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  • 1. Jon Mann Jeremy Morgan

2. Although we were asked to find a product in another country that could be marketed here, it was thought innovative by the parties involved to find an ethnic item that was ALREADY on the market in the United States that had tremendous potential for expansive growth in terms of production and even marketing to all ethnicities of the country. Thank You 3. The Jewish people are not only a proud people of Israel, but an entire ethno-religious group located in countries throughout the world. Practice religion known as Judaism Constituted by decent or conversion 4. Core population in the United States as of 2012 was 6,721,680 2.2% of the total U.S. population Heaviest concentrations in California (1,223,640) and New York (1,761,020) Median Household income: $50,000 (Higher than that of U.S average totaling $42,000) 5. According to Prof. Gerald Bubis (Founder of the School of Jewish Communal Service, Hebrew College, Los Angeles), Jewish Families today require $25-$35,000 a year for intensive Jewish experiences. These refer to synagogue membership, Jewish Center membership, schooling and most importantly Kosher food, including Matzah 6. Focus of shopping habits will be on the Jewish gastronomy Majority of traditional cuisine based on Kosher standards which comes from Krashut or dietary laws of Judiasm Matzah is traditionally used during the Jewish holiday of Passover but is consumed year round in different forms (soups, etc) 7. A flat and tasty looking piece of bread or even a large cracker that seems a bit over-baked. It seems as if it would be easy to bake Very versatile item in the fact that it could be combined with many different toppings, soups, ingredients, etc 8. Jewish Deli/Market as well as Shop-Rite Grocery Store visited Ethnic isle located in the middle of the store Various types of cultural foods such as Latin, Asian, European and finally Jewish 9. Within the Ethnic Isle was a Jewish section which included a variety of different brand Matzahs Each brand does its best to stand out from the rest (Bold font vs Bright Color). The two I found were Manischewitz and Yehuda 10. The first and foremost detail I would like to know about these products are if they are produced and baked correctly according to Jewish custom. The Jewish holiday of Passover emphasizes on the use of Matzah more than any other food on their menu. It is very important to them that the traditional customs be followed. 11. The following is a link to a short youtube video on the acceptable way to make Matzah for the Jewish Holiday of Passover Note: Matzah is not exclusively used during this holiday. m/watch?v=VngFVVZG 5Ao 12. Referring back to the demographic and income statistics of the Jewish population in the United States, this product which is commonly used not only religiously but daily would be very marketable on a large scale. It is believed that this item is actually being under-marketed by its minute presence in grocery stores and a heavier amount of advertising for a new line of it will be effective. 13. Pros Over six million potential customers nation wide Customers with high median income ($50,000) Jewish holiday of Passover will create an annual spike in demand Versatility of the product that can be marketed No real competition advertising-wise. Other companies dont seem to market the product appropriately. Cons Competition already established in market Customer loyalty to already existing brands Majority of sales will only be around the Passover holiday (Late April) if not marketed correctly 14. The annual amount of units sold nation wide. The annual expenditure nation-wide Could this product could be marketed more heavily to people of the non-Jewish Community Do people prefer to make their own? 15. Although this product already exists and is sold in the U.S. market, it is with great confidence that we feel if it were marketed on a larger scale including direction toward people of the non-Jewish faith, it could become a very popular and commonly used household item. Innovation and modification in the use of such a versatile product will be utilized by creating attractive and delicious recipes for the entire country. This includes appetizers, toppings, desserts, breakfast bases,pizzas (see next slide). It will be the new Saltine cracker, only better! Television, radio, billboard, sponsoring etc would be utilized to get the brand name in peoples minds rendering a heavy increase in demand. 16. 3_0_13427.html Israel/usjewpop1.html matzo-recipes-passover