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  • Kinetic Kids Bilingual sports camps



    +44 (0)7976 275503

  • Emotional experiences create lasting memories

    We have lots of fun and in the process teach your children to speak either

    English or Spanish.

    Through our network of Spanish and English schools we try to obtain a

    50:50 ratio. Once the friendships are formed the children start to teach

    each other in a completely safe environment.

    This brochure provides information to help you understand the ethos

    of Kinetic PB and prepare for your children for their holiday. It tells you

    what to expect when you arrive and gives tips on what to do during

    your stay.

    This is our fourth season and we feel great pride that you have

    considered to spend your valuable time with us. We love Spain, the

    people, the landscape, the food, the Mediterranean and of course the

    beautiful weather. We welcome you and hope that you will experience

    the special magic that is the Kinetic PB environment, being better

    through movement and energy.

  • Kinetic Kids Camps Language: English to Spanish / Spanish to English

    Sex: Mixed ages: 7 to 17 years old

    Ration: 10 children per monitor

    Food: Various, healthy and natural

    Each day has language classes designed to be fun and interactive. These will be followed by your childs chosen sport school lesson and then some highly entertaining adventure activities.

    Canoe, sail boats, mountain bike, volleyball, zip wires, horse riding, swimming, rafting, BBQ nights, beach, Go-carting, water park

    Price includes all food, accommodation, tuition, activities, transfers in Spain and excursions.

    Flights on the recommended flights are not included.

    Full English/Spanish Spoken Sport Camp

    There is no doubt that total immersion is the best form of learning. Each morning students will learn to speak to their new foreign friends with structured lessons where key phrases and words will be taught to support the forthcoming daily activities. The students will then reinforce what they have learnt in a fun active environment.

    KPB has created a model where your children can enjoy a unique summer camp experience during July (also in the first week of August if there is demand)

    Our team of instructors (bilingual coaches and supervisors) will take responsibility for successful and safe development of activities.

    Each day offers a unique experience.

    What activities will we do?

    The camp is divided into two categories, general sports for experience and the specific sports school.

    The sports schools (Golf, Football, waterski and wakeboarding, padel/tennis, swimming) will be conducted each day to develop learning and competence. The experience sports will rotate throughout the days. All courses will be taught by certified bilingual coaches. Sports Development Camp (The order of the schools may change depending on the groups) The camp consists of four major sports schools (School of Padel, school of football, school of wake and school of golf) and additional activities such as swimming, sailing, canoeing and triathlon.

    Food With regard to food, we combine all kinds of food as we believe fundamentally in a varied and balanced diet for the development of children. Breakfast and dinner are served at the KPB Lodge. Other meals will be at Club de Golf, La Pizzeria Almanzora and picnic during the scheduled tours.

    Accommodation Kinetic PB offers a perfect setting for sports, training and coexistence for those attending the Camp. The residence consists of 10 log cabins, each with between 3 and 6 beds In addition to this we have 2 dormitories in the main Lodge. There is a restaurant, caf and lounge for relaxing. Guests can enjoy free Wifi around the lodge. Students live together in separate areas for boys and girls.

  • Fun

  • Location We are based just north of Granada, on the edge of Parque del Cubillas, 15 km for the cultural city of Granada and within easy reach of both the sea and the

    slopes. It is possible to snow board in the morning and wake board on our lake in the afternoon (in certain months of the year)

  • Facilities and Activities


    Wake boarding








    Raft building


    Cultural trip in Granada

    Cycling (road, mountain and BMX)

    Skateboarding & Scooting

    Arts & Craft

    Language school constant throughout teaching English and Spanish

  • Relax

  • Swim

  • Checklist Upon Booking Confirm your dates with Kinetic PB (we will recommend the best flight options) Make online booking and pay 20% deposit (read terms and conditions) Book all flights and send a copy of the flight details to Kinetic PB Kinetic PB will arrange to meet all children at Malaga airport Buy travel insurance Make sure you have a valid passport

    35 days prior Pay final payment Send your travel schedule to Send requested personal information, preferences, and the list of any special dietary requirements or equipment you may need.

    10 days prior Double check your flight details Make sure you have crossed off everything above Pack carefully Print your itinerary and keep a spare copy in your luggage. Organise foreign currency for personal spending

    Paperwork Parents will be required to sign a letter of consent travel tickets passports medical papers, eg EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) and any other medical histories Photocopies of the above documents should be taken for emergency use and a copy also left behind with a home contact.

    What do I need to bring? You should bring: - 1 jumper or sweat shirt - 1 pair of jeans - 1 pair of tracksuit bottoms - 2 pyjamas, 4 underpants - 1 shower towel - 1 swimming/beach towel - 3 shorts - 4 t shirts - 1 pair of trainers - 4 pairs of socks - 2 bathing suits, - Flip flops - Cap, water bottle and torch For different schools (*): - Paddel racket - Golf clubs and golf shoes - Football boots (no studs) - Wake board and life jacket - (*) If you do not own these then let us know in advance and

    we can organise the equipment

  • Kids Camps 2015 price list Easter Holidays - Join us this Easter for an active holiday. A multi-activity

    holiday is the perfect choice for youngsters who want to try their hand at as

    many of our exciting activities as possible.

    7 night Sun-Sun Kinetic PB Granada

    29/3 5/4 450

    5/4 12/4 450

    Kinetic Kids holidays in Summer 2015

    7 night Sun-Sun Kinetic PB Granada

    28/6 5/7 540

    5/7 12/7 540

    12/7 19/7 540

    19/7 26/7 540

    26/7 2/8 540

    2/8 - 9/8 540

    9/8 16/8 540

    16/8 23/8 540

    Terms and Conditions Inclusions: Group airport transfers, Accommodation in log cabins, all meals and soft drinks, local transport and professional guides,

    Exclusions: Flights, transfers for less than 4 or fewer guests, gratuity, personal shopping, laundry

    Deposit, final Payment and cancellation policy

    XX copy from freetobook

    Notes on Pricing - All prices are per person for a 7 night stay, All prices are in Uk pounds.

  • Further information What to bring - We provide bed linen but not towels. You will need to bring your own toiletries. The showers are in some of the cabins and in the main Lodge, so a comfy pair of flip flops for walking around would be wise. Beds - Your room may be a dormitory or a log cabin, in which you share with other guests or you may have your own room. If you share please keep your possessions neat and tidy to avoid loss. You may place anything of value in the secure staff office. Food - We provide 3 main meals for the children each day. There is a caf in the lodge if extra nourishment is required. Lake No child is allowed to swim without supervision Bike storage - You can store bikes in the bike room or in your bedrooms. There are some tools for minor repairs. Help yourself. Bike shop - We have some items for sale in the office but also have affiliation with local bike shops in Granada. Laundry - There is a washing machine. Tablets or liquid can be bought from the office. Internet - There is free wifi internet in the Lodge Drinking water - We are informed that the drinking water is safe and we do use it for tea, coffee and cooking but generally we recommend that you buy and drink bottled water. Travel Insurance - We strongly advise that guests have travel insurance with full health cover. This ensures that you can take the best course of action in the case of an emergency. You are also expected to have a European Health card (EHIC) otherwise you will have to pay the cost of your treatment in full. For more information visit Sun and Heat - It is easy to forget the strength of the Spanish sun, especially if there is a cool breeze. Apply sun cream well in advance of venturing outside, try to avoid the midday heat and gradually increase your exposure during the holiday. Burning on the first day is never a great start. Medical emergency - It is necessary to have your EHIC in the case of any medical emergency. The nearest A&E is in Granada Accidents around the lodge - There is a medical cabinet in the kitchen stocked with eye wash, plasters, cotton wool and iodine. Hygiene - It is important to treat food with respect in a warm climate to help avoid tummy bugs. We ask that you wash your hands before and after touching food and that crumbs and food are not left out as they