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  • 7/25/2019 LIBI Playhouse Feature

    1/2 HOUSE, June/July 2016

    Inside the Ghostbusters themed playhouse, complete withlockers and proton packs for fighting ghosts

    108 HOUSE, June/July 2016

    Characters of Ghostbusters entertaining visitors. You can almosthear them saying, I aint afraid of no ghosts.

    Playhouse judges Stephen Fanuka and Tyler Wisler

    The interior of Sports Town playhouse

    Richie Belz, Sal Ferro and Seth Selesnowof Alure Home Improvement

    The exterior of Sports TownHockey great Clark Gillies ofthe New York Islanders

    Jay Ratto of J. Ratto Landscaping, Glen Cherveny of GRCHArchitecture and Nick Dalvano of All-Ways Elevator

    Bram, Morty and Harry WeberClark Gillies of the New Islanders and Andrea Shof HOUSEmagazine

    Childrens Playhouses

    Whats in style for your kidsPHOTOS AND STORY BY ANDREA SHEAHAN

    In the middle of March, the Long Island Builders Institute hosted its 26th

    Annual EXPO at the Long Island Hilton. The event was more than a trade

    show, this year the EXPO feat ured a childrens playhouse competition.

    Teams were comprised of LIBI members showcasing the talents of Alure

    Home Improvements, J. Ratto Landscaping with All Ways Elevators and

    GRCH Architecture, Engel Burman Group and TRITEC Real Estate. All in all,

    they created three childrens playhouses and one rocket ship.

    The Rocket Ship, built by TRITEC, was donated to the famous Rocket

    Ship Park in Port Jefferson. The proceeds of the raffle for Engel Burmans

    Little Sunshine Playhouse were donated to Long Island Home Builders

    Care, Inc., to help its feature charitable endeavors. The other two play-

    houses, Ghostbusters and Sports Town, were donated to benefit childrens

    charities: Clark Gillies Childrens Foundation and the Brookville Center for

    Childrens Services.

    And what is a competition without judges? Not any judges; 12 children

    judged the playhouses based on appeal, safety, most creative and kid

    friendly. A most hands-on group of judges.For the grown-up judges, LIBI got the best celebrity judges they could

    wish for: the legendary Clark Gillies from the NY Islanders, Million Dollar

    Contractor Stephen Fanuka and HG TV Design Star Tyler Wisler. What great

    guys to talk to, mingle with and have fun with. Clark Gillies signed pucks

    and hockey sticks and took pictures with his fans. Stephen and Tyler visited

    the exhibitors booths and chit-chatted about the business. With cameras

    flashing from every direction, they really gave a fresh breath and drew great

    attention to the LIBI EXPO!

    Alure Home Improvements initial idea was

    to ensure their playhouse was not just ordi-

    nary, but something functional that would

    have a lasting impact on the children utilizing

    it. Sal Ferro had an idea of doing a sports

    theme as something that would resonate with

    most kids and it morphed into incorporating

    sports for unique functionality, (built in hockey

    net, basketball hoop and soccer net) as well as

    imagery depicting local professional

    sports teams.

    To match the sports theme, and thinking

    inside the playhouse, Alure decided it

    would be cool for the kids to feel like they

    were walking into a real sports locker room,

    which led to decorating the interior with lock-

    ers, memorabilia and cubbies for sports gear.

    The greatest reward was not winning the

    award, but watching a few kids grab some

    basketballs and actually use the playhouse!

    The team at Alure knew right then, this play-

    house was going to make a difference.

    Thanks to the help, efforts and generosity of many p

    ple, organizations and companies involved, a custom

    handicap accessible, Ghostbusters themed playhouse

    able to be donated to a not-for-profit charity in Glen H

    NY. AHRC Nassau assists people with intellectual and

    velopmental disabilities by offering services to help pr

    mote independent living, and by advocating on their


    With the collaborative efforts of Jay Ratto of J. Ratto

    Landscaping, Nick Dalvano of All Ways Elevators and

    architectural assistance of Glen Cherveny of GRCH Arc

    tecture, the theme of Ghostbusters was selected for n

    merous reasons. Though originally released in 1984, th

    movie is a timeless classic that continues to resonate w

    both children and adults. With the production of the u

    coming sequel underway, Jay, Nick and Glen felt the re

    of the movie would only increase the appeal to the

    children.Designing it after the firehouse exemplified in the m

    the playhouse was sided using real brick stone veneer

    a second floor with railing, a handicap ramp to allow a

    children to have access and various Ghostbusters grap

    throughout. The design encourages children to use th

    imagination and engage in character role playing. Co

    plete with proton packs, ghost traps, lockers, fire bell,

    area and more, kids can re-enact their favorite momen

    from the movie, all while enhancing their cognitive, ph

    cal, social/emotional and language skills which aid in t

    development of their individual skills.

    The quality of this project is directly linked to the sup

    and donations received from selfless colleagues; Impa

    Graphics, Riverhead Building Supply, The Northridge

    Group, S&H Building Supply, Ocean Stone & Fireplace

    and Able Equipment Rental. Their assistance and effo

    are immeasurable and the construction of this playhou

    would not have been possible without them.

    Sports Town

    Ghostbusters Headquarters

  • 7/25/2019 LIBI Playhouse Feature


    The Little Sunshine playhouse

    Children Alyssa and AmandaFricke judging the variousplayhouses

    Stephen Fanuka

    EB Constructions Brandon Solomon,Jon Weiss and Tom Craven

    Alan and Louise Kennemerwith Tyler Wisler (center)

    EB Construction created a childrens playhouse that

    was just right for local charities. Calling it Perhaps one

    of our most important projects. Jon Weiss, a partner in

    EB Construction of Garden City, said the firm was proud

    to have built a childrens playhouse that has been pre-

    sented to the Long Island Builders Institute.

    Made of sturdy materials and detailed with welcom-ing colors of yellow, blue and red, the playhouse is pro-

    portioned to meet the needs of the most active

    children. Stated Scott Burman, a fellow partner of EB

    Construction. We would like to think that when they

    open that bright red door, it is about much more than

    simply walking into a child sized house, but into the lim-

    itless world of their imagination.

    The design made sure the playhouse had no sharp

    edges or exposed nails. Durability and functionality

    were key and, most important of all, whether it would be

    fun to play in.

    The playhouse included four windows to let in lots of

    natural light, LED lighting for energy efficiency, air con-ditioning, detailed trim work inside, wood flooring with

    a rubber floor on top, vinyl siding and cultured stone on

    the outside, a custom made front door and it is also

    wired for a television.

    Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garrant

    TRITEC built this rocket ship that was do-

    nated to Rocket Ship Park in Port Jefferson.

    Contributors to the TRITEC Monument were

    Central Outdoor Services, Kleet Lumber and

    Procoat Painting.

    Little Sunshine House

    Rocket Ship Monument

    110 HOUSE, June/July 2016Everyone involved with the LIBI EXPO