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  1. 1. Achieving ITAR Compliance
  2. 2. Agenda
    • Titus Labs Overview
    • The ITAR challenge
    • Titus Labs Classification Software
    • Live Demo
    • What to look for in an ITAR solution
    • Wrap-up
    • Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada since 1994
    • Information Protection Software Provider of:
        • - Email Classification
        • - Document Classification
    • Data Classification Market Leader:
        • Over 100 enterprise customers:STRATCOM,CENTCOM, MNF Iraq, Danish Defence,AustralianDefence, NATO, BAE Systems
    • Over 800,000 users
  4. 4. ITAR-An Overview
    • US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of United States government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles and services.
      • ITAR affects those involved in the manufacturing, distribution and regulation of aircraft, amphibious vehicles, cartridge and shell casings, chemical agents, firearms, naval equipment, missile control, and other military related equipment.
      • The US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) strongly encourages organizations to create ITAR compliance programs for record keeping, including the identification, receipt and tracking of ITAR controlled items and technical data.
      • Organizations that fail to control ITAR-related information are subject to fines and imprisonment.
  5. 5. The ITAR Challenge
      • ITAR information may not be properly identified on creation
      • ITAR information may inadvertently be shared with unauthorized people
      • ITAR information may not have appropriate protection applied
  6. 6. Titus Labs Classification Software
    • Software to classify documents and emails at time of creation
      • Titus Labs Message Classification: MS Outlook, OWA, Windows Mobile
      • Titus Labs Document Classification: MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
    - Consistent, accurate labels - Minimal end user training - Lightweight & easy to deploy
  7. 7. Titus Labs Message Classification Classification toolbar Forced Selection Pop-Up
  8. 8. Titus Labs Message Classification Classification toolbar Visual labels Not shown: metadata
  9. 9. Titus Labs Document Classification Classification toolbar Visual Markings Watermark,Header/Footer Not shown: metadata Forced Selection Pop-Up
  10. 10. Titus Labs Document Classification Classification toolbar Visual Markings Watermark,Header/Footer Not shown: metadata
  11. 11. ITAR Best Practices/TL Benefits
    • LABELING OF ITAR-related information -visual labels such as headers, footers, and watermarks to emails and documents, Visual labels clearly identify the existence of sensitive information and encourage proper handling.
    • FORCED CLASSIFICATION A simple pop up box can force users to select an appropriate classification selection.
    • SAFE RECIPIENT LISTS Safe recipient checking ensures that only authorized or intended recipients receive ITAR related information, even in cases where different people with different privileges share the same name.
  12. 12. ITAR Best Practices/TL Benefits
      • AUTOMATIC PROTECTION APPLIED Labels can be set to automatically trigger appropriate protection (Encryption, Digital Rights, etc)
      • CUSTOMIZED EMAIL DISCLAIMERS- Titus Labs Message Classification can automatically insert a customized email disclaimer based on a selected classification."This email contains information that is Export Restricted - Technical data in this class refers to data that carries an ITAR/EAR restriction to Foreign Persons, DISALLOWED Countries, or Countries without an Export License. All ITAR/EAR email MUST be encrypted."
  13. 13. ITAR Best Practices
    • Start now with simple labels
      • Ensure consistent visual markings for CUI compliance
      • Interoperate with other government agencies
      • Easily update your labels as requirements change
    • Tie classification labels to policy
      • Use labels to automate encryption of Controlled Enhanced information
      • Prevent users from sending sensitive email to inappropriate recipients
      • Use classification metadata to enhance 3 rd -party applications, such as content filtering, archiving, and search
  14. 14. Titus Labs helps you meet your ITAR compliance challenges
    • Enforces classification of all emails and documents
    • Makes ITAR compliance easy for users
    • Deploys quickly and easily to hundreds of thousands of users
    • Generates metadata that can be used by third party applications, such as archiving, filtering, and encryption products
  15. 15. What to look for in an ITAR solution Titus Labs Forced classification Customizable labels Portion marking with abbreviation support Customizable metadata for interoperability and policy enforcement Message and document classification integration Flexible platform support Lightweight and easy to deploy Low cost Leverages and enhances existing IT investments Proven COTS solution