Kamehameha IV, Kamehameha V, Lunalilo, Kalakaua. Reigned 1855-1863

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Transcript of Kamehameha IV, Kamehameha V, Lunalilo, Kalakaua. Reigned 1855-1863

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Kamehameha IV, Kamehameha V, Lunalilo, Kalakaua Slide 2 Reigned 1855-1863 Slide 3 Son of Kinau (daughter of Kamehameha) and Kekuanaoa, nephew to Kam III. Educated by missionaries, however did not care much for missionary ways Married to Emma Rooke, grandaughter of John Young One child, Prince Albert, died when he was 4 of a fever Died one year after his sons death, overcome with grief Reigned 1855-1863, was only 29 years old when he died Slide 4 He and Queen Emma started Queens hospital in 1859 to offer care for sick Hawaiians Against Constitution of 1852 that allowed every male citizen to vote Tried to get a reciprocity treaty with the U.S. instead of annexation, did not pass Reciprocity= reciprocal trading between 2 countries. e.g. Hawaii allows US products tax free and US does the same for Hawaiian products Slide 5 Reigned 1864-1872 Slide 6 Son of Kinau and Kekuanaoa Last male descendant to Kamehameha Missionary education Never married, but was once arranged to marry Bernice Pauahi Bishop (founder of Kamehameha schools) Died on his birthday Dec 11, 1872 at the age of 42 without naming an heir (He wanted Bernice Pauahi Bishop, but she declined) Often held hula performances at his home which is now known as Moanalua Gardens Slide 7 Lot and his cabinet wrote the Constitution of 1864, replacing the Constitution on 1852 -Stated that citizens had to meet certain property and literacy requirements -abolished the position of Kuhina Nui -turned the legislature into 1 house rather than 2 Tried to get a reciprocity treaty with US in 1864 but President Lincoln was busy with the Civil War, another attempt in 1867 also failed Japanese-American treaty of 1871 established trade, friendship and rules for Japanese immigration into Hawaii. Hawaii wanted Japanese products and workers Slide 8 Reigned 1873-1874 Slide 9 Elected by the Legislature to be King after Kamehameha V in an election. David Kalakaua was the other candidate Was popular with the people, but never learned how to run a kingdom Never married and had no children Died Feb 3, 1874 after 1 year of ruling as King. He was 39 years old Slide 10 Appointed a new cabinet mostly of Americans Allowed the legislature to make amendments or changes to the Constitution of 1864, Lunalilo died before the amendments could be made Father Damien goes to Molokai to care for the lepers in 1873 More talk of annexation to the U.S. Lunalilo decides against a reciprocity treaty that would allow U.S. to have Pearl Harbor Slide 11 Reigned 1874-1891 Slide 12 Married to Kapiolani, grndaughter of Kaumuali`i Educated at Royal school could speak Hawaiian and English well Brother of Lili`uokalani Revived the Hula after being banned by the Missionaries Merrie Monarch Festival held every year in honor of him Built Iolani Palace, the only royal Palace in the U.S. Costing $300,000, a huge sum for that time Died Jan 20, 1891 in SanFrancisco. Last words Tell my People I tried. Slide 13 Appoints heirs, first in line William Pitt Leleiohoku and next was Lili`uokalani Appointed a cabinet of a variety of ethnicities First King ever to visit U.S. in 1874 Reciprocity treaty 1875 with U.S.. U.S. did not want Hawaii to sell all their products to England and thus become special buddies with the U.S.. U.S. wanted Pearl Harbor Reciprocity treaty renewed in 1887 with U.S. getting exclusive use of Pearl harbor Railroad and water transportation began 1879 Electricity used in street lamps, HECO started 1892 Telephones started to be used, first in the palace Population increased by half between 1876 and 1892 due to the large immigration Slide 14 Controversial Decisions -Dismissing and appointing a cabinet when he felt like it -Planning his own expensive coronation -trip around the world, expensive -building `Iolani palace, expensive Public Debt went from $389,000to $2,000,000 Secret group called the Hawaiian league formed and planned to overthrow the monarchy and get Hawaii annexed by the U.S. Slide 15 1887. Hawaiian League sends a committee of 13 with armed soldiers to Kalakaua demanding a new constitution be written -Kalakaua offers to surrender his power to other countries in exchange for their help, but they refuse -Kalakaua surrenders to their demands - Kalakaua signs Bayonet Constitution, stripping him of most of his power. Slide 16 King could not make any decisions without cabinet approval King could not organize military without legislature approval Foreigners could vote Robert Wilcox rebelled with a small army and attempted to restore Kalakauas power with a new constitution in 1889, but was unsuccessful. Wilcox was found not guilty for what he did. Event was called Wilcox Rebellion Kalakaua died before a new constitution was written to replace the Bayonet Constitution