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  • 1.Google Hummingbird Explained

2. Hummingbird Explained - Hummingbird is Google's latest search algorithm - It will change the world of search forever 3. Why Hummingbird? -Hummingbirds are: - Precise and fast 4. What is Hummingbird? - Hummingbird is not an algorithm update - It is a whole new algorithm 5. What About Past Updates? - Hummingbird incorporates Penguin and Panda - There are more than 200 ranking factors in the algorithm 6. Why Such a Big Update? - Google wanted to change search from keyword to concepts - Hummingbird doesn't find the best match for the keyword, it finds the best answer to the question 7. What Does this Mean for SEO? - Links, PageRank and duplicate content factors still matter - But content is king (and Google really means that this time) 8. Where is Google Going Next? - Expect Google to focus on semantic metadata and knowledge graphs - As well as mobile optimisation 9. Hummingbird is Live Now - But quality sites should not expect to notice any drops in traffic - Hummingbird won't be penalising sites with good content 10. What Now? - Focus on tutorials, how-to guides, reviews and other answers. - Leave keyword stuffing to the spammers. It doesn't work. 11. Ocere Ltd. Eagle Tower Cheltenham Glos GL50 +44 (0) 1242 525557 @ocere