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    jxp5768 / 2008

    Coloring!Coloring!Matzah Mazes!Matzah Mazes!Make your own !Make your own !and more!

    Coloring!Matzah Mazes!Make your own !and more!


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    Which two bugs are the same?The Bug Checker Portable Light Board

    makes finding bugs easier

  • Carefully cut out the square shape.Ask an adult for help with the cutting.Turn the square so that the frogs head isat the top.

    Fold the square in half along the dotted lineso it makes a triangle. The frogs handsshould be at the left and right corners.

    Turn the triangle over to the back side.Fold the left and right corners upto the top of the triangle. The frogshands will be at the top like this.

    Fold the left and right pointsto meet at the center.Fold the bottom point tomeet at the middle

    Fold the hands down... Fold the bottom up...

    Fold the feet down...

    ...to look like this

    ...to look like this

    ...to look like this

    It should look like this

    These frogs really hop around!Press on the back of the frogto make it jump!

    Make your own

    press here!

    The KosherLamp People

    for PesachOne day king Pharaoh awoke in his bed,There were frogs in his bed and frogs on his head.Frogs on his nose and frogs on his toes.Frogs here, frogs there,Frogs were jumping everywhere!





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    Follow the instructions on theprevious page to cut out and foldyour own frogs! How far can youmake your frog jump? Have acontest with yourfriends.

  • Leaving Egypt was not so easy. Help Bnei Yisroel findtheir way from the land of Egypt to Yam Suf (Red Sea).

    Instructions:Easier: Follow the black pathway with your finger from start to end

    Harder: Carefully cut along the thin lines and divide the maze into four pieces.(ask an adult for help). Shuffle the four maze pieces and re-arrange them intoa 2 by 2 square. Start at the IN arrow and see if you can find your way to theOUT arrow.