Introduction All About Interior Decorating: -Nature of Interior Decorating -Work Environment...

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Transcript of Introduction All About Interior Decorating: -Nature of Interior Decorating -Work Environment...

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Slide 2 Introduction All About Interior Decorating: -Nature of Interior Decorating -Work Environment -Future Employment -Earning Potential -Important Personal Qualities Slide 3 Education and Training Needed: -Licensing -High School Courses and Extra-curricular activities -College and Training Programs -Planning My Next Steps Conclusion Bibliography Slide 4 I chose Interior decorating because it seemed like the best job for me. I love decorating my room and helping my parents choose paint colors, material, and furniture. However, this isnt all interior decorators do. They also look at space, lighting, and even architectural design. This is an interesting career path and can sometimes be challenging. In the end, its worth helping people choose the design that fits them best. Slide 5 Slide 6 Improve purpose, safety, and art of interior spaces Look at colors, textures, furniture, lighting and space Plan designs of: Airports Malls Offices Schools Restaurants Slide 7 4 steps almost all interior decorators take: 1.Programming 2.Make a plan 3.Finalizing designs 4.Make a timeline Slide 8 Can work in offices, homes, or studios Large corporations work regular hours Small businesses fit the clients schedule and can work on weekends and afternoons Self- employed work long hours in a small area Slide 9 AArchitect AArtist CCommercial and industrial design FFashion Designer FFloral Designer GGraphic Designer LLandscape Architect Slide 10 $60,000 a year Earnings may differ according to occupation Specific areas of design have higher annual pay Independent designers earn more Slide 11 Competitive Creative Persistent Imaginative Able to Communicate Flexible Able to work under pressure Independent Slide 12 Slide 13 Some states license and register Must have at least 6 years of education and experience in interior design Once they pass the exam they are a certified Interior Designer Some require further education to keep the license Slide 14 Art Drafting Courses Computer Aided Design Business Classes Textile Arts Technology Education Classes Slide 15 Interior design requires a bachelors degree Licensing Training program lasts 2-4 years: 2-3 is an assistant and more than that usually qualify for a formal design program University of Bridgeport University of New Haven Slide 16 1. Take high school courses for computer- aided design, technology, textile arts, and business 2. Apply to a college that allows me to get a bachelors degree in interior design 3. Go to a 4 year training program 4. Get a license for Connecticut 5. Become an interior designer Slide 17 Interior designing was a complex job to learn about. It involves so many levels of design and experience. Overall, I think this job would suit me well. It may take a lot of work to get to become an interior designer because of all of the work it requires. I wasnt expecting all of the courses that need to be taken in order to be one. However, I enjoyed learning about this creative and interesting job! Slide 18 Designer.html Designer.html erior-design/what-is-interior-design- multimedia.html erior-design/what-is-interior-design- multimedia.html