Plugins to Install right away on WordPress: Best WordPress Plugins

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  1. 1. BEST WORDPRESS PLUGINS T/ Common plugins to install on czl-e5/2 install of WordPress
  2. 2. Common plugins to install on a fres/2 install of W ora'PressBEST WORDPRESS PLUGINSA Plugin is a quick way to increase the functionality of your WordPress content management system.After youve installed your instance of WordPress on a oneclick install,or downloading it from WordPress. org through connecting it to a database you might benefit from the plugins Im about to share with you,right out of the gate. Find the full article on:timbdesign. com/ after-i-freshIy-install-wordpress
  3. 3. Common plugins to install on a fres/ t install of WordPressYOAST SEOfor Search Engine Optimization/Being as visible as possible on search engines like Google: Yoast SEO is an incredibly useful plugin by allowing people to quickly affect how each web page shows up on Google.Yoast WordPress SEO creates a sitemap and create an XML sitemap for the purposes of helping Goog| es crawling function find its way around your site quickly and effectively.It also gives you ways to directly affect the way your site is served in each SERP (Search Engine Results Page. )
  4. 4. Common plugins to install on a fres/ z install of WordPressJ ETPACK(by the people who maintain WordPress,Automattic) for quick stats,automatic social posting and spelling and grammar help. Jetpack has some intensely useful features,but a couple that strike me as most immediately useful are. . Site Stats,Grammar/ Spelling Checker and Publicize:You can quickly set up automatic sharing on Facebook,Twitter,Linkedln,and Google Plus.
  5. 5. Common plugins to install on a fres/ t install of W orclPressAMSMETFor quickly and easily blocking out Spam comments,trackbacks and pingbacks. Comments,trackbacks,or pingbacks are exciting to get,but not when theyre actually spam for some strange website selling nikes in the Middle East.The Aklsmet web service which runs hundreds of tests on the comment,trackback or pingback and gives it the go ahead or not allowing it to go through.Through this process,Aklsmet saves you time by sorting through and deleting spam from your site.
  6. 6. Common plugins to install on a fresn install of W ora'PressADVANCED CUSTOM FEELDSFor developers to give the person entering content on the site clear fields to enter content,so they dont mess up thestructure. This amazing plugin can allow developers to give the business owner or whoever will be entering content into the site fields that tell them exactly what the need to enter when they are editing a particular page,and then you can put them into the template for the page with an easy to use hook,like this .The premium version is $100 dollars for the inlimited sites,or $25for a single site.
  7. 7. Common plugins to install on a res/ t install of WordPressWOO COMMERCEQuickly helps you set up a store on your website.It installs the necessary pages right out of the gate,and let's you add and sell products. The default payment gateway is PayPal,but you can hook up Authorize. net among others and take credit cards right on the site.If you do, just make sure to purchase an SSL Certificatefrom your hosting provider so that the transactions are secure. WooCommerce is a free plugin,but sells premium add-ons to its users that expand its functionality.
  8. 8. Common plugins to install on a fiesn install of WordPressGRAVITY FORMSHelps you build contact forms in a very intuitive way,and has a ton of options and add-ons for making your forms do almost anything you could hope for. If you're a person creating a lot of weWebsites and see how valuable this incredibly functional plugin is the Premium Version with Unlimited sites is $199 or for one site its $39. Some premium plugins,particularly the ones mentioned here are worth their weight in gold,(or days of writing code, ) so dont shy away from spending a little money.You have to spend money to make money.
  9. 9. L..i W. | u -vi-isT / tan/ cs for Viewing t/ zis presentation,and you are im/ itea' to read the full article at: timbdesign. com/ afterifresh| yinsta| |-wordpress