Jane Devine Mejia

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Talk presented as part of Creating Online Exhibitions on 2 Nov 09 at the British Museum, run by the E-Learning Group for Museums, Libraries and Archives

Transcript of Jane Devine Mejia

  • 1. Online Exhibitions and Archives:
    An Immersive Experience for Design Students
    Jane Devine Mejia
    2 November 2009

2. CETLD partners: collections and higher education(2005-2010)
3. Online Exhibition Project goals
to learn from best practice and existing research about online exhibitions and HE art & design audiences;
to design a sustainable online exhibition learning site;
to find effective ways of engaging design students and tutors with archives, particularly those in practice-based disciplines;
4. Models of best practice: inviting user involvement
5. Democratising curatorship: myVirtualGallery
6. 2 Willow Road: Ern Goldfinger, architectA modernist house and its archive
7. Jalbum Fotoplayer: an open source solution
Images courtesy of the Royal Institute of British Architects British Architectural Library and the University of Brighton Design Archives
Web album software:www.fotoplayer.com
8. An immersive experience for undergraduate design students
Visiting,documenting,exploring archives,blogging,creative practice
9. Undergraduate design students: an audience profile
Predominantly female ( 70%+)
Ages 18-25
Dyslexia is significant factor for 21-35%
Makers, not writers
Proficient in use of social media
No experience with archives
10. Observations
Academic vs. social networks
Blogging (or not): image vs. text
Recalling the physical: encouraging reflective practice
11. Participatory Online Exhibitions: [email protected]
12. Closing Remarks
Web 2.0 sites such as Flickr and Creative Spaces encourage self-directed exploration and participation online exhibitions need to incorporate these concepts
Dont be afraid to experiment , take risks and even make mistakes: the benefit of Web 2.0 tools is flexibility and collaborative learning
Consider partnering with an HE institution to develop content and build reusable learning resources as part of youronline exhibition