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Transcript of MACARTHUR NEWS · PDF file 2017-03-02 · MACARTHUR NEWS The next General Meeting of...

  • Macar thur Advancement & Development Association Inc. Issue Nº 216 MARCH 2017


    The next General Meeting of the Macarthur Advancement & Development Association Inc.

    Wednesday 8th March. 7.30pm at the Macarthur Senior Citizens rooms

    Important Notice

    The interruption to the power supply planned for Sunday March 5th has been postponed due to the events being held in Macarthur on that day.

  • Page 2 MARCH 2017

    Hinterland Screenprints

    Wendy Black

    17 February- March 17

    Portland Bay Press

    21 Julia st, Portland, Vic


    Before you complain –

    Have you volunteered yet?

    Last week members of the MADA committee

    were in Koroit with representatives of 17 other

    small towns in the Shire. The sign above was part

    of the presentation given by one of those towns

    and it really made us think. One of the major

    complaints we have been hearing is that other

    towns, like ours, are having difficulty attracting

    younger volunteers. They tend to be involved

    only in sporting clubs or schools.

    Over the past few couple of years most of the

    presenters have been older people but now there

    are younger people becoming involved in some of

    the town organizations. Macarthur has something

    like 22 different clubs and many of them are strug-

    gling to fill positions on their committees and in

    most cases the members are in the older age group.

    There is a core group of people who are on more

    than two committees and are being stretched.

    If we don’t have younger men and women in-

    volved and ready to take over, many of the clubs/

    organizations will not survive. MADA, the

    Historical Society, Lions Club, Hall Committee,

    Swimming Pool Committee, RSL and others, will

    not be able to offer the services and support they

    have in the past unless they have an injection of

    new members to share the load and ensure their


    If you think something isn’t being done or

    could be done better, before you complain, ask

    yourself “How can I be part of the solution?”

    Do we just need younger people to be in-

    volved? By no means! The Senior Citizens Club

    would love more members and so would the

    Men’s Shed. Both of these groups cater to the

    older members of the community. The Bowls

    Club is always looking for more players, from any

    age group.

    One of the new Councillors was in town recent-

    ly and was completely blown away by the facili-

    ties and number of clubs and groups in Macarthur.

    His town is slightly larger and not nearly so well

    served. We will only continue to enjoy this if

    people become involved.

    Have you volunteered yet?

  • Page 3 MARCH 2017

  • Page 4 MARCH 2017

    The Great Australian Bake Off

    The Great Australian Bake Off, on Foxtel’s LifeStyle

    FOOD, is now casting for a new series! We are once

    again looking for Australia’s best home bakers who will

    have their bakes tasted in The Bake Off Shed by the

    iconic Maggie Beer and culinary genius Matt


    If you or someone you know would like to be part

    of the show, then we would LOVE to hear from


    Applications are open so if you or your mum, dad,

    sister, brother, grandparent, uncle, aunt, colleague,

    neighbour or friend are a star baker then click on

    this link to apply…


    Hurry because applications will be closing soon…

    Good Luck!

    Gemma & The Bake Off Team

    (Check out the flyer for the Great Australian Bake Off on the Macarthur Facebook page…. Editor)

  • MARCH 2017 Page 5




    Congratulations to Division 4 finishing in 3rd

    place on the ladder.

    Semi Finals. Macarthur had the largest win of the

    finals scoring 83 to Penshurst 56. Jean Schroeder,

    Phil Burton and Ron Collie got away to a good

    start but Ron had to retire and Val Burton came in

    as substitute. The score of 36 was double that of

    Barry King and co. Carole Dunn John Bragg and

    Graham Windus put together a 28 playing Peter

    Linke whose team scored 19. That figure, 19, was

    then replicated by Carol Uebergang and Neville

    Linke when their day ended on the same score.

    Preliminary Finals saw Macarthur play Hamilton.

    Unfortunately Hamilton were too strong on the

    day putting an end to Macarthur’s run to the final.

    Ron Steff defeated Carol Uebergang, the resilient

    Fred Schroeder and Ian Douglas 33, 11. Ray

    Downs had a great battle for most of the day to

    run out late game winners 28 to Jean Schroeder,

    Phil Burton and Roger Moodie 16. That left the

    jovial matchup between Ray Fary who became

    lost for words, and was defeated by Carole Dunn,

    John Bragg and G Winduss 15, 27.

    Congratulations to all players who put in through

    the season.

    Corporate Cup has finished, winners for the night

    were Robyn Sharrock, Ian Douglas, Samuel Shar-

    rock. Encouragement award went to Byaduk

    Duck Fudgers, and Macarthur Men's Shed.

    Winners for the comp were Macarthur Cricket

    Club, the Who Dun Its, Greg Carter, Ian Brilley,

    and Will Edwards, with Michael Brilley and

    Jeremy Hunt as fill ins. The raffle was won by

    Rosie Johnson. Thanks to our Sponsors for the

    Corporate Cup, Petcheys Spuds and Alexandra


    Sunday 5h March the Club is holding a 'Skills Day' starting at 9.30am. Come and enjoy a morning of fun bowls, finish off with a cuppa and scones with jam and cream.

    The Macarthur Bowls Club welcomes new members.

    Page 6 MARCH 2017

    Broadwater Tennis Club Inc.

    Update on the happenings at Broadwater, we have one

    competitive team this year. We start finals on the 25th

    and play Willatook. If we win we play in the grand

    final. Good luck to our team and bring home another

    grand final medal.

    Our Junior Tennis Training is happening at the moment.

    We have 20 children registered. Brayden Burgess from

    Warrnambool Indoor Tennis takes the children and they

    all seem to have a lot of energy and are all doing really


    Thank you to the parents for committing to these

    lessons and bringing their children. It is great to see them all playing and enjoying exercise.

  • MARCH 2017 Page 7



    The Board is pleased to advise the appoint-

    ment of three new Trustee Board Members

    as well as re-appointment of another,

    whose 5year term had expired recently. In

    making their applications, each of these

    was required to be interviewed by the

    Board, have their applications pass

    through rigorous evaluation and assess-

    ment by the State Department of Human

    Services before receiving final approval by

    the Governor-in-Council. In all, this

    process took almost 3 months.

    We are therefore happy to welcome Sharon

    Muldoon, Grahame Stafford and Ian

    Cowland to our ranks, each of whom we

    are sure will bring their own particular

    strengths and experience. The fourth (re-

    appointed) member referred to is Barry

    Sharrock. We should also mention here

    that due to a limitation under the Ceme-

    teries & Crematoria Regulations, the Board

    is limited to just 11 members. Only

    through the generous offer of Geoff Shar-

    rock to stand aside was it possible for all

    3 new applicants to be admitted to Board

    membership. And despite his no longer

    being a Board member, Geoff continues to

    serve voluntarily until the next vacancy

    occurs, at which time he is expected to


    Our Cemetery enjoys complementary

    remarks from the community and visitors,

    whether for funerals, engaged in family

    history research or just passing through.

    Funeral directors too have praised the

    state of our grounds and facilities. Gener-

    ous donations are also made from time to

    time to aid the Board in its work.

    Many challenges confront small cemetery

    trustee boards, mainly of a financial

    nature, such as cost and maintenance of

    equipment, mowers