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IR Website Best Practices presentation learn five common barriers to effective Investor Relations Website communications.

Transcript of IR Website Best Practices - April 30, 2009

  • IR WEB SITE BEST PRACTICES WEBINAR April 30, 2009 Presenter: Catherine Crofton, VP Sales & Marketing Moderator: Sheryl Joyce, Director, Marketing Communications Manage your disclosure faster, easier and with less compliance risk.
  • Q4 Web Systems Introduction Software to help public companies manage online disclosure Faster, easier & with less compliance risk Solutions for the corporate/investor web site Experience provides insights into challenges that issuers face Catherine Crofton VP Sales & Marketing
  • Methodology CICA Corporate Reporting Awards experience Annually audit 50+ sites Selected from Fortune 500, ROB 1000 all sectors Input from: IR Leaders Third-party surveys Webinars, conferences & industry sources Regulatory guidelines
  • Importance of IR Web Site: 75% of portfolio managers use weekly if not daily Never Yearly 3% 47% of investment 8% Daily professionals rate as very Monthly 32% or extremely important 14% 45% of US portfolio managers say their perceptions are substantially impacted by a Weekly 43% companys corporate site Source: Rivel Research
  • BARRIER #1: Information not geared to various investor audiences
  • User Motivations Introduction Who, what, why, how? Market position. Investment proposition. Should I recommend/invest with you? Assurance Whats new? Why does it matter? Did I make the right decision/recommendation? Whats next? Reference Where can I find it? Access data quickly and easily To stay informed and source new information
  • Entry Points for all Users Example of a fairly standard best practice approach to a home page with investor content integrated. Multiple entry points to Investor section & content directly from the home page. Intro to company in centre panel provides content to the new user (should link to more) because thats the route theyre going to take. Latest news, reports, results, stock quotes all available off the home page for all users. Longer-term user will likely go straight to IR section.
  • BARRIER #2: Key information not easily accessible
  • Difficult to Access Key Content Navigational structure is not standard or consistent Home/investor index lack quick entry points to key content No navigational aids - You are here Lack of quick links to bring information forward Information location is not intuitive No helpful aids to sort/search information
  • Homepage Boxes in middle provide quick links to bring key information forward. Tag cloud is a helpful aid to search information. It automatically updates page with prioritization of most frequently accessed content for next visit.
  • Homepage Integration of Investor Content Clean, uncluttered home page. Long-term investor: Flash panel Quick entry and exit highlights Whats new? (RSS upcoming prompt right from here). events/key messages. Pull Recent investor: downs News provide Latest financials immediate Upcoming events. access to key content. Mobile access easy way for all investors to stay informed. New Investor: Pull down Why invest?
  • IR Index Page Centre panel keeps investors updated on new IR information and upcoming events/presentations great for long-term user. Ability to print or email page, sign up for Immediate access RSS feeds. to Why Invest? Stock price Comprehensive information. sub-navigation gets all users into content quickly. Explanations for things like icons & quick troubleshooting for file access problems demonstrate intent to make easy for users. Latest news releases. Quick Links & pull down for frequently Plain language accessed information. URL easy to maintain bookmark
  • IR Index Page Great use of feature boxes to highlight priority content. Tabbed pages allows users to Comprehensive sub- choose info of navigation provides interest right off entry into great the index page supporting info re: defaults to investment proposition. News At a Glance. Executive perspectives help you know the people. Also has Customer stories & product reviews.
  • IR Index Page Lower part of Suns investor index Highlights provides quick entry into all other frequently accessed content.
  • News Releases Great feature to enable user to look up press releases by year, subject & keyword.
  • News