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February 21 Section A

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  • By Jonathan [email protected]

    On an average Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at Frank Black Middle School, a small group of students can be found assembled inside of the schools library. Here, theyre gaining valuable information on college and career choices, health and physical fitness and other life skills, though not in the way one might think.

    I think we have about 15 to 16 kids show up consis-tently, Lucy Fisher said. A lot of kids and parents still dont know about it but Im really pleased with how its been com-ing along.

    Fisher is the founder of Teens on the Run, a non-profit after-school program for students at Frank Black Middle School. After first starting off with a neighborhood run-ning program in 2010, Fisher and a few of her friends decided to begin a running program aimed at students beginning at the start of the 2014-15 school year.

    Fisher set her sights in particular on students who werent in sports or other clubs and didnt have any other activity to keep them busy and focused and

    enriched not to mention out of trouble, in some cases. She emphasized that the program invites guest speakers on a weekly basis, like Becca Williams, a Memorial Her-mann Hospital Northwest Nutritionist Intern, Rick Ponce of CrossFit BIG & Tiny and, most recently, a representative with Texas A&M to speak about post-secondary education and plotting a career beyond high school.

    Beyond the guest speakers, students are also encouraged to run, jog or walk a mile and set goals for themselves. After

    running, they can play organized sports with

    Teens ontheRun

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