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Succeeding today with your product or service requires you to deliver more value, earlier. In this talk, we look at how Lean/Agile software development can help you to precisely that,

Transcript of Lean/Agile: Deliver More Value, Earlier

  • 1. More Value, Earlier How Lean & Agile methods power todays successes SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013

2. Christophe Achouiantz Lean/Agile Coach Lean/Agile CoachKanban Coaching Professional@ChrisAch http://leanagileprojects.blogspot.se Sogeti2 Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 3. We are in the middle of a major Revolution! revolution! SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 4. Internet Social Medias SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 5. The Customers are now in the driver seat! Customers SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 6. Succeeding today requires Delighting Delighting the Customer SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 7. Delighting the customer requires to: Deliver More Value Deliver Earlier SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 8. How? SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 9. Value? SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 10. You cant just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, theyll want something new! - Steve Jobs(Interview with Inc. Magazine for its "The Entrepreneur of the Decade Award" (1 April 1989) SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 11. Do not focus on what they want, focus on what customers NEED! NEED ! SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 12. SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 13. Microsoft Zune. Anyone recalls that one? Perhaps not what we needed in 2008, as everyone already had an iPod. http://saleshq.monster.com/news/articles/2655-the-20-worst-product-failures SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 14. Colgate Kitchen Entrees. Apetising? Well, we NEED to eat after all, but this particular combination did not really work either http://saleshq.monster.com/news/articles/2655-the-20-worst-product-failures SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 15. There is a need to eat breakfast fast. But this?! http://lenpenzo.com/blog/id12478-10-grocery-store-products-that-flopped.html SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 16. What do customers need? Try to solve their (right) problems! SogetiDesign Thinking Ideation Agile UX (User Experience) Effect MappingChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 17. Capturing Needs: User StoriesThe Story: As a , I want , so that SogetiScenarios as Examples: Given , when , then Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 18. Value is not decided, discovered! Value is discovered! SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 19. Discovery is [central in central Product Development! SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 20. Product Development is a Knowledge Creation process SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 21. Product Development is a Knowledge Creation process FEEDBAC based on FEEDBACK K SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 22. SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 23. AbsorbDelivering More Value More Value requires learning how to generate, Generateabsorb and generate absorb respond to respond toRespondfeedback. SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 24. AbsorbDelivering More Value More Value requires learning how to generate, Generateabsorb and generate absorb respond to respond toRespondfeedback.as early as possible, as often as possible and as fast as possible SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 25. Generate Feedback FastHow to Generate Feeback sooner and more often? SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 26. Generate Feedback Fast[picture: trisslot] SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 27. Generate Feedback FastLean Startup Techniques SogetiMinimal Viable Product (MVP) Continuous Deployment Split (A/B) Testing Actionable Metrics Pivot!Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 28. Generate Feedback FastMinimal Viable Product (MVP) (Iterative & Incremental Development) SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 29. Generate Feedback Fast Building a Car using a traditional System Development method SogetiStop! No time/$ left! Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 30. Generate Feedback Fast Building a Car the Right Way SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 31. Generate Feedback FastHow to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)?User Story Mapping! (Eating an Elephant one Sashimi bit at a time) SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 32. Generate Feedback Fast SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 33. Generate Feedback FastCannot get real customer/user feedback? Try Demos with Stakeholders! SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 34. Absorb Feedback FastHow to Absorb all that Feeback? SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 35. Absorb Feedback FastAbsorbing Feedback requires: The mental capacity for it (focus) A very short delay (between the time feedback is short delay created and the time it is absorbed) SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 36. Absorb Feedback FastFocus requires no overburdening! Focus Not too much on-going! Acceptable stress! No task-switching! No trashing! SogetiLimit Work in Process! KanbanChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 37. Absorb Feedback Fast SogetiChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 38. Absorb Feedback FastVery short delays require: short delays 1) Almost no waiting (very short queues) Few things in process No bottlenecks SogetiLimit WIP Kanban Value Stream MappingChristophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 39. Absorb Feedback Fast Kanban: See & Understand Bottlenecks, Blocks, Priority (2) PrepareTo DoIncommingDoingS2013-09-15XYZCCCDone (Q)SMGGGHJKDoing 2013-09-12ZSX AX 2013-06-05Develop(4) L2013-09-17ERTABCMXLOKNIOPDone (Q)MSMRTYMQWEXLCVBASDDefinition of Ready SogetiChristophe Achouiantz @ChrisAch http://leanagileprojects.blogspot.seDefinition of Done Definition of Done MGHGAFDFGDoneDoingXFSValidate(4)XSZXCL FGHSSMJKLUrgentAAALMNMNStandard MBBBDefinition of Done Low39 Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 40. See What Feedback Fast Absorbto Improve! (Including the Board & Policies) Too Much Ongoing!Kanban: See Improvement Opportunites Bottleneck!(2) PrepareTo DoIncommingDoingRemove Blocks!SCCC2013-09-15XYZDone (Q)SMGGGHJKDoing 2013-09-12ZSX AX 2013-06-05Develop(4) L2013-09-17ERTABCMXLOKNIOPMMQWEToo many Incidents! Better Quality? Definition of Ready SogetiDone (Q)SMRTYXLCVBASDDefinition of Done Christophe Achouiantz @ChrisAch http://leanagileprojects.blogspot.seDefinition of Done MGHGAFDFGDoneDoingXFSValidate(4)XSZXCL FGHSSMJKLUrgentAAALMNMNStandard MBBBDefinition of Done Low Another Class-ofService?40 Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 41. Absorb Feedback Fast Kanban: See Improvement Opportunites What do we need to improve to not reproduce these in the future? (Opportunities & Threats)Upper Control Limit 85% of the time we deliver a work item under 135 daysAverage Lead-time 50% of the time we deliver a work item under 60 daysStatistical Control Chart 1 dot = how long time it took to complete a work item Sogeti41 Christophe Achouiantz (@ChrisAch) - 2013 42. Absorb Feedback Fast Number of itemsKanban: Understand your Capability 50% 75%259 days14 days85%95%19 days27 days201510551015Lead-times Distribution Diagram Here looking at XS work items (