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ISITE's Amanda Bernard and Derek Phillips share their perspectives on user experience and content strategy in this slide deck from the Path to Personalization Webinar. It includes insights on the latest trends, customer expectations, opportunities, and challenges of digital personalization.

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  • #path2personalizationization The Path to Personalization Briefing | June 10, 2014
  • Intros Derek Phillips Content Strategy Lead @digistrategist Amanda Bernard Director Digital Marketing @amandabernard Barbara Holmes Director User Experience @volleyballbarb #personalization
  • We execute complex strategic website redesigns every day it is our bread and butter We know how to ensure your site generates a meaningful return on investment, and have practice groups focused on it We are recognized by Forrester as one of the top digital experience agencies in the country Why ISITE? #personalization
  • Agenda What is personalization? What is the value? Personalization themes and detection Getting ready Planning your path #personalization
  • 6/11/2014 #path2personalizationization Where are you on your path to personalization? Question #personalization
  • #path2personalizationization WHAT IS PERSONALIZATION? The Path to Personalization
  • What is Personalization? Definition (adj) individualized, made for or directed or adjusted to a particular individual: "personalized luggage"; "personalized advice; personalized experience For our purposes, as delivered via a content management system (CMS) or another 3rd party tool #personalization
  • Classic 2014 Anonymous Browsing Logged in User Implicit Personalization Self Identification Positively Identified Logged in User Detected without users input User provides info through navigation paths or choices User identified & remembered Implicit Explicit Information tailored to user Personalization Spectrum #personalization
  • #path2personalizationization WHAT IS THE VALUE? The Path to Personalization
  • What is the Value to a Brand? Brand affinity Customer insights Revenue Support Service design #personalization
  • What is the Value to your Customer? #personalization
  • But Companies need to show the VALUE of sharing information to create personalized experiences. 57% are OK with providing personal information on a website as long as its for their benefit and being used in responsible ways. 77% would trust businesses more if they explained how theyre using personal information to improve their online experience. #personalization
  • P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N I N A C T I O N Potential for Discovery The opportunities for both listener and musician have been revolutionized by the Internet. Billy Bragg Source: #personalization
  • 6/11/2014 #path2personalizationization I got this email reminding me of a product feature I didn't know existed (or just forgot about), but makes my experience using Dropbox infinitely better and more efficient. Source: Examples-of-Email-Personalization-in-Action.aspx Dropbox recognized a behavior and highlighted a service that supports that user need. P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N I N A C T I O N Potential for Discovery #personalization
  • 6/11/2014 #path2personalizationization What is the potential value of personalization to your customers? Question #personalization
  • #path2personalizationization PERSONALIZATION THEMES & METHODS OF DETECTION The Path to Personalization
  • Personalization Themes THEME WHAT IS IT? METHODS OF DETECTION Geo-targeting / Location Display specific content (text, images, downloads, apps, etc.) based on the users geographic location. Geo-location, Referring domain, User preferences, Company, Campaign, Customer data Campaign / Landing experiences Content is customized based on exposure to or engagement with a campaign, often on a landing page. Campaign, Inbound channel, Recency, Lifecycle, Segment, Engagement score Recommended / Prioritized content Similar content is shown to the user based on content already viewed during that visit or a previous visit. Premium, new, or priority content is displayed in a specific order or customized layout. User preferences, Lifecycle, Referring domain, Campaign, Company, Industry, Customer data Persona-based content Relevant content is served up based on user behavior during that visit, a prior visit, or after self-identifying. Segment, Engagement score, User preferences, Recency, Lifecycle Lifecycle Content and calls to action are served up based on where a user is in the journey or buying cycle. Lifecycle, User preferences, Recency, Customer data Account/Industry Display industry-specific content, company-specific content, or competitor-specific content after identifying the company and/or industry of the user. Industry, Company, Referring domain, Customer data Call to action Messaging, tag lines, and calls to action on the site are customized and change based on user behavior, preferences, and response rate. Geo-location, Industry, Company, Campaign, Inbound channel, Engagement score, Referring domain, Lifecycle, User preferences, Recency, Customer data #personalization
  • BROWSING BEHAVIOR Provide opportunity for customers to provide bits of important demographic data through navigation choices and other onsite behaviors.
  • Why This Is Important 74 percent of sampled customers get frustrated with websites when content, offers, ads, promotions, etc. appear that have nothing to do with their interests Source: Harris Interactive Study for Janrain, 2013 janrain-study/ I M P L I C I T P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N Browsing Behavior #personalization
  • Case Study I M P L I C I T P E R S O N A L I Z A T I O N Geo-location Personalized homepage based on customers location. Customized Calls to Action Saw 2X increase in ticket referrals. Source: content/uploads/2013/06/Case-Study-Harlem-Globetrotters-Increase- Ticket-Referrals-2X.pdf #personalization
  • LOGGED-IN USER Provide
  • 6/11/2014 #path2personalizationization FREQUENCY / RECENCY Call to action based on number of visits Offer products, services, or content based on when site was last visited Content is personalized using response rate per visit Logged In User
  • #path2personalizationization Case Study Account History #personalization
  • 6/11/2014 #path2personalizationization P e r s o n a l i z a t i o n G o n e W r o n g Not Using the Info You Have Whats the simple lesson here? If youre asking your customers to take the time to volunteer information, then use it and use it appropriately. If creating effective personalization is beyond your budget or expertise, then its better to not even try. Source: marketing-fail/#sthash.gqCpEcNi.dpuf #personalization
  • 6/11/2014 #path2personalizationization P e r s o n a l i z a t i o n G o n e W r o n g Assumptions I guess you can say my wife should have just gone into her ProFlowers address book and removed my mothers information and her grandmothers, too. But anyone who has lost a family member knows how hard it is to delete their names from anything. Source: personalization-fail-20112013/ The recipients mother, Ann (who is named in the email), died six months previously. #personalization
  • #path2personalizationization ARE YOU READY TO PERSONALIZE? The Path to Personalization
  • SENIOR LEADERS AS ACTIVE STAKEHOLDERS Marketing, technology, and content managers are bought into the value of personalization and experience optimization. They understand that personalization is strategic and builds over time. Self Identification
  • MEASUREMENT STRATEGY & ACCESS TO CUSTOMER DATA Customer Metrics and Digital KPIs are well defined, qualitative and quantitative customer data is available and analytics tracking is correctly implemented. Self Identification