Jedi Religion

Jedi as a Religion By: Casey, Enoch, Timothy , and Josh

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Jedi as a Religion

By: Casey, Enoch, Timothy, and Josh

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Summary of Article

● Questions whether Jedi can be considered as a religion

● What is a religion● Compares Jedi with

definition● Searches for evidence

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Perspective Of Author

● Sees the religion as a joke

● Leans towards Jediism being a religion

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Biases and Fallacies

-Could be reliable source as author has used other evidences to strengthen her argument-It is very possible that her opinion is extremely biased -Her bibliography mentions that she is a big star wars fan

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Arguments For and Against

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-Can help people discover themselves-Gives people meaning to their life-Could make people happier-The belief of the Jedi is not an absolute truth, making it more like a religion.

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-May undermine existing religions-If Jediism is made a religion, than other can make religions for anything-Star Wars is a fictitious story-Unfavorable practises

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