logtempo - what, who, how, and what's next!

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log your time with just 2 taps!

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logtempo was created for freelancers, consultants and other professionals who need to account for time spent on client projects and tasks - or anybody who needs to keep a log of their time. It follows a simple philosophy - that you know what you've spent your time doing and so simply need to quickly log that time against a task with no fuss.  logtempo is about simple pragmatic time tracking: it removes all of the complexity and potential for error that other time tracking approaches inherently bring with them. It's a new approach to time tracking and does away with timers while avoiding the trend of "monitoring" what a user does to try and automatically capture time worked. logtempo reduces the effort needed to log and track your time to 2 taps - choose a task, elect the time taken, done. No more "after the fact" editing of hastily-saved notes or wondering what you were actually working on while your editor software was tracked as being open for 3 hours. Just simple, pragmatic, time tracking. Check it out in the Apple App Store now and on Google Play very soon.

Transcript of logtempo - what, who, how, and what's next!

  • log your time with just 2 taps!
  • what is logtempo? simple, pragmatic, timekeeping for busy freelancers/professionals mobile, web no irritating notes to add every time no timers to forget no automatic spyware tracking you
  • whos it for? designers... I use logtempo to log hours for client billing and I love its simplicity
  • whos it for? developers... I use logtempo to track hours worked on different projects. Its so quick to log time!
  • whos it for? project managers... I use logtempo to log my own hours and collect time reports from the team to keep on top of project progress
  • whos it for? anybody who needs to track time the ideal pragmatic time-tracking tool!
  • how does it work? enter your tasks, as many as you need:
  • how does it work? to log time, choose a task:
  • how does it work? select the time worked:
  • done!
  • how does it work? print or export your totals:
  • what people are saying about logtempo:
  • and some great constructive feedback: thank you ChrisC69! we think somebodys been reading our roadmap...
  • the roadmap: logtempo Android is out soon beta in August, launch September logtempo.io will add web services for extended reporting, teams and invoicing simple 2-click invoicing from reports advanced report lters to make ChrisC69 happy (hopefully, others too!)
  • logtempo.io: will be crowd-funded campaign to start August/September launch early 2015 will be affordable will be driven by App data - from iOS and Android Apps
  • logtempo.io: will also bring more integration accounting software team software later? logtempo for OSX (2015) and more...
  • in summary, logtempo: is the ideal pragmatic time-tracking tool for freelancers/professionals will soon ll all of the basic needs also of small teams including easy invoicing eliminates timesheet admin - freeing up your time for what you do best
  • get it now : logtempo.com or search in the App Store