Infographic - 28 crucial WordPress Plugins for developers!

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Transcript of Infographic - 28 crucial WordPress Plugins for developers!

  1. 1. INSPIRATIONAL WORDPRESS PLUGINSVVMAKING WEBSITE MANAGEMENT REALLY EASY IN 2015 THE DIVINE WORLD OF WORDPRESS CONSISTS OF 34,541 PLUGINS & 782,249,789 DOWN LOADS AS OF NOVEMBER 2014.That's huge!And so,with 2015 approaching near,its high time you should consider developing a site using WordPress. IF YOU ASK WHY ONLY WORDPRESS ?WELL,IT LEADS THE CMS MARKET WITH HUGE PIE OF 61%WordPressJoomla DrupalMagelito0 OthersIF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE PIOUS BATH WITH WORDPRESS,HERE'S THERUNDOWN OF MOST POPULAR PLUGINS TO BE CHANTED IN 2015. PLUGINS SYMBOLIZING ARE THE ONES RECOMMENDED BY WEBBY MONKS. SECURITY 1AkismetAkismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not. 2WordPress Simple FirewallNot only does it protect your site like a rewall,but it also offers WordPress Iogin protection,and comment spam protection. 3Word fence Wurdfence includes a firewall,anti-virus scanning,malicious URL scanning and a very fast caching engine, SOCIAL MEDIA 1ShareaholicShareahollc is an allin-one content amplification and monetization platform,that includes related content recommendations.promoted content,social sharing,following,site monetization apps such as affiliate linking,and social analytics. 2Social Media FeatherIt is a simple,high-performing social plugin that keeps the speed up and load times down by not usingjavascript.The buttons have a clean,modern look and you can customize the appearance with social icons skin. 3AddThis Share ButtonsThis plugin lets you integrate with more than 330 social platforms and bookmarking sites,as well as email sharing. 4Sha reThis ShareTIlis is one of the popular social media plugins for WordPress that's been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. STATISTICS 1Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics plugin by WordPress allows you to track your biog through its tracking code which IS fast and also allows automatic tracking of outbound clicks and page views. 2WP Stats DashboardDisplay your blogs stats graph plus your blog trafc,social engagement and social inuence directly in your dashboard.See how you're ranking on Alexa,check out your Technorati authority,monitor yourranking across multiple sites and much more.Once you install this plugin you'll wonder how you ever managed to track your social media worth without it. 3JetpackJetpack is a WordPress plugin that supercharges your self-hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of WordPress. com. 4Google Analyticator Google Analyticator,a plugin that displays Google Analytics right into the dashboard. BACKUP 1BackWPupThis plugin allows you to easily backup your WordPress blog and restore previously saved versions.simply choose a day,time and how often you wish to perform your backup.|ts then automatically send to your Dropbox! 2WP-D8-BackupWith more than 2 Million downloads.WP-DB-Backup is one of the most popular WordPress backup plugins. 3VauItPressSetting up Vau| tPress and restoring from backups isjust a matter of clicks.With some of their packages,they even offer security scans. SEOICACHE 1WordPress SEO by YoastWordPress SEO by Yoast plugin provides better SEO options for more advanced SEO experts.So,this WIII help boostingthe performance ol small sites too. 2W3 Total Cachew3 Total cache WordPress plugin will optimize your WordPress website/ biog by following Googie page speed guidelines that will make your website super~fast. 3Allin one SEO pack Allin One SEO Pack WordPress plugin provides more flexible sco options in a single all in one pack. CONTACT FORMS 8t COMMENTS 1Jetpack Contact FormYou can add a contact form to any page or post,add and reorder fields,customize your email notifications.prevent spam comments,redirect links.customize the form appearance,including the text for the submit button. 2WP Contact FormWP Contact Form is a drop in form for users to contact you. 3Gravity FormsGravity Forms allow you to easily create any type of form you can imagine.It is used by over 1 million WordPress sites. 4Contact Form 7 Simple,popular and flexible:Contact Form 7 has been downloaded nearly 16 million times by WordPress website users, Di squs It loads fast and it has a very intuitive interface.For follow-up comments,it allows email notifications. your readers can log in and comment using theirsocial networking accounts like Facebook andTwitter and it also offers support for mobile devices and other blogglng platforms. SLIDERS 1Smooth SliderSmooth slider adds smooth content and image slideshow with customizable background and slide intervals to any location of your blog. 2Wow SliderAdd beautiful image slider to your WordPress. It provides awesome effects,fancy templates. point and click wizard,pure CSS fallback and so much more. 3M eta S I id e r Meta Slider provides 4 slider options like Nivo slider,Flex slider,Coin slider and Responsive slider.CONTENT MANAGEMENT 1Editorial CalendarEspecially designed ior blogs,this calendar plugin lets you zoom out and view the entire month making it easy to see your schedule.add post ideas,drafts and more. 2Content Schedulerwhen you write or edit a post,this plugin lets you specify a future date to review the content.You can set the scheduler to automatically take an a([IOn you specify on that date,including unstick a post,change the post category,change the status to draft,pending,or private,add or remove tags and move the post to the trash. 3Aged Content MessageIt displays a message at the top of a single post published x years ago or earlier,informing about content that may be outdated.ABOUT WEBBY MON KSWebby Monks offers one ofits kind PSD to Responsive HTML Conversion services With technical competency in the frameworks like Bootstrap and CMS like WordPress.With over 100s of interactive components to choose from,Webby Monks is a one stop shop for your web development needs. Check us out on www. webbymonks. com or email us on Iiel| [email protected]: iymonks. i:om3 .1 21} 674 MONKil'Illl(' Tk ,rnni