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Our teamCEODott. Alessandro ArlettiSenior Partner International Mobility ModenaDott.ssa Valentina FerrariImmigration Manager In House consultantDott. Ivano BertoniRelocation ManagerSig.ra Paola PoluzziImmigration ConsultantSig.rina Serena StranieroImmigration & Relocation ConsultantDott.ssa Barbara VecchiImmigration & Relocation ConsultantInternational Mobility MilanDott. Rocco LomazziRelocation & Immigration ConsultantDott. Nicola GabrielliRelocation & Immigration Consultant

Our customers


is a team of professionals who have been working for more than ten years in the international mobility consultancy is a team of qualified English speaking experts so all forms of communication will be in English, overtaking language obstacles.


ITALY VISASPeople who would enter in Italy can find difficult to fulfil all administrative practices.

For this reason, A&P highly qualified English speaking experts with years of experience in the international mobility field will assist you step by step in the issuance of your Italy visa, relieving you of bureaucratic and administrative practices

A&P can provide you with 5 types of ITALY VISAS Highly skilled employees Seconded training Internship Business Tourism

Highly skilled employees visa

intended for highly skilled employees with managerial position seconded from the home company to the host company for a renewable middle/long-term.

Seconded training visa

intended for seconded employees with a formative project drawn up between the host company and the local administration.Internship visa

intended for students or unemployed workers invited by an Italian company to perform a training based on a formative project proposed by an authorized association and approved by the local administration.

Tourism visa

intended for people, who wants to visit Italy for tourism reasons. Business visa

intended for an employee travelling for business, who has to attend a meeting, meet customers, visit plants etc. without physically working.

Other services Translations Presences declaration Legalization Apostille

Translations A&P offers a translation service for what concerns official documents in:

English (EN-IT/IT-EN)German (DE-IT/IT-DE)French (FR-IT/IT-FR)Spanish (ES-IT/IT-ES)

Presences declaration In some occasions the foreigner has to present himself/herself with the presences declaration when entering in Italy to the local police authorities. In any case this represents a public document officially certifying his/her stay in Italy.Legalizations

Certified translation of documents from foreign languages to Italian and vice versa

Legalization of Italian documents to be valid in foreign countries

Legalization of documents issued by foreign diplomatic or consular representation placed in Italy to be valid on the Italian territory

Apostille legalizationIn addition to fundamental services in the Italy Visa issue, A&P is specialized in the organization of complex International transfer plan: avoiding cultural shock creating a bridge among the company, the employee and bureaucratic procedures.

International transfer plan RELOCATION PROGRAMOrientation dayHousing questionnairesHouse pre-selection / House pre-visitHouse hunting daysNegotiation contract drafting

Opening of utilities contracts

Check inSERVICES for FAMILYHelpline supportConsultant on siteSchool program

Driving licence

Parking permit

Health card

Emergency support

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