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About the Latin American Board

Transcript of Latin American Board

  • Latin American Board, 2010

  • The Latin American Board seeks to

    develop and strengthen the relationship

    between Georgetown University and the

    Ibero-American region.

    Who we are

  • The Latin America Board (LAB) draws on

    the Universitys academic strengths in

    international business and global

    competitiveness, to cultivate partnerships

    in Latin America, Spain and Portugal

    through strategic, high-impact projects

    and initiatives.

    Who we are

  • Alberto Beeck, Peru

    Latin American Board Chairman

    Director of Virgin Hotels and Partner of VH Properties and VH


    Ricardo Ernst

    Latin American Board Managing Director

    Professor of the McDonough School of Business

    Ignacio Alvarez, Puerto Rico

    Popular, Inc., Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

    Antonio Ardila, Colombia

    Ardila Llle, Vice-president

    Jorge Born, Jr., Argentina

    Bunge Ltd., President

    Adriana Cisneros, Venezuela

    Cisneros Group of Companies, Vice Chairman and Director of Strategy

    Ana Maria Diniz, Brazil

    Sykue Bioenergy, Managing Partner

    Alvaro Fernndez Garza, Mexico

    Alfa, S.A.B de C.V., President

    Board Members

    Ernesto Fernandez-Holmann, Nicaragua

    Grupo Ayucus, Chairman of the Board

    Enrique Garca, Bolivia

    Andean Development Corporation, President

    Felix Garcia, Dominican Republic

    Envases Antillano, President

    Fernando Gentil, Brazil

    Darby Private Equity/Investment Management, Managing


    Dionisio Gutirrez, Guatemala

    Fundacin Libertad y Desarrollo/Corporacin Multi-Inversiones,

    President/Former President

    Samuel Lewis, Panama

    Former Vice-president of Panama

    Gally Mayer, Costa Rica

    JVP, VP Business Development

    Lorenzo Mendoza, Venezuela

    Empresas Polar, Inc., President

    Carlos Trpaga, Puerto Rico

    TraFon Group, Inc., President

  • On


    In the


    Increase Latin American


    - Serve as a platform for discussion, exchange of

    ideas and issues relevant to the region

    - Promote Georgetown in the region

    - Increase number of Ibero-american students enrolled at Georgetown

    - GCG - Academic Journal

    Develop Institutional


    - Development of an Institutional strategy

    towards Latin America

    - Collaborations and initiatives with other schools and campus


    - Support Alumni Club consolidation

    Promote Applied


    - GCL Program

    - Georgetown student volunteer group

    - Portfolio of products for GU/ Link with CLAS

    - GCL Alumni Projects - Multiplier Effect

    - Promote leadership development

    - Summer Serve Abroad



    Serve as a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and issues

    relevant to the region.

    What we do

    Conferences and Forums


    Serve as a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and issues

    relevant to the region.

    What we do

    Conferences and Forums


    Promote Georgetown in the region.

    What we do

    Panama City, Panama - January 2012


    Generate and promote discussion about the most relevant issues facing the region.

    What we do

    MISSION: The Journal Globalization, Competitiveness and

    Governability, published by Georgetown University and

    Universia, aims to become a source of new ideas about the

    effects of globalization on the competitiveness and

    governability of businesses and countries in Latin America, and

    particularly on the tools available to managers and politicians to

    design better strategies to benefit their respective businesses

    and countries.

    Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability Journal

  • A 3-month intense leadership course for young Ibero-American

    leaders which focuses on public, private and non profit leadership

    What we do

    Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL)

  • Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL)

    What we do

    The only program designed for young Latin

    Americans with a focus on issues relevant to

    the region in a global context

    Curriculum includes: Georgetown Faculty and international professors that

    are experts in regional issues

    Visits to federal and multinational institutions with

    access to influential leaders for Latin America

    Courses focusing on the Global Agenda and its

    repercussions in Latin America, plus leadership tools

    and techniques in the political, social and economic


  • Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL)

    What we do

    Social Entrepreneurship

    An important component that sets apart the GCL

    Program is that leaders must incubate a project

    while they are at Georgetown to be carried out in

    their home countries, whether they are in the

    social, private or public sector.