LOW HIGH - Clars Auction Gallery .(lot of 3) Himalayan metal Buddhist sculptures, one medicine...

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Transcript of LOW HIGH - Clars Auction Gallery .(lot of 3) Himalayan metal Buddhist sculptures, one medicine...

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    (lot of 3) Himalayan metal Buddhist sculptures, one medicine Buddha with right hand

    holding a stem of myrobalan, with a jar in the right hand; a Tibetan Buddhist figure with

    abhaya-mudra seated on a lotus; together with Yamantaka having nine heads and

    eighteen arms, 14.5"h $ 300 - 500

    2 (lot of 8) Group of Asian metal sculptures, consisting of Manjusri, Shakyamuni, medicine

    Buddha and a Thai Buddha head; together with a weight, largest: 6.75"h $ 300 - 500

    3Himalayan prayer wheel, the cylindrical body with repousse Buddhist Auspicious Symbols

    amid tendrils, set on a wooden handle, 13"h $ 150 - 250


    (lot of 3) Chinese enameled cloisonne items; including a standing Shoulao with a peach

    and staff; a wine ewer with a phoenix head and tail as spout and handle, with flowers on

    the lower part of the pot; together with a jar depicting pine, bamboo and prunus, largest:

    12.25"h $ 300 - 500

    5 (lot of 4) Chinese hardstone plaques; consisting of two xi characters below a bat and

    bracketed by dragons; one of a butterfly; and one of a pair of confronting dragons, 2.5"w $ 300 - 500


    (lot of 2) Chinese cloisonne enameled covered censer, of square section with stylized

    lotus on a turquoise ground, raised on four supports, with wood stand, 8.5"w; together

    with a champleve censer with taotie masks on the body, raised on figural supports, and

    flanked by dragon handles with a dragon on the lid, 8.25"h $ 300 - 500

    7(lot of 2) Japanese/Korean small tortoise shell miniature cabinet, with double doors and

    the interior with a column of drawers beside a small box and tray; together with a small

    box, the lid inset with a Chinese jade plaque and reversed with a mirror, cabinet: 3"w $ 200 - 400

    8 Chinese Jun-type ceramic bottle vase, with a ribbed trumpet neck above a compressed

    circular body coated with a mottled purple glaze, with a crackle gray recessed base, 6.5"h $ 400 - 600

    8A Chinese jade sculpture with light green hue, two celestial beauties with cranes and

    flowers, one beauty holding a wine pot in her left hand, with stand: 8.5"h $ 600 - 900

    9Chinese jadeite sculpture, a celestial beauty holding strings of coins, standing besides

    blossoming flowers, 9"h $ 500 - 700


    Chinese overlay Peking glass vessel and stand, the compressed body with red colored fish

    and other aquatic creatures on a white ground, the base further decorated with a large

    lotus flower accented with shells, and three snails forming the supports, with wooden lid

    and stand, glass: 5.5"w $ 300 - 500

    11Chinese jadeite carving of a Guanyin, seated in laliasana holding an amphora, all backed

    by a flaming mandorla, 5.75"h $ 300 - 500

    12 Chinese ceramic ewer based on a Tang prototype, overall coated with dark green glaze,

    with a phoenix head spout connected to a stick neck and a round body, 9"h $ 150 - 250

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  • 13(lot of 2) Chinese hardstone sculptures, one with a vase surrounded by the magnolia tree

    perched with a magpie, one branch links to a basket of flowers, 7.5"h; the second, with

    cranes on the top of a mountain amid the clouds, with stand: 9"h $ 300 - 500

    14Chinese soapstone Shoulao sculpture, on a stand carved with rocks, lotus and deer,

    standing with a peach in his right hand and a staff in his left, 14"h $ 200 - 400

    15Chinese hardstone vase, carved with peonies to the body, having pierced tendril handles

    with loose rings, 8.5"h $ 200 - 400

    16 Japanese porcelain charger, interior decorated with a stylized dragon in gilt and color,

    exterior with karakusa pattern in blue-and-white, with a stand, 16"dia $ 200 - 400


    (lot of 9) Japanese Kutani kinrande large bowls, Meiji period, three with the same motif of

    scholars and plants, gilt on white ground, one with a landscape, flowers and scholars in

    reserves; a set of five kinrande covered bowls, scholars in the garden on panels, all with

    'Kutani' mark on the recessed base, largest: 3.25"h x 9.5"dia $ 200 - 400

    18 No Lot


    (lot of 9) Group of Japanese and Chinese ceramics; including six blue-and-white dishes

    and bowl, including Arita, transfer ware and one Chinese; two dishes with foliate rim,

    decorated with birds, butterflies, chrysanthemums and narcissus; one Kutani deep bowl

    with 'Fuku' mark on the base, decorated with cranes and plovers above the waves and

    flowers in gilt and color, largest: 9.75"dia $ 250 - 450


    (lot of 2) Japanese cloisonne vase and censer, Meiji period, censer with two heart-shaped

    openings to the lid, bulbous body decorated with butterflies, clouds and floral motifs in

    reserves, raised on short gilt supports; the vase with everted rim above a short neck on a

    flattened tapering body with two blue reserves with birds, butterflies and flowers, largest:

    6"h $ 150 - 250


    (lot of 3) Japanese bronze items, Edo period; a yatate (portable writing set) with pierced

    work to the body, molded hollyhock leaf and double gourd on the lid, hollyhock leaves

    with vines and a mythical beast on the cylindrical brush case; a mirror with cranes and a

    turtle, marked Tensho; together with a circular plaque of the Great Buddha, longest:

    approx. 12" $ 300 - 500


    (lot of 9) Japanese lacquer ware: a set of five covered bowls, interior decorated with

    moths and flowers; two covered boxes, one square on short supports, one rectangular

    with nashiji interior and rounded lid, both with traditional Japanese motifs; a four-tiered

    mini jubako with a tray, vermilion interior and exterior with a flower amid karakusa

    pattern, all in gilt on black ground; set of six coasters in a box, decorated with a landscape

    in gilt and ivy leaves in red, largest: 7"h x 5"w x 5"d $ 250 - 450


    (lot of 2) Japanese negoro lacquered large mask of Miroku Bosatsu (Maitreya bodhisattva)

    of Koryuji temple in Kyoto; together with two gilt wooden seated praying Buddhas, each

    on double lotus pedestal set on a dais (some damage, one mandorla missing), largest:

    13"l $ 200 - 400

    24 Pair of Chinese yellow and red enameled porcelain vases; the ovoid bodies each with a

    red dragon chasing a flaming jewel amid the clouds, with apocryphal Guangxu mark, 5"h $ 150 - 250

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  • 25Chinese qingbai type ceramic covered jar, body with molded leafy scrolls, the domed lid

    with thunder and chrysanthemum pattern, 5.5"h $ 200 - 400

    26Chinese qingbai type porcelain ewer, the pot of octagonal form with a flat lid, 5"h $ 200 - 400


    (lot of 3) Chinese Cultural Revolution porcelain figures; including one young girl

    embroidering the flag of China; one studying Mao's little red book; the last, a herder boy

    wearing a red scarf, largest: 10.5"h $ 200 - 400

    28 Chinese underglazed red wine ewer, with a phoenix head spout, the compressed globular

    body painted with wings above flowers, and the tail as the handle, 7.25"h $ 200 - 400


    (lot of 2) Chinese ox blood porcelain vases; one trumpet neck with compressed body,

    bottom with apocryphal Qianlong mark, 6"h; the other a gu vase, body heightened with

    flanges, 7"h $ 250 - 450

    30(lot of approximately 40) Group of Chinese wood stands, including circular bases of

    various sizes, largest: 8.5"dia $ 200 - 400


    (lot of 4) Asian bronze Buddhist sculptures; one East Asian Maitreya seated in royal ease;

    two Himalayan, one standing and holding a lotus sprig; together with an Indian figure with

    Shiva and Paravati, largest: 11.5"h $ 500 - 700

    32 (lot of 3) Southeast Asian ceramic items; including two female figures each carrying their

    babies; together with a Cambodian elephant formed brown glazed jarlet, largest: 4.5"h $ 250 - 450

    33(lot of 4) Tibetan clay tsatsa; one big and two small ones all molded with Sakyamuni;

    together with a Cambodian stone Buddha head, largest: 9.5"h $ 200 - 400

    34 (lot of 2) Chinese Ding type porcelain plates, the centers with peonies, surrounded with

    lobe and thunder patterns, one white and the other one blue, 11"w $ 200 - 400

    35 Chinese Ding type ceramic dish, molded with two fish surrounded by stylized floral scrolls,

    the rim set with a metal band, the base incised Xuanhe Yuan nian, 8.25"w $ 500 - 700

    36(lot of 6) Chinese enameled porcelain plates, decorated with a rooster amid peonies and

    various flowers, 8.5"w $ 200 - 400

    37 Chinese enamel porcelain brush pot, with chrysanthemum and birds, with colophon and

    bearing signature 'Liu Yucen' to the body and sealed 'Yin Bing Zhai' to the bottom, 5.5"h $ 300 - 500

    38 Japanese large blue and white porcelain water dropper, of rectangular form, each side

    with landscape and with a small spout to one corner, 3.5"h 5.5"w 3.5"d $ 100 - 200

    39Chinese blue and white porcelain jar, with child and lotus in reserve over the tendril

    decorated ground, 9"h $ 300 - 500

    40Chinese blue and white porcelain wall vase, of double gourd form with stiff leaves and

    ruyi pattern to the neck, upper part with cranes amid the clouds, lower part with two

    dragons chasing after the flaming jewel, back wit