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IIM-As work on RTERTESection 12

Section 12(1)(c) of the RTE Act states that at least 25% of seats in un-aided schools, starting from entry level should be filled from children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections Right to education is now justiciable and National Commission for Protection of Child Rights can investigate complaints and has the powers of a civil court in trying casesDeclares Education as a fundamental right of all children in the age group of 6-14 yearsSection 12Improve diversity and social integration in our classroomMove away from segregation by incomes Purpose of education???

Highlights of the Right to Education Act 2009MotivationThe implementation of Section 12 in Ahmedabad was very poor

Around 35 kids go to private schools from Prayaas over the last many yearsPrayaas kids have been very well integrated in the private schoolsMore Prayaas kids Diverse classroom Inclusive Schools Egalitarian SocietyPoor implementation of Section 12Short Deadline No awareness driveDifficult documentation process Lack of fundsBy all standard the situation looked quite bleak and we started working to push the graph upProblems are not stop signs, they are guidelines - Robert H. SchullerRTE suffers from poor implementation mostly due to information asymmetryAwarenessParents & beneficiaries not aware of the RTE actProvisions of the act and requirements not clear

Social IntegrationSchools not clear on how to integrate kids from EWSWhich is the best model Inclusive, Exclusive or mixed?Financing KidsSchools complaining of delayed reimbursementsLimited number of seats reserved due to lack of funds

Unclear Policy & RedtapismSchools, NGOs not fully aware of policy guidelines, dates.Bottlenecks in the admission process obtaining address proofs, distance certificates, etc.

Resistance from Schools Parents in management resisting EWS kids admission Schools creating hurdles for implementations


RTE Resource Centre

The Resource Centre will provide a common platform for schools, parents and government

And there we go live. One glitch and we were on center stage Phase 1: Tilling: Preparing the ground Entering the lions denGetting information from the GovernmentRTIs Be ready to get disappointedA good rapport with office clerks always worksCollected all the details on timeline of admission, documents required, eligible schoolsBut most important got a entry into their office

Building the networkGetting the NGO excitedCreating a network of NGOs to facilitate discussionMeeting Social Enterprises to seek their supportAwaaz De IVRS supportIndus Action Campaign material and knowledge partnerEngaging different institutes NID Campaign DesignGNLU Legal SupportMICA Communication StrategyPhase 1.5: Getting the tools ready: A resourceful website

Phase 1.5: Getting the tools ready: Social Media Outreach

Phase 2: Sowing the idea : Awareness Campaign

More than 70 Students across from MICA, GNLU, NID and IIMA are fully active for the initiativePhase 2: Sowing the idea : Awareness Campaign

Phase 3: PGP: Public Government Partnership: Helpdesk @ Government Centres

Phase 3: PGP: Public Government Partnership: Data Base Creation

Phase 3: Parent Support Initiative

Phase 3: Parent Support InitiativeDetails sought from NGOsList of People AppliedApplicant's social Demographic# of letters not receivedSuccessful Documentation# of ConvertsIndividual GrievancesSchools responsesStructure of Parent Meeting Explaining the rulesEligibility Criteria Expense related Doubts Busting School Myths Grievances Survey Form Description IVRS support description Remove some of the doubts of the parents about the process Get data points for categorizing the schools School Visits The utility of IVRS support

Refrain from pushing the parents too hard for the admissionSchool Visit Meeting the school principal with the parents Explaining the rules of RTE Resolution Document Understanding their problems and documenting it Discussion on how can we further collaborate with them for integrationPhase 4: And we did it

Phase 4: There were smiles all around

Phase 4: Entire Community came to drop their kidsRTERC National Outreach

Bits Pilani RTERC

The National Network

RTERC 2.0Child Tracking Documentation Dissemination and AdvocacyAwareness 2.0GujaratNationalSocially Inclusive SchoolsState of the Nation report cardLegal Aid ClinicsTechnology to facilitate implementationYou DecideWe need your supportPlease sent your feedback/suggestions/queries to rterc@iimahd.ernet.in