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Apps Every iPad User Should Own As Apple’s advertising campaign says, “There’s an app for that.”

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Apps Every iPad User Should Own

Apps Every iPad User Should OwnAs Apples advertising campaign says, Theres an app for that.

Reeder is available only for $5. This app syncs via Google Reader, presents a magnificently neat interface for reading the latest articles from your favorite Websites.1 - Reeder

Once you start using Instapaper ($5), youll start spending your long time on it. The idea is simple: Reading on your iPad is more pleasant than reading on your Macs screen.2 - Instapaper

It will feels very fascinating when you start using Netflix app to stream you favorite movies and tv shows on your iPad3 - Netflix

Flipboard presents content you are interested in an impressive magazine style layout. The free app connects to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader feeds.4 - Flipboard

Dropbox, is a free Web service, lets you create a data folder on your Mac that automatically syncs with your online Dropbox account. You can access your Dropbox data from anywhere. 5 - Dropbox

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