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  • Listening & Speaking ActivitiesBrainstormingListeningSpeakingH

  • BrainstormingExpressions of cleverness (positive)Expressions of cleverness (negative)Expressions of positive attitudes toward other peopleExpressions of negative attitudes towards other peopleExpressions of positive qualities in a personExpressions of teaching childrendP1

  • Expressions of cleverness (positive)intelligent, smart, sharp, keen , perceptive, wise, understanding, mindful, brainy, bright, quick-witted, brilliant Expressions of cleverness (negative)cunning, sly, artful, wily, shifty, tricky, scheming, foxy, calculatingB

  • Expressions of positive attitudes toward other peoplepolite, respect, respectful, think well / highly of, hold someone in esteem / in high regards, see someone in a good light, speak well of someone, like / love someone Expressions of negative attitudes towards other peoplelook down upon, despise, belittle , disparage, loathe, abhor, cannot bear, shrink fromB

  • Expressions of positive qualities in a personhonest, sincere, trustworthy, kind-hearted, good-natured, warm-hearted, man of integrity, a brave soul, a generous spirit, a compassionate soul Expressions of teaching childrenteach, inspire students to academic excellence, imbue them with right attitudes towards life, instill moral truths in their minds, draw out their potential, encourage them to think, stimulate them to use their imagination, encourage them to ask questions, teach them the spirit of fair competition, teach them how to win/loseB

  • ListeningEducation otherwiseNew words Answers to the questions boutique: n. a small shop that sells fashionable clothes or other objects Junk Antique: wing: make the most of sth: to get as much advantage as you can from a situation while you are able to on behalf of sb: instead of someone, or as their representative Describe the school management before the reform & what is being changed now?:Before the reform, education was basically a state-run system in term of both curriculum and finance. Now the change is in the direction of decentralization. That is, both schools and parents have more say in education than before. For example, parents have had more choice when selecting their schools. Some, like Mr. and Mrs. Chen, even opted to teach their child by themselves. What made Mr. & Mrs. Chen decide to educate their daughter at home?There were several reasons why Mr. and Mrs. Chen decided to educate their daughter at home. First, they had a new understanding of the meaning of education. That is, education should encourage full development of children rather than feed them with knowledge only. Secondly, the decision was colored by Mr. Chen's own experience. He had been unhappy at school. His daughter happened to feel the same as he did about schooling. So as he promised, he opted to use home education as an alternative to the conventional concept of schooling. How did Mr. & Mrs. Chen manage to teach their daughter?Mr. Chen changed his job in order to fit in with the education in the first place. He and his wife followed the practice of learner-centered philosophy in education. They only taught what was interesting to her. E.g. The girl was interested in drama. They then took her to the local theatre, library and even encouraged her to write and try her own drama work. What do the inspectors think of the education the girl is receiving?Generally speaking, they are quite pleased, but they have some worries about science education at home.P1

  • SpeakingP1

  • Reading Comprehension & Language ActivitiesPre-reading TaskTextH

  • Pre-reading TaskSuggested points:a. keep ones promiseb. be honest and truthfulc. be faithful to your work and the people in your lifed. Pursue a high quality of work and try to develop a sense of professionalisme. Keep your mind open to suggestions, ideas and even criticisms from othersf. Be polite and graceful in managing inter-personal relationshipg. Keep a loving spirit for the people in your lifeh. Be sympathetic towards those who are underprivilegedi. Maintain your dignity in the face of authorityj. Be modest How to earn a good reputation? How to maintain a good reputation? Suggested points:a. Be empathetic by putting oneself in some elses shoesb. Be aware of details of work and everyday life.c. Be persistent in work even when confronted with difficultiesd. Be honest and brave enough to admit your incompetence when you can not do what is expectede. Keep mottoes to warn oneself of selfishness, greediness, and other evils f. Keep role models in mind, especially when you are tempted by undue desiresP2

  • The Power of a Good NameIf pride in a good name keeps families and neighborhoods straight, a sense of shame is the reverse side of that coin.damper: [C] to make sth less enjoyable, active, or great than it could have been; a depressing restraint put a damper on sth informale.g. Their argument put a bit of a damper on the party. Mary's absence cast a damper over the party. nothing better than: like the beste.g. After working in this noisy shop all day I like nothing better than to go home for a bit of peace and quiet. Peter likes nothing better than going to the coast and messing about in his boat.1. One summer day my father sent me to buy wire and fencing for our farm in Marion County, South Carolina. At 16, I liked nothing better than getting behind the wheel of our Chevy pickup, but this time there was a damper on my spirits. My father had told me Id have to ask for credit at the store.2. Sixteen is a prideful age, when a young man wants respect, not charity. It was 1976, and the ugly shadow of racism was still a fact of life. Id seen my friends ask for credit and then stand, head down, while a patronizing store owner questioned whether they were good for it. I knew black youths just like me who were watched like thieves by the store clerk each time they went into a grocery.3. My family was honest. We paid our debts. But before harvest, cash was short. Would the store owner trust us?e.g. Their argument put a bit of a damper on the party. Mary's absence cast a damper over the party. credit: [u] an arrangement with a shop, bank etc that allows you to buy something and pay for it later on credit

  • The Power of a Good Name4. At Davis Brothers General Store, Buck Davis stood behind the register, talking to a middle-aged farmer. Buck was a tall, weathered man in a red hunting shirt and khaki pants, and I nodded as I passed him on my way to the hardware aisle. When I brought my purchases to the register, I said carefully, I need to put this on credit.5. The farmer gave an amused, cynical look. But Bucks face didnt change. Sure, he said easily. Your daddy is always good for it. He turned to the other man. This here is one of James Williamss sons.6. The farmer nodded in a neighborly way. I was filled with pride. James Williamss son. Those three words had opened a door to an adults respect and trust.7. That day I discovered that a good name could bestow a capital of good will of immense value. The good name my father and mother had earned brought our whole family the respect of our neighbors.

  • The Power of a Good NameEveryone knew what to expect from a Williams: a decent person who kept his word and respected himself too much to do wrong.8. We children eight brothers and two sisters could enjoy that good name, unearned, unless and until we did something to lose it. Compromising it would hurt not only the transgressor but also those we loved and those who loved us. We had a stake in one another and in ourselves.9. A good name, and the responsibility that came with it, forced us children to be better than we otherwise might be. We wanted to be thought of as good people, and by acting like good people for long enough, we became pretty decent citizens.10. The desire to keep the respect of a good name propelled me to become the first in our family to go to university. Eventually, it gave me the initiative to start my own successful public relations firm in Washtington, D.C..

  • The Power of a Good Name11. I thought about the power of a good name when I heard General Colin Powell say that America needs to restore a sense of shame in its neighborhoods. Hes right. If pride in a good name keeps families and neighborhoods straight, a sense of shame is the reverse side of that coin.12. Doing drugs, abusing alcohol, stealing, getting a young woman pregnant out of wedlock today, none of these behaviors is the deep embarrassment it should be. Nearly one out of three births in America is to an unwed mother. Many of these children will grow up without the security and guidance of a caring father and mother committed to each other.13. Once the social ties and mutual obligations of the family disintegrate, communities fall apart. Politicians may boast that crime is falling, but while the population has increased only 40 percent since 1960, violent crime in America has increased a staggering 550 percent and weve become used to it. Teen drug abuse is rising again. No neighborhood is immune.

  • The Power of a Good NameIn one North Carolina county, police arrested 73 students from 12 secondary schools for dealing drugs, some of them right in the classroom.14. Cultural influences such as television and movies portray mostly a world in which respect goes to the most violent. Life is considered cheap.15. Meanwhile, the small signs of civility and respect that sustain civilization are vanishing from schools, stores and streets. Phrases like yes, madam, no, sir, thank you and please show self-respect for others. Yet, encouraged by the pervasive profanity on television and in music, kids dont think twice about aggressive and vulgar language.16. Many of todays kids have failed because