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2. This Week...Know your English, Pay with a kiss, Shipping made easy, , Augmented reality, Paywith calories.Know Your EnglishSingapores English CouncilPay with a kissMetro St JamesShipping Made EasyShypAugmented RealityWarner BrosPay with CaloriesColun 3. Know Your EnglishSingapores British CouncilA really nice idea from the British Council Singapore as theylaunched the 'Know Your English' campaign. This utilises aninteractive web banner as its key media.The web banner offers internet users a real-time onlineEnglish language dictionary and pronunciation.Implemented on sites which carried a lot of informationsuch as culinary and travel sites.Also clicking through to the British Council website whichenables users to book English speaking classes, the bannerreally does use every functionality to the maximum. 4. Pay With a KissMetro St JamesMetro St James is a small chain of French Bistros operatingaround Sydney with a clear objective to raise its profile.The firm hired agency Lavender to use the cafe's Frenchinfluence and let customers pay for their coffee by kissingeach other.They created a YouTube viral video alongside a 'KissRegister' app, allowing images of kissing couples to beshared on Facebook and Instagram instantly.The YouTube video went viral, getting over 800K YouTubeviews, it was published in over 140 news sites across 29countries, over 23 TV and radio coverage (3-5 minutessegments), 2.41 million in earned media, a 120 to 1 returnon media investment and there were 586,000 mentions onthe internet. 5. Shipping Made EasyShypShipping a parcel can sometimes be more trouble than itsworth finding the right packaging, having to actually putclothes on to travel to the nearest post office, and theinevitable queue. While ideas such as theUKs Doddle have enabled commuters to simply drop offtheir parcels at the train station, a new app calledShyp lets users simply take a snap of their package to getit picked up and delivered straight from their home.The process of sending a package is boiled down to twosimple steps. Users first take a picture of the items theywant to send and upload it via the app along with thedestination address. As soon as 20 minutes later, a trainedmember of the Shyp team will arrive at the sendersdoorstep to pick up the item. The company takes completecare of the typically time-consuming packaging process,including finding a box, weighing and adding the correctstamps. Users can track their package, and payments aretaken automatically through the app.Currently available in San Francisco and New York City,with plans to launch in Miami in the near future. Pricesstart from USD 5 for packaging and pick services plus thecosts of the postage which is offered at the lowest retailrate. 6. Augmented RealityWarner Bros Into the stormTo launch the new natural disaster film Into the Storm inAustralia, Warner Bros commissioned the augmentedreality (AR) campaign featuring a tornado ripping throughSydney streets.On-screen, what seems to be a static poster for the newmovie - suddenly begins to flutter loose in a progressivelyrising wind.As the poster is ripped away from the frame, and getscaught up in the violent gusts, the viewer sees a realisticstorm scene coming towards them. Sequences include alamp post falling onto a group of people across the street,a car being flipped up into the air and thrown into theshelter leaving the screen with a large crack.Finally the storm fills the screen with debris flying aroundand, as the tornado moves on, the resultant devastatedstreet is left with overturned cars and burning buildings. 7. Pay with CaloriesColunColun light, a dairy product in Chile found that more andmore people where exercising on the streets.Firstly they garbbed the attention of passers by when theyset up a pop up store selling clothing used for exercise.Once the shoppers had a look around and choosesomething they wanted to buy they were told theycouldnt.at least not with cash.but with caloriesinstead.Thats right, just by running on a treadmill they could payfor the clothes.A perfect fit with the Colun light brand and also theconsumers behaviour in Chile.