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SlideDeck for PGCPS Summer Leadership Institute for Admins

Transcript of iPad Apps for iAdministrators

  • 1.Joquetta Johnson PGCPS Summer Leadership Institute June 25, 2013Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School

2. Making Best Use of iPads and Other Digital Tools in Your School Library Media Program Joquetta L. Johnson Seminar Leader 3. h#p://www.ickr.com/photos/catspyjamasnz/4007683970 4. Think of today as a smorgasbordYou will get to taste and samplea buffet of iPad Apps & resources. 5. iPad Fluencyhttp://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-uency/ SkilledLiterateFluent 6. Skilledability to do something well:the ability to do somethingwell, usually gained throughtraining or experiencehttp://www.bing.com/Dictionary 7. take screenshotssubstitute tasks they used to doing ontheir laptopupload and sync images and documentsorganize apps into folderssearch for, open, close, multi-tasktype, copy/paste, edit text, etc.http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-uency/ A SKILLED iPad User Knows how to 8. To be literate means to haveknowledge or competence21st Century Fluency ProjectTo have to think about whatyou are going to do nextLiterateIan Jukes 9. manipulate and edit images and videoread books and documents, allowannotations, share highlightsaggregate and read my RSS feedsorganize and access filesbrainstorm and mindmaptweet, blog and facebooktake notescreate presentations, graphs, flyers, etc.http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-uen A Literate iPad User - finds and uses specific apps to 10. Fluency To be fluent is to demonstratemastery and to do sounconsciously and smoothly21st Century Fluency Project Are unconscious skills, you justknow what to do next Ian Jukes Fluent 11. connect tasks effortless together (ex. creatingand editing a video, then uploading, embedding anddisseminating on several platforms)create and then being able to communicate -the ability to create and communicate your creation is one of the maincharacteristics of fluencyread in a RSS Reader and seamlesslydisseminate links to Twitter, Facebook andother social bookmarking servicenot rely on a laptop as a translator toconvert a file, remix files, upload files http://langwitches.org/blog/2011/06/11/ipad-uency/ A Fluent iPad User Knows how to 12. http://m.socrative.com Room Number: ipads4adminPleasevisit 13. Dont Stress 14. RELAX 15. Everyone is at different levels 16. We shouldntexpectout of the boxthinkingwhen we onlyemployin the boxteaching or[LEADERSHIP].Tom Whitby 17. Its aboutlooking at thetools andapplications tosee which onewill help youaccomplishteaching andlearning of 21stcentury skillsand literacies. 18. CurriculumStandardsDrives Instruction 19. If the only toolyou have is ahammer, youtend to seeevery problemas a nail. Abraham Maslow 20. h#p://www.ickr.com/photos/plugusin/ 21. LetsPlay 22. http://goo.gl/OkuioAll resources will be found here: 23. h#p://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ouOwpYQqic