July/August 2010, Bulletin Vol 7 No 7

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Anglia Ruskin University's staff magazine

Transcript of July/August 2010, Bulletin Vol 7 No 7

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    Beijings Tsinghua University

    July/August 2010

    Volume 7 No 7

    developing a new partnership in China




    BUU students studywith Dept of Computingand TechnologyFull story on page 6 >>

    John Spence OBEbecomes a member ofour Board of GovernorsFull story on page 8 >>

    Harrods staff embark onnew BA Sales degreecourseFull story on page 27 >>

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    2 Bulletin July/August 2010 Volume 7 no 7

  • Zahra Jessa winsAsian Woman ofAchievementAwardSee page 6 >>

    N E W SVision and Eye Research Unit runs pilot scheme with Addenbrookes 5VERU researcher wins Asian Woman of Achievement Award 6AIBS students advise Virgin Money 7Business student works with wind farm construction group 8Freshers Week 2010 programmes and arrangements 9Ophthalmic Dispensing students scoop Essilor challenge prize 10Heist Awards Postgraduate Prospectus wins bronze 11Faculty of Education senior lecturer presents at IOL conference 12Cultures of the Digital Economy Institute international symposium 13Employer Mentoring Scheme offers benefits to mentors and mentees 14Uni4U introduces university life to visitors 15External Liaisons Offer-Holder Days help increase acceptance numbers 16First MA in Publishing cohort launch unique anthology 17Graham Humby appointed to Courts Board 18Public Service students work with professionals on major incident simulation 18Primary Education student wins gold in BUCS championships 19Cambridge campus sports season report 20

    F E A T U R E SAlumni news 21Anglia Ruskin in the Community news 2223Customer Service Excellence news 23Green issues 2425Employer engagement news 2627Focus on research 2829Farewell tributes 3031Joiners, leavers and movers 32

    New collaborationwith the Academy ofArts and Design atTsinghua UniversitySee page 4 for full story >>

    CoDE deliversinternationalsymposium onnew materialismin digital cultureSee page 13 >>

    July/August 2010 Volume 7 no 7 Bulletin 3

    Cover image:

    Tsinghua University building interior(photograph courtesy of Mr AlbertGazeley).

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  • Over the last 18 months wehave been developing newlinks with partners in China,and one of the most excitingprojects is a new collaborationwith the Academy of Arts andDesign at Tsinghua Universityin Beijing. Tsinghua is,arguably, Chinas premieruniversity, listing two Chinesepremiers amongst its alumni.It is situated in the north-western suburbs of Beijingand was established in 1911on the site of a former royalgarden.

    Following an initial visit inMarch 2009, and subsequentdiscussions with both theAcademy of Arts and Design

    and the main body of theuniversity, we have agreed tomove forward to establish aresearch initiative inCambridge involving academiccolleagues from both

    universities. The project hascome about through thecontinuing encouragement andgenerosity of our alumnus, DrSupanee Gazeley, who will besupporting us to develop a

    base for the joint activities inCambridge.

    There will be more discussionin the next few months on thedetailed themes and

    arrangements, and weanticipate concluding theofficial Memorandum ofUnderstanding between ourtwo universities in Octoberthis year.

    In the meantime, linksbetween our CambridgeSchool of Art and TsinghuasAcademy of Arts and Designare gathering pace. In Julythis year, a group of 30students from Tsinghua willvisit colleagues in Cambridgeas part of a UK tour, and inSeptember a distinguishedartist, Mr LI Tianyuan,Associate Professor of Oil-Painting, is joining us as avisiting scholar for the comingyear.

    Sandra HollisPro Vice Chancellor,International andDevelopment

    New partnership with Chinas premieruniversity in Beijing gets off the ground


    Tsinghua is, arguably, Chinaspremier university, listing twoChinese premiers amongst itsalumni.

    4 Bulletin July/August 2010 Volume 7 no 7

    May 2010 a warm welcome for our Vice-Chancellor Professor Mike Thorne and alumnus Dr Supanee Gazeley at Tsinghua University in Beijing.Pictured (lr) are: Professor Su Jun, Professor Mike Thorne, Dr Supanee Gazeley, Mr Albert Gazeley, Sandra Hollis, Professor Xie Weihe, Vice Presidentof Tsinghua University, and Professor Zheng Shuyang.

  • Faculty of Science & Technology

    July/August 2010 Volume 7 no 7 Bulletin 5

    Last chance to registerfor the Learning andTeaching Conference...Full details on page 9

    Staff at the Vision and EyeResearch Unit (VERU), part ofthe Postgraduate MedicalInstitute, are running a pilotscheme with Addenbrookesto enable local residentssuspected to be suffering fromglaucoma to be diagnosed and treated more quickly.VERU and a localOptometrist, ClampsOpticians, will assess patientswhose GPs have referredthem with suspectedglaucoma. If glaucoma isconfirmed, they will bereferred back to the hospitalto be treated.

    This partnership will allowpatients to be seen quickly,

    resulting in reduced waitingtime at the hospital, and willenable patients to starttreatment sooner, if required.

    Professor Rupert Bourne,consultant ophthalmologist atAddenbrookes and Professorof Ophthalmology at VERU,said, This is an excellentexample of how optometristscan be involved in thescreening of referred patientsfor glaucoma and builds onthe high-quality outcomesreported by existing glaucomaschemes, such as that atHinchingbrooke Hospital.

    Dr Keith Martin, from theCambridge Eye Unit at

    Addenbrookes, said, Thisoutreach scheme is a positivemove for patients, becausethey will be seen as quicklyas possible. It is also good forthe hospital, because it letsus make the best use ofspecialist resources. Alldiagnoses will be to the samestandard as in the eye unit and, if treatment is necessary,then patients will receivefurther care at Addenbrookes.

    Professor Shahina Pardhan,Director of VERU, said, Thisis another example of how thePostgraduate Medical Institutecan work collaboratively withNHS trusts in order to try toimprove patient care. The

    Checking a patient for glaucoma at VERUs clinic.

    new VERU facility in theBryant Building on theCambridge campus is wellequipped to run this schemeand we have a dedicatedteam of optometrists whohave been specially trained torun these clinics. We arehoping that this collaborativescheme can be extended toother PMI partners.

    VERU brings together allresearch in vision and eye inour University. The unit hassuccessful, collaborativepartnerships with variousdepartments in Science &Technology, including Vision &Hearing Sciences, Computing& Technology, Life Sciencesand Psychology. It alsocollaborates with researchersin the Faculty of Health &Social Care. VERU has wide-ranging research areas,including research intomyopia and visual function,glaucoma, childrens vision,diabetes, epidemiology of eyedisease, visual short-termmemory, low vision, contactlens and anterior eye, andalso colour performance inprimates and horses. VERUworks with thepharmaceutical industry todevelop a clearerunderstanding of eyediseases, and with the opticaland contact lens industry.VERU also works alongsidekey NHS partners to seekways to enhance patient care.

    For further details, pleasecontact Professor ShahinaPardhan, Director, ext 2257,or visit our website www.anglia.ac.uk/ruskin/en/home/microsites/veru.html.

    Vision and Eye ResearchUnit works withAddenbrookes Hospital

  • Dr Zahra Jessa, a post-doctoral Research Fellow inthe Vision and Eye ResearchUnit (VERU), which is part of

    the Postgraduate MedicalInstitute and is based in theFaculty of Science &Technology, is celebrating

    after being namedProfessional of the Year at theAsian Women of AchievementAwards 2010.

    The award was presented on19 May at a glitteringceremony in Londons ParkLane. Zahra follows in thefootsteps of her colleagueand Director of the Vision andEye Research Unit, ProfessorShahina Pardhan, whoreceived the award in 2001.The award recognisesprofessionals who havebecome leading practitionersin their chosen field, settingan example to other womenand having their contributionsrecognised by their peers.

    Zahras achievements havebeen in improving thedetection of correctable visionloss in the older population,

    which involv