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  • Interior Decorating TipsSonal BishtCEO

  • History Of Interior Designing Architects and Artisans created the earliest interiors, long before interior design / decorating was a profession, and only the wealthiest people could afford such luxuries. The first interior decorator was Elsie de Wolfe in 1900 who was an actress and a high society figure. Her style was a famous departure from the dark Victorian styles of that time. New York School of Applied and Fine Arts, known as Parsons School of Design today.

  • What Is Interior Decoration Or Designing It is a profession that combines creativity, business skills and technical knowledge. Interior designers work with clients to develop design solutions that are safe, attractive, functional and meet the needs of the people using the space.

  • Types Of Interior DesignResidential Design Residential designers work with private living spaces, mainly designing rooms for homes.Commercial Design These designers plan public space, private businesses, government buildings or other corporate entities. Offices are a common focus, but they can also work with banks, retail establishments, schools, etc.

  • Interior Decorating Tips

    Try Out New Furniture: Furniture is the most important aspect of decorating homes, and if you have been using the same pieces for many years or are short on furniture, consider bringing some new furniture into your home. Mix and match furniture instead of using only matching sets.

  • Interior Decorating Tips

    Hang Up Some Artwork:

    Filling your home walls with artwork, prints, posters and various other accessories do more for a space than anything else. Choose a selection of prints and artwork in complementary colors and themes. Add your favorite pictures and memories.

  • Use Creative Lighting Mix up your lighting by buying new and more decorative options. You can look for items to work as your main light source that match the general style of the room.

  • Why Hire An Interior DesignersA good interior designer brings their education, expertise,and insight to the table. Also, the designer will see how your home works or doesnt work for you. Also, theyll see the full picture and are able to provide objective design expertise.

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  • How Can You Find A Good Interior DesignerHire someone who can speak to you frankly and honestly. Go for someone who will take the time to explain design decisions to you. To find a good and reliable designer, you can begin your hunting on local search engines like Askme, Justdial, etc as they hold a huge large database of experts interior designers with their all details.

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