How To Hire Recruitment Talent

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Transcript of How To Hire Recruitment Talent

  • Does your recruitment process ensure you get the best recruitment talent?

  • Are you a good recruiter
    for yourself?

    Its funny but when it comes to recruiting for ourselves we often make a

    mess of it is your own recruitment process attracting the best people?

    The clients we hire for most have the best recruitment processes so we thought

    wed share them with you so you can ensure that you can attract and secure the

    best talent to your business too.

    We have put together a check list of hints &

    tips to help make sure you get the best

    recruiters for your company.

  • How long should the interview
    process take?

    The saying strike whilst the iron is hot cant be truer the clients we work with that turn round 1st and 2nd stages within a week are the ones that have hired more this year and attracted the best talent.

    Why is this important?

    it beats your competition for starters but also shows the candidate that the company are serious about hiring and making decisions they feel wanted and confident the business is growing.

  • How many stages should there be?

    2 but no more than 3Its good to have a stage where you get them to meet the team ensures a good fit for the business and gets them to feel what it would be like to be part of the teamHave a strong structure in place and stick to it if you say 2 stages make sure you do it this way candidates generally feel more confident in joining companies with good hiring processesMake sure you give thorough feedback this again shows strong recruiting best practiceFeedback should be immediate candidates feedback straight away and you should ensure you do the same to keep the candidate engaged in your process
  • How should you make an offer?

    Managing expectations: Work closely with your Rec2 Rec dont just offer direct

    The best offers are made and accepted when they are in line with expectations so if you want to ensure the offer is accepted work hand in hand with your R2R consultant to ensure that they know what you expect to offer and they can advise what they are likely to accept we are after all on the same side we want to secure you talent. Many candidates actually dont like to be offered direct and if you want to offer yourself we can work with you to make sure the offer is received properly - we know already what they are likely to think

    Be direct and offer a realistic package against their current and market value we can advise you throughout of what your competitors are paying in the market and how your overall offer sits against the market to make sure you are competitive in hiring top talent. For most people salary is more about how much you value them too.Dont leave it to them to set the package you want to make them feel wanted so listen to their expectations but you set the offer its indicative of how much you want to hire them and makes them feel valued. It can often come across as you want to negotiate their lowest level not what they are valued at.Dont leave it too long - If you have met someone 2-3 times candidates do expect an answer realistically within 24 hours you expect them to know whether they want to work for you in this time frame so the same applies!

    Take too long and you seem disinterested.

  • Checklist

    Have a consistent approach Ensure your process never runs over 2 weeks from CV to offer (unless for senior appointmentsHave a clearly defined structure and stick to itWork closely with your R2R consultant to manage expectations and handle any objectionsBe competitive work faster and smarter than them to attract recruiters to your businessBe thorough with your feedback this really does give a great impressionManage the offer with your R2R consultant to ensure candidates accept and will be happy with your offer everyone wants the candidate to accept after all!Make sure you sell your company well and have a good story with the competition for recruiters so high you have to make your proposition stand outEnsure that everyone who leaves after an interview has the best impression of your company whether or not you want to hire them recruiters tend to talk!Be decisive people want to work for a company that make decisive decisions it says a lot about a company that has a good process and can make decision quickly
  • Get in touch

    If you want any advice or would like to talk through your own hiring process

    please get in touch on 0161 935 8310.