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  • 1. Startup Incubator
    Early Stage Seed Funding
    Armen Grigoryan

2. High Tech Startup is a newly created technological company
3. Started by 1 or more founders, who has technological background and vision for product
4. Is in the phase of research for markets and development
5. Need some financial help to develop an idea and prepare a prototype
6. 7. Early Stage Incubators
Y Combinator
Launch Box
DreamIT Ventures
Capital Factory
Next Start
Shotput Ventures
8. Application process
9. Applicants are young, 17-27 years old, and energetic entrepreneurs!
10. Team consists of 2 or 3(technical) founders
11. Project = idea + (optional) product definition + (optional) prototype. No business plan required.
12. Team submits a project applicationCommittee considers to fund selected projects for 10 16 weeks of development
13. Incubation Process
14. Optional workspace and legal services. Seed funding in exchange for 2% - 10% of equity
15. Mentoring, teaching and providing expert advices. Weekly status meeting and dinner with experts
16. Connection with the network of angel investors, VC funds and partner companies
17. From idea to company!
18. Spirit of entrepreneurship Bootstrapping and co-working with smartest people in the field
19. Financial help is only a small (and not mandatory) part of the support from incubators
20. Founders dont have to spend time and effort on anything except the actual development
21. Experts help with visionAngels network supports further development
22. Funding size
US average
$12.000 - $20.000
3 month
5%-7% of shares
Europe average
20.000 - 30.000
3-4 month
8%-10% of shares
India average
3-4 month
10%-15% of shares
23. Incubators alumni
Reddit - social news website
DropBox - file hosting service - travel and vacation planning
Loopt- cell-phone based GPS sharing
Disqus - discussions over the web
Scribd - document sharing website - comics on the web
Posterous - simple blogging platform
24. Startup Perspectives in Armenia
25. Limited, not well developed funding environment
26. No connections with global angel investors and VC funds networkLimited development and management resources
27. Local market is in the initial state of evolution
28. Idea of Armenian Early Stage IncubatorEverything big starts from the small
29. Call for applications from teams with 2-3 personsSelect some for funding and promotion
30. Workspace$1000 - $4000 total 3 month programfor 2% - 10% of shares
31. Weekly meetings with expertsConnection with US and Europe: IncubatorsCompaniesAngel investors VC funds Promotion and Marketing
32. Young, enthuziastic and eager to create?Respond Now!
33. Key to success
34. Spirit of entrepreneurship
35. Desire to create and innovate
36. Will to achieve goals
37. Results to be proud of
38. 39. Thanks for your attention!