Interview. BUILDING BACKGROUND ï‚‍ Bill Haast works with poisonous snakes...

download Interview. BUILDING BACKGROUND ï‚‍ Bill Haast works with poisonous snakes ï‚‍ Barry Glass works with rats, mice, other pesky pests

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Transcript of Interview. BUILDING BACKGROUND ï‚‍ Bill Haast works with poisonous snakes...

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  • Interview
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  • BUILDING BACKGROUND Bill Haast works with poisonous snakes Barry Glass works with rats, mice, other pesky pests.
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  • CONNECT 2 UR LIFE Make a list: Top Ten Scariest Jobs Lists 1. Power line installer 2. Miner 3. Firefighter 4. Police Officer 5. Taxi Driver 6. Broadcast tower technician 7. Bomb Squad technician 8. Stunt person 9. High rise window washer 10. Cemetery worker
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  • KEY 2 THE INTERVIEW Interview one person asks questions & another person answers them.
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  • WORDS 2 KNOW Venom n. poison Inject v. force a liquid into the body, usually with a needle Immune adj. protected against an illness Exterminator n. person who kills insects, rats, and other pests for a living Route n. path Complete your Workbook page 39
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  • WORD ORIGINS: ROOTS Many English words come from other languages, such as Greek, Latin, & French. Although these words have changed, the ROOTS reflect their origins. Fend strike Ject to throw Termin boundary or end Complete your WB page 38
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  • Pages 90-92, lines 1-60
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  • BILL HAAST December 30, 1910 June 15, 2011 Miami Serpentarium Laboratories, 1947 until 1984 He extracted venom from snakes by holding them by the head and forcing them to strike a rubber membrane He had been bitten 172 times as of mid 2008.
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  • BILL HAAST Haast's hands suffered venom-caused tissue damage, loss of a finger following a bite from a Malayan pit viper in 2003 Malayan pit viper As a result, He gave up handling venomous snakes As of 2008 he continued to have his wife inject him with small amounts of snake venom
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  • VOCABULARY Ject throw (Latin root) : inject Banded Krait
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  • QUESTIONS Reread lines 14-15. Does this sentence state a fact or an opinion? How do you know? fact; this statement can be proved. Reread line 37: Does this sentence state a fact or an opinion? Why? Opinion, it cant be proved; it might feel different to someone else.
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  • QUESTIONS How does studying the photo & reading the caption on page 91 help you understand Bill Haasts job better? It shows how dangerous his job is, what one of the poisonous snakes looks like, and where he works.
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  • THINK IT THROUGH What are the dangers of Haasts job? Snakes bites, being poisoned by a snake
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  • Pages 92-93, lines 61-102
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  • VOCABULARY Line 99: high-strung = easily nervous Line 87: garden hoe Line 92: Tootsie Rolls
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  • QUESTIONS Reread line 98. Does this sentence state a fact or an opinion? opinion; the statement cannot be proved, because not everyone thinks mice are cute.
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  • THINK IT THROUGH 1. What fears does Barry Glass have on this job? Being bitten by a rat. 2. In what ways are Bill Haast & Barry Glass alike? Both take risks doing dangerous jobs, both work with animals, both do work that helps people. 3. If you had to pick one of these jobs, which one you take? Why?
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  • FACT & OPINION Fact a statement that can be proved Opinion a statement of a personal belief & cannot be proved MUST, SHOULD
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  • FACT & OPINION School should serve healthier food. Most schools feed students foods like hotdogs, French fries, and hamburgers. These foods are high in fat. Often they are low in vitamins. Eating more salads and fruits would benefit students.
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  • FACT & OPINION FACT 1. Most schools feed students foods like hot dogs, French fries, and hamburgers. 2. These foods are high in fat. 3. They are low in vitamins. 4. Eating more salads & fruit would benefit students. OPINION Schools should serve healthier food.
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  • Workbook page 36 1. I have about 400 snakes in my lab. FACT count the snakes 2. We take venom from each snake every two weeks. FACT check the lab records 3. A two-headed snake id the weirdest thing. OPINION
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  • Workbook page 36 4. Handling snakes is like playing the piano. OPINION 5. A person bitten by a banded krait could die in 30 minutes. FACT check books on poisonous snakes 6. Bus have been on earth longer than human. FACT check science book
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  • Workbook page 36 7. Mice like the thrill of trying to get a Tootsie Roll off a trap. OPINION 8. Mice will be attracted by peanut butter and cheese. FACT check books on mice 9. The German cockroach is the most common species. FACT check books about cockroaches
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  • Workbook page 36 10. Mice may be pests, but they are really cute. OPINION
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  • Workbook page 37 1. To give readers a clue about the main idea of this section. B 2. to show Bill Haast in his workplace. F 3. To introduce the entire interview.A 4. To explain the unfamiliar words. E 5. To show who is conducting the interview. D 6. To give background about the person interviewed. C