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Transcript of Launch a new product Marketing Mix

Marketing Project

Marketing Project


Our Logo

AgendaOur ProductMission and VisionAbout the companyWhy this ProductTarget MarketCompetitive AnalysisMarketing Mix (4 Ps)

Our ProductOur product name is Fruitango which is pure fresh fruit juice. It is least nectar juice introduced by us. So question is what is Nectar? Nectar is a thick juice made from a particular fruit contains a lower percentage of juice than pure fruit juice. When two or more fruit juices are mixed, the drink is called a nectar blend.

Our MissionTo provide human being healthy, natural, fresh and chemical free products

Our VisionMaking people healthy by giving them healthy products is our first priority.

It does not mean that we will not earn profit but along with we will provide them healthy products.

About CompanyOur company named SHQ Agro Pvt. Ltd will produce only nectar free juice.

It is going to make its position in market due to best quality regarding freshness, latest technology and healthy idea.

About CompanyAnd for the satisfaction of customer we have made seasonal flavors which will be available according to season.

Our main production area will be in Sargodha and our fruits will be freshly plucked from our fruit orchards across the Pakistan

Why This Product

Fresh Fruit JuicesNectar JuicesFruit DrinksProductsMarket shareFresh Fruit juices20%Nectar Juices20%Fruit Drinks60%

Why this ProductSo thats why we decided to introduced our product which is pure fresh fruit juices available in Tetra packs. In this way people will get fresh juices in best preserved condition and in best quality without chemicals and least nectar.

Target MarketPrimary MarketSecondary MarketKids ( Fond of fresh juices)Travel Industry (such as Airlines, Trains, Buses etc.)

Teens ( More experimental)Movie cinemas, Theatre, Youth ( Experimental and strong buying power)Educational Instituitions

Working peopleHotels and Restaurants

House wivesMalls and Parks

Competitive AnalysisWe have basically strong competition with two types of businesses.Fruit Juices Vendors or Shopkeeper

Competitive AnalysisNectars and preservatives added tetra pack fruit drinks

Vendors are selling actually germs and unhygienic juices and made them in unhygienic atmosphere which make people ill except to make them healthy.

We have our own fruit orchards from where we plucked our fresh fruits and then we made fresh juices from them. So thats why we have competitive lead on vendors.

Competitors vs FruitangoWe have some strong examples which shows the competitive lead of us against our competitors.

Vendors Stalls

Fruit Drinks nectar and chemicals added juices on the name of fresh fruit juices, we have competitive lead on them. Because we are providing same flavors, same packing but not nectar juice rather fresh fruit juices.

Our Orchards

Plucking and Inspection

Processing and Packaging

Marketing Mix (4 Ps)Product




Product Fruitango is 95% fresh juice and 5% nectar, (Only to maintain the shelf life of our product or to preserve them).

Product Life CycleOur product lies in introduction where we haveLow salesHigh cost per customerNegative profit

PriceFor setting price of our product well use penetration pricing strategy because our product will be lie on this strategy with high quality & low price. For introducing new product price low to capture market share expect to make profit in volume.

PlaceIn the beginning well target only some urban areas and some rural areas. Because people belongs to both areas. But rural people are not aware from brands and brand loyalty. So well try to introduce in rural areas to capture that market also.

PlaceOur orchards from our fruit will be plucked in different cities of the Pakistan.

Our production will be in Sargodha.

Our transport will be road transport


For the promotion we will give a trial pack to the customers to taste .

As per our introduction phase we have to promote our objectives to customers for brand awareness.

PromotionWell use print media

Radio and Television

Advertisement, hoardings in Public

Cinemas and Bus stops will be promote our product.