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Transcript of M2M/IoT Standardization and its · PDF file 2012-06-13 · Slide5 Kim, Hyoung-Jun @...

  • M2M/IoT Standardization and its Perspective

    ETRI Standards Research Center


    2012. 6. 25.

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 2


    KRnet 2012

    목 차

    • 개 요

    • 개념 및 용어 정의

    • 국제 표준화 동향

    • 국내 표준화 동향

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 3


    KRnet 2012

    개요 – M2M 전망 (P&G, Kevin Ashton) “RFID 및 다른 센서들을 일상 생활의 사물에 부착하는 것이 사물인터넷을 창조할 것이며, 기계 인식의 새로운 시대를 열 것”(1998)

    [ITU] 2005년 사물인터넷 보고서를 발간하면서 사물인터넷의 비전을 Tagging, Sensing, Shrinking, Thinking으로 정리

    Gartner. 2002년 대비 인터넷 성장률은 75배 성장하였고, 스마트 디바이스는 2020년 2천억 개에서 2040년 1조개 이상으로 증가할 것으로 전망 (2010)

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 4


    KRnet 2012

    개요 – M2M 기술의 필요성 Change of communication paradigmChange of communication paradigm

    (Namdeamoon Fire, 2008.2] (Imjingak Incident, 2009.9]

    (Earthquake in Korea (9 times)] (Dangjin, Sangjoo, Chunan, Jeju

    etc. )

    (Recycling center Fire in Shanghai, 2010.2]

    (Landslide in Madeira island, 2010.2][Earthquake in Haiti, 2010.1]

    Increase of demand of Monitoring using Communications NetworkIncrease of demand of Monitoring using Communications Network

    Explosions of Object Information and Demand for M2M NetworkExplosions of Object Information and Demand for M2M Network

    Exploiting smart services based on Mobile telecommunication networkExploiting smart services based on Mobile telecommunication network

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 5


    KRnet 2012

    개요 – M2M 서비스 개념도

    Mobile communication network



    Wireless Network


    Mobile internet network Wibro, WiMAX


    Wire Network

    Fixed Service Fixed/Mobile Service Mobile Service[ M2M service classification ]

    Mobile Quantity

    of motion senser

    Fixed LED Fixed CCTV

    Crack Monitoring

    Mobile Air


    Traffic Information


    Fire Monitoring

    Dam state/Quantity

    of flow Monitoring

    Weather Monitoring

    Piers Monitoring

    Criminal Monitoring

    Fire engine


    Remote Measuring


    Mobile state


    Bus Location

    Information Vehicle



    Security Service

    Animals information


    Air Pollution


    Quantity of distribution







    Logistics Information


  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 6


    KRnet 2012

    개요 – M2M 응용 분야

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 7


    KRnet 2012

    개념 및 용어 정의 (1/4) • Terminology

    – IoT : Internet of Things – M2M : Machine-to-Machine – MTC : Machine Type Communication – MOC : Machine Oriented Communication – USN : Ubiquitous Sensor Network – WSN : Wireless Sensor Network – WoT : Web of Things

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 8


    KRnet 2012

    개념 및 용어 정의 (2/4) • M2M (ETSI)

    – Communication between two or more entities that do not necessarily need any direct human intervention

    • MTC (3GPP) – A form of data communication which involves one or more entities that

    do not necessarily need human interaction

    • M2M (IEEE 802.16p) – Information exchange between a Subscriber station and a Server in the

    core network (through a base station) or between Subscriber station, which may be carried out without any human interaction

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 9


    KRnet 2012

    개념 및 용어 정의 (3/4) • IoT – 모든 사물에게까지 네트워크 연결을 제공하는 네트워크의 네트워

    크 (ITU, 2005) – The networks and services that enable communication among these

    objects (EU policy Outlook RFID, 2007) – A global network infrastructure, linking physical and virtual objects

    through the exploitation of data capture and communication capabilities. (CASAGRAS Final Report, 2009)

    – A world-wide network of interconnected objects uniquely addressable, based on standard communication protocols (EU IoT Workshop, 2009)

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 10


    KRnet 2012

    개념 및 용어 정의 (4/4) • USN

    – A conceptual network built over existing physical networks which makes use of sensed data and provides knowledge services to anyone, anywhere and at anytime, and where the information is generated by using context awareness (ITU-T Y.2221)

    • 사물지능통신 – 사람 對 사물, 사물 對 사물 간 지능통신 서비스를 언제 어디서나

    안전하고 편리하게 실시간으로 이용 할 수 있는 미래 방송통신 융 합 ICT 인프라

    – 협의 개념 : 기계간의 통신 및 사람이 동작하는 디바이스와 기계 간의 통신

    – 광의 개념 : 통신과 IT기술을 결합하여 원격지의 사물의 상태정보 등을 확인할 수 있는 제반 솔루션을 의미함

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 11


    KRnet 2012

    구조적 관점 – M2M vs. USN

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 12


    KRnet 2012

    M2M vs.USN vs. … vs. IoT

    IPv6/ NANO



  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 13


    KRnet 2012

    3GPP에서의 MTC 표준화 현황 (1/10) • MTC (Machine-Type Communications)

    – A form of data communications – Do not necessary need human interaction

    • General objectives – Provide network operators with lower operational costs when offering

    MTC services – Reduce the impact and efforts handling large MTC groups – Optimize network operations to minimize impact on device battery

    power usage – Stimulate new MTC applications by enabling operator to offer services

    tailored to MTC requirements

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 14


    KRnet 2012

    3GPP에서의 MTC 표준화 현황 (2/10) • Current progress in 3GPP

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 15


    KRnet 2012

    3GPP에서의 MTC 표준화 현황 (3/10) • 3GPP Rel-8 Studies - Finalized

    – Study on Facilitating Machine to Machine Communication in GSM and UMTS [TR 22.868]

    – Work scope • Charging mechanisms (e.g. simplify charging in relation to M2M purposes); • Addressing: Already today some networks are running out of E.164 numbering

    space. This would be aggravated by widespread usage of M2M. IP address space limitation was also studied.

    • Types of communication (e.g. one to many, many to many, relevance of mobile originated mobile terminated and always on type of connectivity); Enhancements for the identified communication model; Preferred communication models that could be implemented cost efficiently for M2M

    • Handling of large numbers of subscriptions and subscriber data within the network; • Handling issues of large number of M2M subscriptions for the user of M2M

    services; • Impact of optimizations for security (Denial of Service attacks by M2M devices,

    Effects of theft of M2M that are quite likely unattended, Secure handling of credentials, Access control for M2M terminals)

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 16


    KRnet 2012

    3GPP에서의 MTC 표준화 현황 (4/10) • 3GPP Rel-9 Studies - Finalized

    – Study on Security Aspects of Remote Provisioning and Change of Subscription for M2M Equipment [TR 33.812]

    – Work scope • The possibility to change subscription for M2MEs out in the field (e.g. after contract

    expiry) without direct human intervention. • The possibility to allocate the M2ME at initial power up to a network operator

    without direct human intervention. • an investigation of candidate security solutions architectures that allow remote

    subscription management to take place in a secure manner; • an identification of current USIM/ISIM functionality that may need to be

    incorporated in a MCIM application, with or without changes to allow remote subscription management for the M2ME;

    • an identification of functionality in the network, in the UICC or in the M2ME, that may need to be added due to the remote subscription management method;

    • the study may identify principle requirements for protected storage and the execution environment (e.g. by collaborating with relevant working groups such as the OMTP Hardware group)

  • Kim, Hyoung-Jun @ ETRISlide 17


    KRnet 2012

    3GPP에서의 MTC 표준화 현황 (5/10) • 3GPP Rel-10 Studies – Finalized

    – Network Improveme