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Welcome to the Indian Angel Network Incubator

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. IAN Incubator Raised in 2010 Creating, Nurturing and Strengthening the early-stage entrepreneurial eco-system in India Create a pipeline for the IAN Investment platform Section 25/Section 8 Company

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. Unique Public-Private Partnership model to amplify the scale and impact

Supported by the Department of Science & Technology , Government of India for access to technologies, expertise & infrastructure

Grant from Technology Development Board (TDB) to offer seed support to start-ups

Approved by Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) which allows our Incubatees to tap MSME schemes for start ups

Approval lends Accreditation and Credibility

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. The IAN Incubator modelFor entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. IAN Incubator modelOne-year virtual incubation program created ability to scale by removing the biggest bottleneck i.e. physical spaceA mentor engages with the startup for the duration of the program ensured that value is not dependent on external resources Equity based model equity also shared with the mentor created an incentive for mentors to participate

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. The IAN Incubator - DifferentiatorsExperienced entrepreneurs and industry veterans as mentors connecting top of the industry to ground level innovation Ability to provide insights and access to markets, customers for pilot testing of products/services, prototype making and refiningLanding space for entrepreneurs in cities across IndiaNo limitation of physical relocation on-phone or online interactions, with in-person meetings when appropriateOpportunity for early-look showcase interactions with investors valuable for feedbackAccess to various types of funding, including government grants, debt and equity investmentsBenefits and credits from partner organizations Visibility on all online properties

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. Over 300 investor members+ Over 300 mentors

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. IAN Incubator significantly increases the chances of success of startups 14 portfolio companies raise seed capital and funding

5 portfolio companies have filed for IP

6 companies have won national and international awards

50% of our portfolio companies generate revenues

1 company was part of the first 500 Startups batch from India

The IAN investor and mentor network helps startups with mentoring, inspiration, advice and assistance in taking their ventures to the next level.

1 out of every 3 companies in the IAN Incubation program have tasted progress and success, including seed funding and investments.For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. Building awareness through on-ground workshops & events, online sessions and one-on-one mentoring clinicsIAN organizes & partners over 100+ events through the year across citiesIAN assists E-cells in education institutions to help create more entrepreneurs - Partners include leading institutions like IITs, ISB, NIT, IIMs, etc.IAN Incubator partners with leading entrepreneur development organisations to grow and strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. Initiatives to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. New initiatives : In addition to the standard incubation program, we have embarked upon the following partnershipsIAN-Michelin Incubation ProgramIAN-GIZ-SIDBI Incubation Program

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. 11 IAN-Michelin Incubation ProgramCalled F2ML, the program is designed to provide mentoring, access to funding and technical assistance by industry experts to innovators whose solutions will make the food supply chain operate more efficiently i.e. faster , better, cheaper and generate less waste.

Farm-to-Market Logistics includes products and services in the area of procurement, transportation, storage, distribution, preservation, processing and retailing of farm produce.

The program envisages incubation for 06 innovations in the current engagement/year.

Going forward, the current engagement could be extended, or re-launched in a new space.

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. 12 IAN- GIZ-SIDBI Incubation ProgramIncubate for profit enterprises in the social impact space.Some focus areas could be: Agriculture and rural development Financial inclusion Technology Education & Vocational training Low cost healthcare delivery Water and sanitation Clean energy Rural tourism Other sectors with a social impact

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs. 13The IAN Incubator TeamSanjay Verma : Incubator ManagerStanley Stephen: Incubatee Manager

For entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs.

Thank youFor entrepreneurs. By entrepreneurs.