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This is for a group from age 10 to age 80. It contains general aspects of the culture and lifestyle of indigenous Mayans in Guatemala plus specifics of volunteering with the non-profit Long Way Home.

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2. San Juan ComalapaDept. of Chimaltenango San Juan Comalapa population 39,000View ofComalapa 3. Clustered city surrounded by small farming plots 4. Traditional traje, machete and hoe, azidon 5. Wood-burning stove, multi-generational compounds 6. Children all work 7. Market Day is Tues. Friday Sunday 8. Community Pila 9. Weaving is a major industry 10. 11. What are Indigenous Peoples? 12. People who have the oldest historic connection to a place The originals (likeab originals) Mayans have lived off the land of Guatemala for over 1100 years. Have evidence of decline of Mayan civilization in 900. Comalapa was settled back to 1520.The Spanish conquered Petn in 1697. 13. 5%of the world population are considered indigenous yet15% of the worlds poor are indigenous. Indigenous people are over-represented in the group of the worlds poor. In Comalapa, the indigenous Kaqchikelare 95% of the population Indigenous people are an important group of rural poor. 14. Indigenous people constitute an important group of rural poor.InGuatemalasome86.6%of the indigenous people are poor. 44% of population in Guatemala are indigenous people 15. Why are we in Guatemala?? the global poor, if only theyhad been born into different social circumstances, would be just as able and likely to lead healthy, happy and productive lives as the rest of us. The root cause of their suffering is their abysmal social starting position, which does not give them much of a chance to become anything but poor, vulnerable and dependent unable to give their children a better start than they had had themselves.-Thomas Pogge, Ass. Professor of Philosophy, Columbia U 16. Statistics U S A Facts taken from the Central Intelligence Agency, The World Factbook Life CycleMedian age: 36.7 yearsMedian age: 19.2 yearsSchool Life Expectancy total: 16 yearsmale: 15 yearsfemale: 16 years (2006) total: 10 yearsmale: 11 yearsfemale: 10 years (2006) Gross National Income per capita $41,950 $4,410 Literacy 99% 99% male 99% female56% 63% male 49% female Population below poverty line 12% 56% Expenditures on education 5.3% of GDP (2005) 2.6% of GDP (2006) Guatemala 17.

  • Long Way Homes mission is to break the cycle of poverty among youth in developing communities by
  • Creating educational opportunities
  • Tecnico Maya Vocational School
  • Cultivating civic interaction
  • Simajuleu Civic Group
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Parque Chimy
  • Recycling

18. Ericka Temple, Architect Adam Howland, Project Mgr. Liz Howland Not shown: Andy Case, Webmaster Rebecca Sanchez,Volunteer Coordinator Aaron Colvin, Assistant Project Mgr. Matt Paneitz, Executive Director, Founder LWH 19. Parque Chimiy 20. Parque Chimiya, basketball court, soccer field, organic gardens, public park open dawn to dusk 21. Reforestation Program:37,000trees planted in four years1,182hours of work 22. Typical method of trash disposal 23. 24. 25. Raw materials 26. Tires are collected from Chimaltenango,30 miles away 27. 28. Excavation 29. Rafael works on a tire for the vocational school. 30. Adam and the crew fill tires with earth. 31. Foundation is filled with gravel and earth-filled tires 32. Crew filling top tier of tires School taking shape 33. Volunteer bringing concrete to roof November 2009 February 2010 Finished interior-no tires in sight 34. Roof has a drainage system that diverts water to a cistern. 35. Volunteer fills a liter bottle with earth to make a brick . Earth-filled and litter-filled liter bottles form the structure for building. 36. Earth-filled and litter-filled liter bottles form the structure for building. 37. Bottles filled with litter are the basis for this structure which became a community library. 38. http://catorcekt.wordpress.com/ http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeOouXAC42c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SvZ_8Tq8Jo 39. 350 interns and volunteers since 2004 We believe that in order to break the cycle of poverty people need to know that it exists. 40. 41. Security