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Have you ever thought about the things you once believed? We believed in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the coolness of the mullet—things that entertained us and made us laugh. But what about the harmful lies we’ve accepted as truth? Youth pastor and dynamic speaker Ketric Newell knows what it’s like to believe damaging lies, such as "God could never love me" and "I’ll never be free from this addiction." Internalizing the Enemy’s lies can lead to such behaviors as self-injury, sexual promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, and addiction. Packed with humorous stories, relevant Scripture, and an honest and direct approach from someone who has been there, Liar, Liar, Mullet On Fire will teach you to recognize the lies you believe, learn what God says about them, and find freedom and wholeness through Christ and His Truth. Includes response-and-application questions.

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  • Extinguishing Lies We Believe with Gods Truth

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    some of the anecdotal illustrations in this book are true to life and are included with thepermission of the persons involved. All other illustrations are composites of real situations, and any resemblance to people living or dead is coincidental.

    Unless otherwise identified, all scripture quotations in this publication are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version (niv). Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved. other versions used include: the Amplified Bible (amp), The lockman Foundation 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987; THE MESSAGE (msg). Copyright 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group; the New King James Version (nkjv). Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved; and the holman Christian standard Bible (hcsb), Copyright 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999 by holman Bible Publishers. All rights reserved.

    Newell, Ketric. liar, liar, mullet on fire : extinguishing lies we believe with Gods truth / Ketric Newell. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. ). IsBN 978-1-61747-897-0 1. TeenagersReligious life. 2. YouthReligious life. 3. TruthReligious aspectsChristianity I. Title. BV4531.3.N49 2012 248.83dc23


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  • ContentsAcknowledgments 7

    Introduction 9

    Chapter 1: Operation Code Brown 15

    Chapter 2: Origin of the Lie 27

    Chapter 3: Living the Lie 35

    Chapter 4: Confronting the Lie 43

    Chapter 5: Combating the Lie 51

    Chapter 6: Lies On Fire! 57

    Chapter 7: All Things New? 65

    Chapter 8: Finding Truth 75

    Chapter 9: Truth Trumps Temptation 89

    Chapter 10: The Truth Lives in You 99

    Chapter 11: The Truth Will Set You Free 117

    Conclusion 131

    Resources 133

    Notes 139

    Author 141

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  • 7Acknowledgments

    ThANk YOu TO my beautiful wife, Ashley, for always loving me and being my number one fan.

    Thank you, Mom and Dad, for believing in me and always standing behind me.

    Thanks to my brother, Kenny, for teaching me how to utilize my imagination.

    To my sister, Keista, thank you for being an amazing example for me growing up.

    Many thanks to the numerous people who have made an investment in my life.

    Thank you, NavPress, for partnering with me on this project and believing in what God has placed on my heart to share.

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  • 9Introduction

    heY, YALL!(Yes, Im an okie.)If youre picking up this book right now, it probably means

    one of four things:

    1. Youre curious, wondering who the awesome guy in the mullet is. (This is, of course, the most likely option.)

    2. You had a mullet in the past, or you have a mullet now, or youre seriously considering getting one. (If you are considering this unique yet stylish trend, please read this book in its entirety before making the cut.) We mullet heads gotta stick together, you know.

    3. Your crazy Aunt Rosa (you know the one: the aunt who gives those long, drawn-out, full-frontal hugs and wet kisses, who gives you cheesy gifts for birthdays and Christmases) thought the photo on the front of this book was a photo of you in elementary school and bought a copy for you. (Um, and if youre a girl, thats even weirder.)

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  • 10 LIAr, LIAr, MuLLet On FIre

    4. Finally, maybe you just are that cool of a person and you picked up this book on your own. If so, I thank you because Im trying to find a way to feed my wife and two dogs!

    First, lets get the name thing out of the way. Ketric. Its not really the sort of name youd find on the Most Popular Baby Names list, or even one youd find in a 10,000 Baby Names book, for that matter. Its one of the first things people notice about me. The not-so-polite people will make lame name jokes, and the polite ones will ask where the name came from. Assuming youre the latter, Im gonna tell you.

    When my mom was helping my brother, Kenny, with his math homework, she came across the word metric. she liked the word, but she also loved names that start with the letter K. (My siblings and I all have K names.) so she just changed the m of metric to a k and voila! Ketric was born. Growing up, I heard every incarnation of that word: Patrick, Kedrick, and I even had a substitute teacher call me Katreese. Gotta give that one points for trying! But the name that has stuck with me the most is Ketchup, and I must say, I dont mind it. There are worse nicknames. If youre thinking my last name, Newell, is weird too well, that ones my dads fault.

    Now that weve got that out of the way, let me tell you how I got here. Ive always had a heart to share with others what Iwas learning in the Bible as I stumbled through my walk of faith. even at a young age, I started speaking at camps and churches. When I was in high school, my graduating class of 432 people voted for me to give a speech at graduation, so on graduation day, I stood in front of two thousand people and

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  • Introduction 11

    was able to share what God had done in my life. When I went to college, I started volunteering at with their youth program. And after about three years of serving the youth group, I was asked to pray about coming onto staff at lifeChurch.

    Wow, that all sounds pretty straight and simple, doesnt it? But I assure you, as the path unfolded, it was anything but. even the day they asked me to think about becoming a staff member, I wasnt so sure.

    I remember that it was the seventh of August, and for the past eight months, I had been helping my dad with his work because he had been battling cancer. My dad sold little Debbie cakes. oh yeah, you know the ones. And while the job definitely had its fringe benefits, I was really more afraid of abandoning my dad.

    Plus, I always felt that I would work with churches, but Inever imagined myself actually working for a church (espe-cially not as a pastor). Plus, this was just coming at a bad time. so on August 7, when they asked me to consider a staff position at lifeChurch, I drove about two miles from lifeChurch to a starbucks, and on the way, I just prayed, God, if you want me to do this, I just need to know that my job with Dad is completely done and that I dont have anything more to finish and that youre going to take care of him.

    When I got to starbucks and opened my daily devotional to August 7, the heading of that page said, Now! And the verse that followed was Matthew 8:21: lord, another of his disciples said, first let me go bury my father (hcsb). As I continued to read, the words of the devotional said, one

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  • 12 LIAr, LIAr, MuLLet On FIre

    man wanted to wait until his father died before going with Jesus. This would be an honorable delay.... Yet God knew this man, and he knew the mans father. God would have taken care of the mans father, if he only would have followed Jesus.1

    My jaw dropped. And the devo continued.some opportunities to serve him, if not accepted imme-

    diately, will be lost. occasions to minister to others may pass us by.... The time to respond is now.2

    In that moment, I thought, Seriously, God? The sign couldnt have been clearer.

    I immediately called my mom and dad and told them everything that had happened, including what Id just read. They were both so excited for me. Do it! they said.

    The next day, I started the interview process with, and a week and a half later, I had the job! I was youth pastor at for five years. During that time, I met my to-be-wife, Ashley; had two dogs out of wedlock; and got married. In November 2010 we moved to Nashville,

    Tennessee, to work with youth group.All that to say, even after years in ministry, Im still not

    Pastor Ketric. having a title, being a pastor or a president or anything else, doesnt really mean anything. It doesnt mean that weve got all the answers figured out or we dont struggle with issues anymore. God sees just us plain and simple, who we are and doesnt worry about our titles.

    More than anything, my goal is to let people know through my ministry, through this book that its okay to struggle with problems, battle desires, and get lost in all of the many issues the world dangles in front of us. Its okay because Christ is the way