Jungle book

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Transcript of Jungle book

  • 1. .t... iri;, .r-*;!:- ,,-- ...:ry-%. ffiil :r.l:ii,,1+;.=,I;:.5r-,-uil .: ..:i l,1!.::.: .::::::1.iiia::::r,: !..! a 1 -. _::. ;:i:::::::::::::=-= :.::-r .- - ::.:::1r_-tt,-ti.-, ..a,,1".:: -t33=- -.::.,.+- .lE7 E7*s Am Iifiilffii IIHIsidelight - ning speed?Were- 21. 36Gffi with ev - ry crea - ture com - indown the pike. In fact, weve - C AbTICffi-d (were friends 22. CFIC p.bttcC ffiffi m ffiH (and friends in(are friends in G7 E#EF] Well keep you thedeed.)pf dimzeCIGffi ffi ThatsCC7 Cdim Fm6/C ffiffi ffi muu/a 23. 38My OurnHometarungle Book rlremel Words and Music %:FBI[PY. 3XEIMIN Softly and tenderly Dm HM e?ml pltbgmuu ffi liffi"2nd time-HumA7Dm muo muuffiffiow +. r..tt=. .4. waitr trl DmATID ffi ffi Fa - thers hunt - ingin thefor- est, cook - ing in theIwill haveahand-some hus- band, daugh - ter of my 24. 39 Dm EmTb Bb7 A7 HIH ffi ffi ffifi{ homelI must go to fetch the watil the day thatown, and Ill send her to fetch thewaIll be cook-ing 7. Dm | -- A7b9 Dm ffi m. aIHgrown. ,Til Im grown,home.My own home, Dm/FDmmlb Bb7 A7 ffi ffi ffi ffi ffiI must go to fetch the til the day that Ill send her to fetch theIII be cook-ingDm Dm6ffiffi---.-// 25. r:tie rJI Ef I., i.)d DY-lrrr-r--U ulu:ttJiJzy, ci-rils ).J.rJ e,:! tltrI