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Transcript of INDEX TABLE OF CONTENT S.No. Particulars Page No. · PDF fileINDEX TABLE OF CONTENT S.No....


    TABLE OF CONTENTS.No. Particulars Page No.

    1. FORM-1 1-11

    2. Pre-Feasibility Report 1-17

    3. Environmental management plan 1-9

    4. Maps

    10 Km buffer map of study area

    Road network map

    5. Annexure

    6. Annexure-I- Letter of intent

    Annexure II- Mining officer letter

    Annexure III- Joint inspection report & Revenue record (Jamabandi& Tatima)Annexure IV- Approved mine plan & mine plates

    Annexure V- Authenticated list of flora and fauna & NOC from forestdepartment along with List of plant species to be plantedAnnexure VI- NOC from village PanchayatAnnexure VII- Source of water undertakingAnnexure VIII- CSR activity certificatesAnnexure IX- One day monitoring report (Air, water & Noise)

    Annexure X- Site photographs

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    (See paragraph 6)

    FORM I

    (I) Basic Information

    S.No Item Details

    1. Name of the project/s Mining for extraction of Stone proposed by M/sLakhwinder Singh (Stone Crusher & Screening PlantUnit-2)

    2. S. No. in the schedule As per Gazette Notification dated 14th September2006 and subsequent amendments thereof, Theproject is classified as category B under item 1 (a) B Category.

    3. Proposed capacity /area /length/tonnage to be handled/commandarea/lease area/number of wells tobe drilled

    Maximum production capacity 7,33,739 tonnes peryear. Mining lease Area: 13-57-15 Hectares.

    4. New/Expansion/Modernization New

    5. Existing Capacity/Area etc. 13-57-15 Hectares

    6. Category of Project i.e. A or B The project is classified as category B

    7. Does it attract the generalcondition? If yes, please specify.


    8. Does it attract the specificcondition? If yes, please specify.


    9. Location Latitude Longitude31021 52.32 N 760 1354.81 E

    Plot/Survey/Khasra No. 3115,3118,3119,3120,3123,3125,3126,31283129,3131,3132,3137,3138,3127,3131/1

    Village Mauza Kungrat Mohal Chetrian

    Tehsil Haroli

    District Una

    State Himachal Pradesh

    10. Nearest railway station/airportalong with distance in km.

    Una Railway Station: about. 13.30 km in the NEdirection (Aerial Distance).Ludhiana Airport: approx. 62.05 km in SW Direction(Aerial Distance).

    11. Nearest Town, city, DistrictHeadquarters along with distance inkms.

    Nearest City Una (about 13.30 km in NE direction)Aerial Distance.Nearest Town Haroli (about 6.40 Km in NorthDirection) Aerial Distance.District Headquarter- Una (about 13.30 kms in NEdirection) Aerial Distance.

    12.Village Panchayat, Zilla Parishad,Municipal Corporation, Local body(complete postal addresses withtelephone nos. to be given)

    Village Panchayat - ChhetrianTehsil Haroli, District UnaHimachal Pradesh.

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    13. Name of applicant Sh. Lakhwinder Singh Prop. M/s Lakhwinder Singh(Stone Crusher & Screening Plant Unit-2)

    14. Registered Address Village & PO Mohal Thara, Mauza Kungrat, TehsilHaroli, District Una, Himachal Pradesh

    15. Address for correspondence

    Name Sh. Lakhwinder SinghDesignation (Owner/Partner/CEO) Owner

    Address Village & PO Mohal Thara, Mauza Kungrat, TehsilHaroli, District Una, Himachal Pradesh

    Pin Code 176601


    Telephone No. 09417275087

    Fax No. -

    16. Details of Alternative Sitesexamined, if any. Location of thesesites should be shown on atoposheet

    The lease has been granted for this particular site.Hence no other alternative site is proposed

    17. Interlinked Projects Yes, M/s Lakhwinder Singh Stone Crusher &Screening Plant Unit II is interlinked with themining project

    18. Whether separate application ofinterlinked project has beensubmitted?


    19. If yes, date of submission -NA-20. If no, reason The crusher unit does not come under the purview

    of the EIA notification 2006.21. Whether the proposal involves

    approval/ clearance under: if yes,details of the same and their statusto be given.(a)The forest (Conservation) act,1980?(b) The wildlife (Protection) act,1972?(C) The C.R.Z Notification, 1991?



    No22. Whether there is any Government

    Order/Policy relevant/relating tothe site?


    23. Forest land involved (hectares) No

    24. Whether there is any litigationpending against the project and /orland in which the project is proposeto be set up?(a) Name of the Court(b) Case No.(c) Orders/directions of the Court, if


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    any and its relevance with theproposed project.

    (II) Activity

    1. Construction, operation or decommissioning of the Project involving actions, which willcause physical changes in the locality (topography, land use, changes in water bodies,etc.)

    S.No. Information/Checklistconfirmation


    Details thereof (with approximatequantities /rates, wherever possible) withsource of information data

    1.1 Permanent or temporary change inland use, land cover or topographyincluding increase in intensity ofland use (with respect to local landuse plan)

    No Mining lease area is situated uphill side ofSanhal Khad which is a tributary of Swanriver. The area is being part of terrace ofAlluvium deposit. Mined out area shall beused for afforestation/ and public utilities asper mine plan

    1.2 Clearance of existing land,vegetation and buildings?

    No The entire mining lease area is a part uphillside of Sanhal Khad which is a tributary ofSwan river. The area is being part of terrace ofAlluvium deposit there is no vegetation in theleased out area. Hence, there would be noclearance of existing land, vegetation andbuildings.

    1.3 Creation of new land uses? No The mining activity will be confined to thelease area so no new land use will be created.

    1.4 Pre-construction investigations e.g.bore houses, soil testing?

    No Not Applicable

    1.5 Construction works? Yes As per mining plan, 5 Check dams of 10meters length and 1.5 meters height will beconstructed for the protection of banks withthe materials available at the site.

    1.6 Demolition works? No No demolition work will be done.

    1.7 Temporary sites used forconstruction works or housing ofconstruction workers?

    No 20 Workers will be hired from nearbyvillages, only temporary rest shelters will beprovided to them at the site Hence, there willbe no any construction of house will be done.

    1.8 Above ground buildings, structuresor earthworks including linearstructures, cut and fill orexcavations

    No The work involves collection of Stone Sandmixed Silt, Top Soil from terrace of Alluviumdeposit

    1.9 Underground works includingmining or tunneling?

    No There will not be any underground mining ortunneling.

    1.10 Reclamation works? No After extraction of mineral the land will beused for afforestation/ and public utilities asper mining plan

    1.11 Dredging? No Not applicable

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    1.12 Offshore structures? No Not applicable

    1.13 Production and manufacturingprocesses?

    No The process is collection of Stone Sand mixedSilt, Top Soil from terrace of Alluviumdeposits. No other production ormanufacturing process is involved.

    1.14 Facilities for storage of goods ormaterials?

    No Minerals extracted will be loaded directly intotractor trolleys. Hence no storage facility willbe required.

    1.15 Facilities for treatment or disposalof solid waste or liquid effluents?

    Yes 1,95,664 TPA Sand mixed silt & 48,916 TPATop soil will be generated as waste will bebackfilled into the area so that it can bedeveloped for afforestation.

    1.16 Facilities for long term housing ofoperational workers?

    No Workers will be hired from nearby villages,only temporary rest shelters will be providedto them at the site Hence, there will be no anylong term housing provision.

    1.17 New road, rail or sea traffic duringconstruction or operation

    No Not Applicable

    1.18 New road, rail, air waterborne orother transport infrastructureincluding new or altered routesand stations, ports, airports etc?

    No Not Applicable

    1.19 Closure or diversion of existingtransport routes or infrastructureleading to changes in trafficmovements?

    No Existing road will be used for transportationpurpose.

    1.20 New or diverted transmission linesor pipelines?

    No As there will be no any consumption ofelectricity or large scale water requirementtherefore no transmission lines or pipelinesare involved.

    1.21 Impoundment, damming,culverting, realignment or otherchanges to the hydrology ofwatercourses or aquifers?

    No No Impoundment, damming, culvert,realignment or other changes to thehydrology of watercourses or aquifers isenvisaged.

    1.22 Stream crossings? No No stream crossings are involved.

    1.23 Abstraction or transfers of waterfrom ground or surface waters?

    Yes About 3.9 KLD will be required for dustsuppression and domestic purpose The waterwill be supplied through tanker supply fromnearby Kangs Nivana Resort & Spa.

    1.24 Changes in water bodies or theland surface affecting drainage orrun-off?

    No The mining shall be bench formation 4 x 4meters from top to bottom shall be followed,however shall not intersect the ground water.

    1.25 Transport of personnel ormaterials for construction,operation or decommissioning?

    Yes In the operation phase, Stone will beextracted manually or mechanical by usingJCB machine. These will be loaded directlyinto tractor trolleys to the stone crusher anddirect saleable material will be transported tolocal markets.

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    1.26 Long-term dismantling ordecommissioning or restorationworks?

    No Not Applicable

    1.27 Ongoing activity duringdecommissioning which couldhave an impact on theenvironment?

    No Not