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  • Introduction to Brand Management

  • AgendaBrand ElementsCriteria for choosing brand elementsBrand NamesLogos and SymbolsURLsCharactersSlogans and JinglesPackaging

  • Brand Elements??Sometimes called Brand IdentitiesTradmarkable devices to identify and differentiate brandsBrand names URLs,, LogosSymbols/ Characters (Mascots and rings of olympics)SpokespeopleSlogansJinglesPackages

  • Criteria for choosing Brand ElementsMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability

  • Criteria for choosing Brand ElementsMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability

    Easily RecognizedEasily Recalled

  • MeaningfulMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability


  • LikabilityMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability

    Fun and InterestingRich Visual and Verbal imageryAesthetically pleasing

  • TransferabilityMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability

    Within and across product categoriesAcross geographical Boundaries and cultures

  • AdaptabilityMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability


  • Criteria for choosing Brand ElementsMemorabilityMeaningfulnessLikabilityTransferabilityAdaptabilityProtectability


  • Naming the BrandDescriptiveSingapore AirlinesOvernite ExpressAmul dairy whitenerFunction described literally in the brand name

    SuggestiveSuggestive of a benefitHead and Shoulders ShampooCloseup toothpasteSugar freeHMV

  • Naming the BrandCompound RedHatPriceWaterhouseCoopers

    ClassicalVedantaBalaji telefilms

    Arbitary (real words without direct connection)AppleOrangeMangoFanciful (imaginative words)VodafoneWochardt

  • Brand LinguisticsPhonicsalliteration (Coca-Cola)Orthographicspelling (Kool); abbreviation (7 Up, IBM)Morphologiccompound (Janitor-in-a-drum)SemanticMetaphor (Arrid)

  • URLsKeep it as simple as possibleAvoid ClichesAvoid the .comBrand v/s description description helps only short termUnique personalityUnexpected combination (motley fool)Reinvent a real word Make new words

  • Logo SymbolsFamily shields Scottish patternsWordmarks fonts (cocacola, dunhill, cadburys)Non-wordmarks - SymbolsAbstract shapes and images (mercedes, Rolex, olympic, nike)

  • CharactersAdds a humanistic elementRich in imageryAttention gettingClutter breakersEasily transferred

  • SlogansShort phrases that carry descriptive or persuasive info abt brandsAdds verbal reinforcementDesign of slogansTO build awareness and imageProduct sense and beyond (zindagi ke saath bhi .. Ke baad bhi)Updation of slogansFind out contribution of existing sloganFind out what more you wish to enhanceRetain good qualities of earlier slogan and build up on that

    JinglesMusical SlogansDesert rose jaguarThe axe songHelps repetitive reminding

  • PackagingIdentify the brand (Pringles, 7up)Convey Descriptive and persuasive information (labeling)Facilitate product transportation and protectionAssist at-home storage (bottles and refill)Aid Product consumption (screw-on cap in soft drink)color vocabulary (product and category)Know your consumerTake the big-picture approachAesthetics + FunctionKnow your distribution channelsEducate Management