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Transcript of HSPICE Device Models Quick Reference · PDF fileHSPICE Device Models Quick Reference Guide ......

  • HSPICE Device ModelsQuick Reference Guide

    Version W-2005.03, March 2005

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    Document Order Number: 37822-000-XAHSPICE Device Models Quick Reference, Version W-2005.03

  • Table of Contents

    Discrete Device Library (DDL) 1

    Passive Devices and Independent Sources 2

    Diodes 11

    BJT Element 19

    Level 9 VBIC99 Model 38

    JFET and MESFET Elements 41

    MOSFET Elements 48

    MOSFET Models 54

  • Discrete Device Library (DDL)The Synopsys Discrete Device Library is a set of models of discrete components for use with HSPICE and Star-SimXT circuit simulators. It includes Diodes, FETs, MACROs (op-amps and comparators), Burr Brown, PMI, Signetics, and TI.

    For descriptions of Transmission Line and IBIS models, see the HSPICE Signal Integrity Guide. These are not HSPICE device models, so this manual does not describe them.

    For detailed descriptions of MOSFET models summarized in this manual, see the HSPICE MOSFET Models Manual.

    For detailed descriptions of all other types of models summarized in this manual, see the HSPICE Elements and Device Models Manual.

    DDL Use

    DDL AccessHSPICE circuit simulation automatically looks for a file in the local directory named hspice.ini. To override this name, enter default_include= in a meta.cfg file. For example:

    * hspice.ini* sample Automatic Include File Option.OPTION+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/pmi+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/burr_brn+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/linear+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/signet+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/ti+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/bjt+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/dio+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/fet+ search=/usr/meta/h92/lib/macro****add user options, parameters, model *** includes, subcircuit includes or*** libraries here

    General Form X1 n1 n2 ... subcircuitname PAR1=val ...

    n1, n2 Node names.

    PAR1 Parameter defined at top of each macro.

    subcircuit name Model name from DDL list.

    X1 Subcircuit call.

    Discrete Device Library (DDL) 1

  • 2

    Passive Devices and Independent Sources

    StatementsElement Statement

    Model Statement

    ResistorsResistor Element

    If you specify mname, the resistor value is optional.

    General Form

    NAME node1,node2 nodeN+ value

    General Form

    .MODEL mname modeltype+

    General Form

    Rxxx n1 n2 Rval + +

    Or Rxxx n1 n2 resistance + + +< L=val>

    Or Rxxx n1 n2 R=user-defined equation

    AC Resistance for AC analysis

    C Capacitance

    DTEMP Element and circuit temperature difference

    L Resistor length, in meters

    M Multiplier used to simulate parallel resistors

    mname Resistor model name

    n1 Positive terminal node name

    n2 Negative terminal node name

    NOISE NOISE = 0, do not evaluate resistor noise.

    NOISE = 1, evaluate resistor noise (default).

    R Resistance value at room temperature

    Rxxx Resistor element name

    SCALE Element scale factor for resistance and capacitance

    TC1 First order temperature coefficient

    TC2 Second-order temperature coefficient

    Passive Devices and Independent Sources

  • Wire RC Model

    Noise Parameter for ResistorsResistor models generate electrical thermal noise. However, some tasks, such as macro modeling, require noiseless resistor models.

    If you set noise=1 (default), or if you do not specify the noise parameter, HSPICE models a resistor that generates noise.

    If you do not want the resistor model to generate thermal noise, set noise=0 in the instance statement (noiseless resistor model).

    Resistor Model SelectorFor multiple resistor models, you can use the automatic model selector in HSPICE to find the proper model for each resistor.

    The model selector syntax is based on a common model root name, with a unique extension for each model.

    The resistor model selector uses the following criteria:


  • 4

    CapacitorsCapacitor Element

    If you choose a model for the capacitor, capval specifications are optional.

    If a capacitor model uses the same name as a parameter for capval, the model name is taken to avoid syntactic conflicts.

    General Form

    Cxxx n1 n2 capval + +

    Or Cxxx n1 n2 C=capacitance + +

    Or Cxxx n1 n2 C=equation +

    Cxxx Capacitor element name. Must begin with C, followed by up to 1023 alphanumeric characters.

    n1 Positive terminal node name.

    n2 Negative terminal node name.

    mname Capacitance model name.


    Capacitance at room temperature, as a numeric value or a parameter, in farads.

    TC1 First-order temperature coefficient.

    TC2 Second-order temperature coefficient.

    SCALE Element scale parameter.