Learn How to Make Email your New Favorite Sales Tool

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Making Email Your New Favorite Sales Tool VISION by InsideSales.com Jared Haleck – Director of Product
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Despite reports to the contrary, email is not dead. Indeed, it’s still a critical communications tool for sales reps, especially in the later stages of closing deals. Join us as we discuss: · Which communications methods are preferred – and most effective – to reach prospects · How email can be used to know your prospects wants and when they want it · How insights from Vision by InsideSales.com can help you accelerate your pipeline and close more business today

Transcript of Learn How to Make Email your New Favorite Sales Tool

  • VISION Making Email Your New Favorite Sales Tool VISION by InsideSales.com Jared Haleck Director of Product
  • VISION 2 Agenda Critical Communication Channels for Prospecting and Sales Benefits and Drawbacks of Email How Email can Become your new Favorite Sales Tool How Insights from Vision can Accelerate Sales Key Features of Vision Q&A
  • VISION 3 Critical sales communication channels Voice 2 3 Web MeetingsEmail 1
  • VISION 4 Critical sales communication channels by frequency 1:5 2 3 1:20Most Used 1
  • VISION 84% 79% 81% 86% 17% 49% 18% 15% 17% 72% 39% 67% 83% 28% 31% 8% 10% 12% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Email Mobile Phone Text Message Voicemail Office Phone Linked-In Online Instant Message Facebook Twitter Video Chat Fax Likely to Respond Preferred Contact Method 98% 93% 25% Email is the most Preferred Comm Channel
  • VISION Email is preferred because Trackable & Searchable Not Real Time Rich Formatting Document Transfer Pros +
  • VISION Email is preferred but No response necessary No non-verbal communication No audible communication Cons -
  • VISION Common Problems for Sales Reps 2 3 Who is interested? 1 When are they interested? What are they interested in?
  • VISION How does Vision overcome the limitations of email? opens 1 links 2 web visits 3 forwards 4 attachments 5
  • VISION Benefits of knowing Who is interested Focus & Prioritize Maneuver & Negotiate Predict & Forecast
  • VISION Benefits of knowing When Prospects are Interested Prioritize Engage when you are top of Mind Immediate Response Study 100X Increase Contact Rates 21X Qualification Rates
  • VISION Benefits of knowing What Prospects are Interested in Prioritize Know pages being visited Craft your approach
  • VISION How does management benefit from Vision? Sync & Track PrioritizeReporting
  • VISION Vision is the only enterprise-class solution on market 1 Track Anywhere 2 Multi Recipient 3 Zero Touch
  • VISION Track Anywhere 1 Track Anywhere Anywhere you can send email it, will be tracked Anywhere you can receive email, you will be notified Never miss a notification
  • VISION Multi Recipient Tracking 2 Multi Recipient Each recipient will be tracked by name Critical for B2B Sales
  • VISION Zero Touch 3 Zero Touch The Best User Interface is No User Interface 100% Rep adoption
  • VISION Customer Quotes AddictingDynamite Poker Vision is the equivalent of fishing with dynamite 100% user adoption. Our reps are addicted. Sales is like poker and Vision tips the prospects hand.
  • VISION Thank You