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HOW TO USE THE RATIONAL SOFTWARE (Evaluation Version)The MSE Program Department of Computer Science California State University Fullerton Fullerton, CA 92834-6870, USA [email protected]

Rational Software Evaluation VersionSome courses in the MSE program use Rational Software. This instructs how to install the Rational Rose Enterprise Edition on a Windows computer. 1. Enter the following URL into your web browser: You should now be at the page below. Click on the Enterprise Level hyperlink.

2. Click on Rational then IBM Rational Rose Enterprise V2003.06.12 for Windows Evaluation.

3. The page that you are directed to contains further instructions for installing Rational Rose. You should print this page. There are two download methods discussed at the bottom of the page. The installation file is approximately 360 MB in size. These instructions will demonstrate using the Download Director link, which offers additional features, including the capability of continuing after a broken connection.

3. After selecting a download method, you will be directed to the software license agreement page below (background). After reading the agreement, select I agree and a username/password prompt will appear (foreground). Enter csfullerton in the username field and titan_fullerton in the password field then click on ok.

4. If you have either a Java Runtime or Java SDK installed, the security warning message shown below will appear. If the security warning message did not appear, proceed to instruction 4a. Click on yes if you would to continue.

Then select a download directory and click on OK to continue.

After which, the Download Director progress applet shown below will appear.

You can click on launch to begin installing Rational Rose Enterprise edition now, or you can install it later using the C57CJML.exe file that is located in the download directory you specified previously (click on details if you have forgotten the location).

4. This screen explains how to use the Download Director software. If you do not have a Java runtime environment (a Java virtual machine), we encourage you to install the Java SDK available from (directions for installing the SDK are available there). You will need to install the Java SDK at some point since many MSE projects will be implemented in Java. If youre not sure whether you have either a Java SDK or JRE installed on your machine, you can test this at by clicking on the Get It Now link. If either the SDK or JRE are installed, a screen will notify you that you have Java Software Installed. Next Click on continue downloading.

Select an install directory.

Click next.

Select Rational Rose Enterprise Edition from the Rational Products folder below (see the blue highlighted file below) and click NEXT.

Click on UPDATE to continue.

5. As the installation instruction says, you also need to download and save the license key file - C53A1NA.upd to run the Rational Software.