitoring servers.

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    PowerQuest5750 CPMS ProfessionalFeature Rich with Comprehensive and Diagnostic Reporting

    And TheseMonitoring Servers.

    ASCO 5750CPMS Server

    ASCO 5710CPMS Server

    And You Want ThesePower to KnowCapabilities...

    If You Want toMonitor and ControlUp to 64of TheseTypes of On-SitePower Equipment...

    Specify TheseConnectivity andPower MonitoringComponents...

    ASCO 5350ATS Annunciator

    ASCO 5350ATS Annunciator

    ASCO 5150ConnectivityModule

    ASCO 5210Power Meter


    Bus Bar





    ASCO 5221 Power

    Manager Unit

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    PowerQuest5790 CPMS EnterpriseFull Redundancy and Scalability

    If You Want toMonitor and Control

    Up to128of TheseTypes of On-SiteP E i t

    Specify These

    Connectivity andPower MonitoringComponents

    And You Want These

    Power to KnowCapabilities...

    And These

    Monitoring Servers.

    ASCO 5750CPMS Server

    ASCO 5790CPMS Server

    ASCO 5150ConnectivityModule

    ASCO 5210Power Meter


    Bus Bar




    ASCO 5221 PowerManager Unit

    ASCO 5710CPMS Server

    ASCO 5350ATS Annunciator

    ASCO 5350ATS Annunciator


  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    PowerQuest5900CPMS OffersUnlimited Customization

    Unlimited Number of On-Site Power Devices




    Low Voltage ParallelingControl Switchgear

    Medium Voltage

    Paralleling Control Switchgear

    Static TransferSwitch

    PowerDistribution Unit


    Mission-critical data centers rely on comprehensive powermonitoring and control of on-site power systems to helpoperate, test and diagnose equipment, thus helping ensurelong-term power reliability.

    If you want the ultimatein monitoring and controlcustomization, redundancyand scalability, consider

    the ASCO PowerQuest5900 Critical Power Man-agement System.

    Its ideal for complexon-site power systemsthat support ultra-criticalapplications such as datacenters, large hospitals,nancial centers andother operations where thestakes are high.Where 24/7 power reliabil-

    ity is absolutely essential.When you must knowwhats happening all thetime, especially when sys-tem operation is outside ofestablished parameters.The PowerQuest5900 canbe tailor made to youron-site power system. Itincludes an on-site simula-tor that allows convenient

    staff training and re-train-ing, and the ability to testwhat if scenarios that canprepare staff for practicallyany eventuality.

    The schematic on the rightillustrates the PowerQuest5900, including 5990 Simulator

    5950 Power ControlSystem Management 5910 Operator Interface

    Terminal 5220 Power Managers 5310 and 5350

    Annunciators, and 5110 and 5150

    Connectivity Modules.

    The PowerQuest5900 canprovide all the Power toKnow and Power to Do

    needed for even the mostcomplex on-site powersystems with multiple, par-alleled gensets, ATSs and arange of power distributionequipment.

    If You Want toMonitor and Control an Unlimited Numberof These Types of On-Site Power Devices...


    Power QualityMeter

    Load Bank



  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    ASCO 5150Connectivity Module

    ASCO 5900SCADA

    ASCO 5150Connectivity Module

    ASCO 5150

    Connectivity Module

    ASCO 5150Connectivity Module

    ASCO 5150Connectivity Module

    And TheseMonitoring Servers.

    And You Want ThesePower to KnowCapabilities...

    Specify TheseConnectivity andPower MonitoringComponents...

    ASCO 5350Annunciator

    ASCO 5350Annunciator

    ASCO 5750CPMS Server

    ASCO 5790CPMS Server


  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    A typical PowerQuestmonitoring overview screen

    Designing a communica-tions pathway between aPowerQuestsystem andon-site power equipment isstraightforward.

    ASCO 5150 and 5160 con-nectivity devices andASCO 5210 and 5220Power Managers connectdirectly to equipment viaModbus, Ethernet or beroptic cable.

    Modules and power man-

    agers typically are installedon or near the equipmentto which they are con-nected.

    The modules and powermanagers connect toASCO Monitoring Serversand building managementsystems via Ethernet orber optic cable.

    Monitoring servers can beinstalled near the equip-

    ment or remotely. Remotelocations range fromnearby engineering ofcesto sites around a singlecampus, multiple campus-

    es in a region, or buildings

    spread nationally, or evenglobally.

    The distances betweenmodules and power man-agers and the monitoringservers they connect to areimportant considerationsin designing a power com-munication, monitoringand control system.

    For example, to maintaingood communication, the

    distance for an ethernetover category 6 cableconnection should be nolonger than 300 ft. For beroptic cable, it's 6,500 ft.

    When distances for those

    ASCO 5160 RCUs (RemoteConnecitvity Units) exceedtheir respective limits,ASCO Remote ConnectivityUnits effectively extend thedistance.

    An example: A facilitymanager wants to connectPowerQuestto on-site pow-er equipment using thefacility's legacy Ethernetcommunications network.But, the distances be-tween modules and powermanagers and monitoringservers is 900 ft. Remoteconnectivity units daisy-chained at the 300 ft. and600 ft. marks will permitthe use of the legacy Ether-net network.

    Remote connectivity unitseffectively extend the dis-tances for ber optic cablenetworks as well.

    Web-based communica-tion satises connectivityrequirements regionally,nationally and globally.

    Sample schematics showtypical connectivity con-gurations.

    PowerQuestFacilitates Effective ConnectivityWith Multiple Communications Modalities



    Only PowerQuest Employs AES 128-bitEncryption to Protect On-site Power SystemsAgainst Unauthorized Data Access and Control

    Securing and protecting your on-sitepower system from unauthorized moni-toring and control is paramount.

    PowerQuest Power Monitoring andControl systems employ Advanced En-cryption Standard (AES 128-bit Encryp-tion) It's the same advanced encryptionstandard used by the National SecurityAgency to protect top secret informa-tion. In fact, AES 128-bit Encryption isthe encryption standard adopted by theentire Federal government.

    PowerQuest is the only on-site powermonitoring and control system outfit-ted with AES 128-bit Encryption. Thestandard is based on a cryptographicalgorithm that securely protects elec-tronic data. It's encryption and decryp-tion process is fast in both hardwareand software.

    Trust PowerQuest to secure and protectyour on-site power equipment fromunauthorized access.


  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring



    300 ft.300 ft.

    Typical Ethernet Cat 6 Connection

    6,500 ft.


    Typical Ethernet Fiber Connection

    Type Medium Performance Distance


    Cat 6Fiber

    300 Feet6,500 Feet



    5160 RCU

    300 ft.

    This conguration Ethernet overFiber Optic Cable:

    -Equipment within 300 Feet of a central locationcan be connected to an ASCO 5160 usingEthernet over Category 6 cable.

    -ASCO 5160 Remote Connectivity units can allbe connected together using Ethernet overCategory 6 cable (300 Feet Max) or Ethernetover Fiber Optic cable (6500 Feet Max).

    This conguration Ethernet overCategory 6 Cable:

    -Equipment within 300 Feet of acentral location can be connectedtogether via an ASCO 5160 RemotConnectivity Unit (RCU) usingEthernet over Category 6 cable.




    300 ft.To AdditionalEquipment

    300 ft.

    300 ft.300 ft.




    300 ft.



    To Additional


    To Additional

    Equipment6,500 ft.

    Power TransferSwitch

    Power TransferSwitch

    6,500 ft.


    Typical Remote Annunciator Conguration

    300 ft.

    300 ft.300 ft.



    Power TransferSwitch

    Power TransferSwitch

    Power TransferSwitch

    Power TransferSwitch

    300 ft.300 ft.





  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    The Component Approach : Built on Proven Technology

    Building-block components can be conguredeasily to provide exactly the degree of monitor-ing, control and communication you want foryour on-site power system.

    5310, 5350Annunciators


    5210, 5220PowerManager

    5990 TrainingSimulator



    5750, 5790DisplayTerminals

    ASCO 5210 (left) and 5220 (right) Power Metersmeasure, displays and provides single- or 3-phase Energy and Power informationwith Ethernet via the ASCO 5150 Communication Module.

    An ASCO 5990 Simulator allows convenient, on-site staff training and testingof what if scenarios. It is not connected to live power monitoring and controldevices.

    The ASCO 5900 Series provides a Customized Critical Power ManagementSystem with support of just paralleling switchgear to the most advanced criticalpower system with a wide-array of critical power components, such as, UPSs,STSs, Load Banks, Panel Boards, etc.

    ASCO 5710(center), 5750(left) and 5790(right)

    Critical Power Management System provides various levels of monitoring,control and management capability of power equipment. It seamlessly monitorsASCO transfer switches as well as generators, breakers, paralleling buss, panelboards and other power equipment via a 5221 PMU. It consists of servers andtouch screen interfaces.

    ASCO 5310(left) and 5350(right) ATS Remote Annunciatorsprovide distributed monitoring of transfer switch position and sourceavailability as well as transfer test and re-transfer control.

    ASCO 5221Power ManagerUnit

    ASCO 5221 Power Manager Unit (PMU)is used to enable power measure-ment, discrete inputs for status and output relays for control of generators,breakers and other power equipment via 5700 Series CPMS solutions.

    ASCO 5400 Power Quality MetersThe ASCO Power Quality Meters provides intelligent power analysis, energymeasurement and event recording for critical and sensitive loads. Its uniquecontinuous waveform and harmonic recording capabilities ensure all events arecaptured, improves response time, and helps identify corrective action to powerquality related issues.

    5150, 5160Connectivity


    An ASCO 5150 Connectivity Module (left) provides 100 Mbps EthernetConnectivity for ASCO Transfer Switches and Power Meters and includes AES128-bit Encryption, as per NIST, for enhanced security.

    The ASCO 5160 Remote Connectivity Unit (RCU) (right) provides 10 Ethernetand Dual-Fiber Optic connections in a NEMA 3R enclosure.

    5400Power QualityMeter

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring


    ASCO Test Reports isavailable with PowerQuest

    Power Monitoring and Con-trol Systems.

    Test Reports create ac-curate, precise reportsformatted according toNFPA monthly exercis-ing logs, which facilitatescompliance with NFPA 99and 110.It can trigger event log-ging, respond to spontane-

    ous events and producea complete report. It alsoinitiates tests through au-tomatic transfer switchesand gets data directly fromgenerators and transferswitches.

    Congure ASCO Test ReportsTo Your On-Site Power System

    Your need to know criticalinformation about yourfacilitys on-site powersystem can mean the dif-ference between ensuringpower reliabilityand not.

    Nows the TimeTo Know

    With the stakes so high, besure you have the com-munication, monitoringand control capabilities youneed to optimize powerreliability for your facilityscritical operations.

    Have the peace of mindknowing the informationyou want will be therewhen you need it.

    Call 1-800-800-ASCO(2726) or email ASCO [email protected].

    For more information aboutASCO PowerQuest Power Monitoing and Control capabilities,visit EmersonNetworkPower.comASCO,or

    Healthcare facilities can moreeasily comply with JCAHO* andNFPA** reporting requirementswith a PowerQuest powermonitoring and control systemand ASCO Test Reports.

    * Joint Commission on the Accreditation oHealthcare Organizations

    ** National Fire Protection Association

    Energy Reports providesNormal, Emergency andTotal Energy consumption

    Alarms Reports graph alarmstatistics for all configuredtransfer switches and otherequipment via Power Man-ager Units.

    Setting Reports provides allcommunications settings,equipment setpoints andstatistics.

    JCAHO/Outage Reports sum-marize generator loadingand electrical parametersduring tests.

    Historical Log Reportsprovide time-stamped eventlogs for a variety of eventsby devices and severity level.

    ASCO Services technicianscan produce diagnostic re-ports on equipment duringservice calls.

  • 8/10/2019 Manual Asco Monitoring