Listening and Speaking Games for Kids of All Ages

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Free handout for teachers at Liven up your class with interactive physical movement games, pronunciation cards, and board games. Teach and review points of listening, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and communicative language. Objectives, procedures, materials, rewards, practical tips, caveats and resources will be presented. Audience participation encouraged. Come ready to move, play, learn, and win prizes!

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2. 3. 23 41 7 15 67 33 1836904 52 065FREE7625 14 9960 13 88 64 5883 21 46 4. M KQ P I U BC W T E ZA S X G FJ D K L VN Y 5. sayroad teabee zoo broom peachpie jail days green raincoat tiespeak plays soap cleanpool cheatdiewait moon sheep roast 6. 7. Booth 402 in the Exhibit Hall 8. Booth 402 in the Exhibit Hall 9. 10. bat bead bathbed bonehorse bookhose bowlhouse box sack bus scale cardskull cartsock dog stamp duckstump ton toe tongueBooth 402 two in the Exhibit 11. Have students select and write select words in 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. GeneralClothing Takethreestepsforward.Pointtoyourpants. Putyourhandsonyourhead. Putonyourjacket. Standononefoot. Takeoyourshoes. Raiseyourrighthand. Pickupthebrownpurse. Turnaround. Putyourglassesinyourpocket. DailyactivitiesChildcare Brushyourteeth. Changeadiaper. Washyourhands.Feedthebabyabottle. Combyourhair. Putthetoysawayinthechest. Makedinner.Givethebabyabath. Walkthedog. 29. Look in the Lake A Communicative PronunciationCard Game By Marsha Chan Sunburst Media 30. Language Objectives To pronounce very clearly To listen carefully To distinguish words with similar sounds To distinguish singular and plural nounswith /s/, /z/ and /iz/ endings To practice polite language for turn-taking,repetition, clarification, confirmation,thanking, and showing 31. Words with similar sounds DECK 1 DECK 2 dog - duck bead - bed bat - bath horse - hose - house bone - bowl sack sock book - box - bus scale - skull cart - card stamp - stump ton - tongue toe - two 32. Words with similar sounds DECK 3 DECK 4 ace - ax - X can - cane crab - crib comb - cone hat - hut knot nut - net heel - hill map - mop snack - snake peg - pig tire - tower sax - six 33. Words with similar sounds DECK 5 DECK 6 bass - vase chain - chin - shin cab - cap shack - track truck cuff - cup ten - tent - tenth desk - dish three - tree fan - van vine watch - witch vest - fist 34. Words with similar sounds DECK 7 DECK 8 lake - rake cat - cot - coat lock - rock church - judge oar - awl mask - match rose - road pan - pen - pine file - fire week - wick - wig flag - frog - 35. Words with similar sounds DECK 9 bear - beer pear - pier fork - fox ring - wing thigh - tie noose - nose - nurse 36. DECK 10 Marshas Ducks (Advanced) Marshas duck Jacks fan Marks duck Jacks van Marks dog Jans van Marges dog Jans pen Marges map Jamess pen Marshas mop Jamess fan Marthas 37. /s/, /z/, and /Iz/ Regular plural nouns end in -s or es.Practice the three ending sounds withyour teacher: /s/, /z/, and /Iz/ 38. Voiceless /s/ SingularPlural batbats book books duck ducks mapmaps cuff cuffs 39. Voiced /z/ Singular Plural bowlbowls bed beds pen pens tie ties pig pigs cardcards 40. Extra syllable /Iz/ Singular Plural horsehorses boxboxes watchwatches dish dishes 41. Look in the LakeLanguage Focus Sentence Patterns to Use While Playing the Game 42. Basic Question & Answers (Name), do you have any ducks? Afrmative answer: Yes, (Name), I have one duck (twoducks / three ducks). Here you are. Negative answer: No, I'm sorry, (Name), I don't have anyducks. Please look in the lake. 43. Turn-taking questions andanswers Whose turn is it? It's (Name)'s turn. Is it your (his, her, my, Name's) turn? I think it's your turn to ask. I'll ask you, (Name). Don't ask me! Why don't you ask (Name)? I'll shufe (deal, cut) this 44. Asking for repetition orclarification Pardon me? What did you say? What was that you said? Would you repeat that, please? Would you please say it again? I didn't catch that. Did you say caps or cups? Do you want tons or tongues? 45. Giving thanks Thanks. Thank you. Thank you very much. That's very kind of you. It's very nice of you to give me your ducks. I appreciate it very much. Three ducks! I really appreciate your generosity. I'll return the favor some 46. Receiving thanks You're welcome. You're very welcome. Certainly. Sure. Don't mention it. My pleasure. I'm pleased to help 47. PlayQ & A 48.