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  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


    Follinger Hall:



    The First picture I took was at the University

    of Illinois campus in Champaign-Urbana at thecourt yard, I took this image because the angle

    and the depth were ver natural and very calm

    Took the image on the top of my truch in the

    front of my home to get a sky line view focusingon the tops of the houses and showing a great

    amount of lights and darks on how the sun

    reects onto the trees in the morning.

    This pictue was taken in a dorm room to show

    a overview of the whole campus at The Univer-

    sity of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Although

    this picture shows a great amount of land and

    area i didnt like it because the screen was in

    the way and distorted the image greatly

    I Took this picute outside of my house in Oak

    Lawn by setting the camera on the street and

    taking a snap shot of basically what you would

    see if you were lieing on the oor looking down

    the street, however i did not like it because the

    car off to the side which distorts it in my eyes.

    My favorite picture i took was this one in the middle of a courtyard at the University of Illinois campus at

    Champaign-Urbana. I like this picture the most because of the signicance of the building at the center

    of the image which is Follinger Hall the most well known lecture hall on the campus. This photo alsoshows a great amount of distance and detail because I believe i found the best distance away from the

    building to capture as much detail and the surrounding area of the building in question

  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


    First OutlineThis is my rst outline of the picture of

    Follinger Hall although there are many

    rough spots that need to be smoothed our

    for instance the background surrounding

    the building needs to have a lot more detail

    that I could see right away. Things that

    need improvemetn in this image would be

    the tree line the bushes in front of the build-

    ing. Some things I was able to do well wasillustrate the darkness of the building to as

    well as the detail of the buildings pillars and

    styalistic windows

  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


    Outline Process

    I believe my initial work went well with my rst draw -

    ing, and I hope to improve on many things before

    the due date. I plan to add much more detail, such

    as Shadows for the trees and for the building in my

    photo. I also hope to change some of my previous

    work and smooth out a lot of my lines such as in thesidewalk. The peer review of my project helped me

    greatly and really opened me up to many new ideas

    and different directions to take my project in as well.

    The craft of the photo that I have changed form

    my original draft was that I originally had a very

    light shade over the building that did a bad job of

    depicting the actual color scheme of the building. I

    believe I did a good job in using the dropper tool in

    the building this time around showing the darks and

    lights in the building. I also used the gradient toolfrom right to left with a dark brown to a lighter brown

    to show the shadow line better across the building. I

    also was able to better better illustrate the sidewalk

    and darken the color in it better to draw attention

    My initial work in my craft I was able to outline

    everything with the pen tool, my main focus on

    getting every aspect of the outline correctly was

    the building in the center of the picture. I also was

    able to use the dropper tool to be able to accurately

    represent the colors in the photograph. I believemy craft draws immediate attention to the sidewalk

    which I plan to change in my work with the change

    of the color.

    away from it even though my eye is still immedia

    drawn to it.

    The composition in this project I believe is done

    well. all of the colors are similar in there value wh

    is dark. The only part of this project that I see has

    a very different value than the rest of the project

    the sidewalk which is very bright. The character othis picture i believe is a very quiet and peaceful

    around with the absence of extreme brightness i

    the picture.

  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


    Change of Focus

    The craft of this work is monochromatic work-

    ing from a range of browns to show the darks, the

    lights, and the middle area of the picture. I chose

    brown to continue the dark features of the build-

    ing and to blend the background in better to better

    depict the focus of the picture, while the original

    outline of the picture brought the focus to the

    sidewalk using brown in the monochromatic work

    brought out the key focus on the building. The

    concept of this work is a much darker sense of the

    original picture to demonstrate a heavier amount of

    feeling when looking at the picture rather than the

    light feeling and less of a meaning that the origi-


    This is the original outline of Follinger hall

    that I completed; the craft of this image

    brought the key focus of the eyes directly to

    the sidewalk. I didnt depict the photos colorsproperly onto the building which distorted the

    image greatly and caused frst glimpse views

    to be confused on where the shadow lines

    are and the focus of the image was on. The

    concept of this was to brighten up all of the

    colors in the area to show all the details of the

    building before I was able to depict the proper

    nal work expressed. The outlines on the bui

    and the trees also bring out a darker sense w

    creepiness of the outline almost like a Hallo

    creepy picture. The composition of this pho

    demonstration of browns from a scale of 1-

    demonstrate the best way possible the light

    darks to bring out the key focus of the pictu


    colors on the building to show the shadow

    lines and the background colors accurately.

    The composition of this image brought focus

    to the brightest part of the image which wasthe sidewalk when I illustrated it and then after

    that the eyes would jump from the building

    to the sky immediately after focusing on the

    sidewalk. I learned from this photo that I need

    to give the image a better identity and show

    the exact focus of the picture.

  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


    Chocolate Quad

    This image was my overall favorite o

    ferent Remixs of my original I complewith the illustration that most accurat

    the original photo. I enjoyed this one

    because I was able to change every

    every feature of the image to one hu

    is a Monochromatic illustration. I cho

    use brown because I believe it gave

    and a darker sense to the image at t

    time depending on how you want to

    On one hand you see a dark scary im

    gives a theme of a halloween setting

    the brighter side you can view it as alate setting and its very exciting and

    The different perspectives one can g

    viewing this illustration is trully my fa

    part of this one. The craft of this illus

    on a scale of 1-10 in all the browns o

    the lightest to the darkest with many

    browns in between. The concept of t

    symbolism that is my favorite about

    you can decyfer on your own to see

    strong cheerful illustration or you can

    as a dark scary illustration. In the co

    of this illustraion I chose to make the

    the darkest of all the features throug

    picture, I did that to make it inuence

    of the picture to be lighter and displa

    lighter and exciting image.

  • 8/8/2019 Kj Spreads


    Art Institute of Chicago

    First Photo

    I liked this photo mostly for its craft with

    all of the different showings of color

    schemes and the darks in the lights

    really bring out whats important in thepicture instead of drawing your inten-

    tion all of over the page I work my way

    from left to right on it noticing the keys

    to it along the way. The concept of this

    photo is very dark and very disturbing

    in my eyes seeing all of the masked g -

    ures and especially the aming giraffe

    in the background which really confused

    me. The composition of this photo that

    I can see is that the artist attempted to

    create a dark landscape and portrait

    a very dark moment in his/her life or a

    dark period in time.Second Photo

    I chose this piece of art as one of

    my top three because it shocked me

    as well with what the artist was able

    to accomplish, with all of the death

    in the art work to the man alive in

    the left side of the work. The craft of

    this picture does a great job of utal -

    izing the entire piece of work and not

    leaving out any information, which

    bounces my eyes around everything

    in the piece of art. Although I am

    initially drawn to the duck because ofthe brightness of it in the art work after

    I see that I just jump to everything else

    immediatly after. The concept of this

    photo in my eyes is that this artist is

    portraiting death all around this man

    as if he were a dangerous and wealthy

    person maybe abusing his power with

    all of his food and fruit that makes him

    seem as a rich person. So this image

    really gives me the idea that this man

    was overtak